The 3 Count – Best Feuds in TNA History

Welcome back to the 3 Count, in this edition, I’ll be discussing my top 3 feuds in TNA history. As much as people tend to disagree shall we say with TNA’s creative direction in their decade of existence, there has been some fantastic bouts and feuds in the companies history, and I urge anyone that hasn’t seen some of the matches that I’m about to mention to go and find them, you won’t regret it.

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Once upon a time, the Knockouts division in TNA would be the highest rated segments on Impact. This feud is the reason why, Awesome Kong and Gail Kim had some outstanding battles for the company. In 2007 Kim became the first Knockouts champion in TNA, winning a battle royal to do so, and what ensued was a near 10 month feud that redefined what women’s wrestling could, and should be in the modern era. The first bout between the two was at Turning Point 2007, and Kim’s ability to play the underdog babyface completely countered her previous villainous role in the company with Jeff Jarrett and company. Kong, as the dominant force was brutal in her offense, and this match just completely blew away any expectation I had for what the Knockouts division could deliver. The other two matches from this feud to get a hold of would be their encounter at Final Resolution 2008, and their final match on Impact, a Streetfight that finished the feud in fine style, a fantastic accomplishment by both women. When Kong finally debuted as Kharma in the WWE you had to wonder if they were considering a Kong/Kim rematch, as that would have sat perfectly on any Wrestlemania card, but sadly it never happened.

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I had been watching TNA since 2003, and Samoa Joe was still being booked as a monster by the time that Kurt Angle arrived in the company. Joe had dominated the X Division (I’ll get to that later) and Kurt Angle was brought into TNA as the wrestling machine, a legitimate shooter who wanted to face the best in the world, and thankfully TNA decided to Kurt and Joe at each other straight away. Joe was undefeated, he had never been pinned, he had never submitted, until Kurt Angle locked in the Ankle Lock at Genesis 2006, it was a dream match that had been brewing for years in wrestling fan’s minds. This feud also garnered the biggest buy-rate in TNA history, that being Lockdown 2008, where Angle put his TNA Heavyweight Title on the line against the Samoan Submission Machine in a cage match designed to be a quasi-MMA style bout, a match supposedly watched by around 60,000 people, it was one that divided opinion, but an important bout to witness as it was the culmination of Samoa Joe’s rise to the very top of the company.

3. //Samoa Joe

Unbreakable 2005, Raven beat Rhino for the NWA Heavyweight Championship, but that isn’t what everyone remembers the event for. AJ Styles was (is?) the face of TNA, he was a huge fan favorite, and consistently had outstanding bouts, a true homegrown hero. Christopher Daniels was the perfect bad guy for AJ, a fantastic athlete that called himself the ‘face of TNA’ and he had the X Division gold around his waist to prove it. Samoa Joe, unbeaten in TNA, he was booked as a dominant force and rightfully so. This bout is regarded as the greatest match in TNA history and rightfully so, it was a styles clash (….) that personified the no limits style of the X Division.  Other Styles and Daniels matches to find are their 30 minute Iron Man Match from Against All Odds 2005, and their more recent Destination X 2012 encounter.

For some Honourable mentions I’d put America’s Most Wanted vs Triple X, some incredible bouts featuring James Storm, Christopher Daniels and even Braden Walker. I’d also put forward Beer Money/Motor City Machine Guns and Chris Sabin/Petey Williams. I hope you enjoyed this top 3, if you have any other suggestions comment below.

I’m Jake Jeremy and that was my 3 Count.

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  • Steve

    aahhh, Joe vs Angle was just awesome. i can not understand why Joe has become basically a jobber now

    • TheShockMaster

      What about his run 2012 during the BFG series he was dominant then.

      • Steve

        yes, there was a few feuds, even some buildups, but they did not go anywhere. i want a good, long feud with epic matches. TNA could let him go for Xdivision title – it would really get the best out of Zema Ion, Kenny King, etc.

      • Steve

        yes, there was a few feuds, even some buildups, but they did not go anywhere. i want a good, long feud with epic matches. TNA could let him go for Xdivision title – it would really get the best out of Zema Ion, Kenny King, etc.

  • Nathan Ogre Hale

    for my money you just cant get any better that Aj Styles vs Abyss at Lockdown 05. The way AJ took that steel cage to the forehead was just brutal and the match was one of his best ever!!!

    • Jake Jeremy

      The way that they built around AJ in 05 was solid, that number 1 contenders match against Abyss made AJ a legitimate threat to Double J’s title, a fantastic time to watch the product

    • Sven


  • 2muchfire

    Thanks for bringing up Kim and Kong, one of the greatest women’s feud ever. Loved that rivalry.