Team Rhodes Scholars Break Up, Elimination Chamber Correction & More

– It was announced on Friday’s SmackDown that the winner of the SmackDown brand’s upcoming Elimination Chamber match will get a shot at the World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania. We passed along a report by a fan from Australia listing 5 of the 6 wrestlers who will compete in the match, however, no participants were announced on SmackDown.

– On today’s Saturday Morning Slam, Dolph Ziggler (with AJ Lee and Big E Langston) defeated Zack Ryder and Wade Barrett defeated Yoshi Tatsu.

– Team Rhodes Scholars are no more. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow informed Booker T on SmackDown that despite their close friendship, they have decided to dissolve their tag team and pursue their singles careers.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • 7 year old boy

    No No No I want my mommy :'(

    • Kris Mystery


      • WWEFan4Life

        Well… have you looked at his username?

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      I’m here son <3

  • Wing

    This totally sucks, Rhodes Scholars could have done so much more. They have a weak, albeit stronger than last year, tag division that is highlighted by two more temporary teams in Hell No and Mysterio and Cara. Unless they are ready to hand the division off to the PTP and those two afformentioned teams then they should have held off on this move. Just please dont stick Sandow in feuds with Santino and Ryder.
    You’re Welcome.

    • MissyH316

      Plus the WWE has made little to no use of a few of its “real” tag teams like the Usos or Primo & Epico. MAYBE they’ll do right by the PTP, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s also a shame that Tyson Kidd is out injured for so long. I think he and Justin Gabriel had/have some great potential as well.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    As much as I liked the idea of Rhodes Scholars, their time is up. They’ve have so many failed title shots that a win just wouldn’t have felt special. Plus, both guys just work better as singles competitors. I look forward to seeing what WWE does with them in the future.

    • Stranger

      Sadly, you’re right. This team had a lot of potential but WWE just screwed it up.

      • Robert

        WWE didn’t screw up by breaking them apart. They obviously want separate roles for them. Cody Rhodes is already on his way, and is recognized. Sandow speaks for himself, a future World champion right there. Enough with this WWE screwed it up, or “didn’t do it right” garbage. You pretentious “smarks” thinking you know the business better than they do are like annoying little gnats, with your know it all nonsense! Disagree if you want, but I’ve got nothing else to say on it.

        • HRMA

          Nobody said they were “screwing them up” by breaking them apart. At this point, WWE has no choice BUT to break them up for the simple reason that they botched their build as a tag team and fed them so many losses that even if they won the titles now, no one would care one bit. This is the only good thing that could be done with them now. Don’t go calling out “smarks” and replying to them if you can’t be bothered to actually read the comment first.

          • Josh Foley

            read stranger’s post moron

  • Coltcabunny

    If this is what has to be to get Cody/Goldust at WM, then I’m on board. A little disappointed but on board with it.

  • Guest

    So much for the revival of the tag team division?

  • why?

    This is a good decision wwe break up the only good tag team left.

  • DigitalWWE

    The segment was hilarious though.

  • Bro88

    Dam I liked them as a tag team. They should have went on to feud with another tag team and had good matches with them while hell no did the same thing therefore raising two other tag teams and increasing the importance of the tag division. But I will say that at least WWE isn’t doing the predictable tag team breaks up then feuds bullshit they love so dam much.

  • Chad

    kind of a bummer but will be worth it if sandow gets pushed to a main event level. Big sandow fan

  • Randy James Crawford

    Them breaking up is a good thing.

  • Brian Bird

    why they where the best tag team in WWE they should of won the tag team titles I hate when wwe does this

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Taylor Swift is gonna write a breakup song about this one.

    • Mr 561


  • cappa37

    Rhodes Scholars were the best team in WWE but they buried them in favour of a stale, stupid yes-no gimmick. WWE really messed this up.

    • phoenix

      Kane and DB have great chemistry and are a true ‘odd couple.’ That alone makes them more marketable and more memorable than Rhode Scholars

    • Pozessed

      I have to admit. I like Prime Time Players more… Rhodes Scholars were good too though. I hate Hell No’s stupid shit too. Here is all of their matches in a few lines. Daniel Bryan doesn’t want to tag Kane in
      Kane tags himself in and destroys the guy
      Daniel Bryan tags himself in jumps onto the guy and wins
      They keep yelling “I won” “no I won” etc
      It was funny the first few times but now it is just stupid

  • Johnson

    I prefer them separate.. so Sandow can go singles, and eventually win that WHC belt. Never cared for them much as a team.. Triple H will make up for it and bring in some new teams anyway.

  • JamieEvsxx


  • Late Train

    Finally. As entertaining as it was Rhodes Scholars had run it’s course and besides Sandow and Rhodes are better off as singles competitors.

  • Roger Penland

    fucking bullshit…

  • Dirt covered Dirtsheets

    Jeezus – dirtsheets are blaming their false, own made up reporting on the EC entrants on a “fan from Australia writing in”.

    You guys are P A T H E T I C. Stop making up “news”!!!

  • Chris

    are there any decent heel tag teams now?

    • currygoi

      Am I the only one who likes Primo & Epico?

  • Lorenzo Dozier

    Going to miss these two they had great chemistry together. But I feel this is the start of Cody Rhodes finally ranking up in singles competition & hopes on Damien Sandow too

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    I hope they dont drop the ball with Sandow. He’s got major potential and definitely seems to have that “it” factor.

  • DigitalWWE

    Why do the heels keep winning on saturday morning slam lol?

    • morrisonfanone

      It’s the heel show. The faces win every other show.

  • BEASTziggler

    We are never ever getting back together…? (Taylor Swift in case anybody didn’t know)

  • Reality

    I said it just after the Rumble: they screwed things up by not having them win the title during that night. Way to mess up with the tag team division…

  • I’ve still got it

    Good! Sandow is too good to be stuck on a tag team. As is Daniel Bryan….I hope they break up Hell No soon too.