The 3 Count: Should WWE Bring Back The Brand Split?


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One of the words that I would use to describe the current WWE product is ‘muddy.’ From the top to the bottom of the card, there doesn’t appear to be a clear, unified direction going forward.   is the top face in the company, yet he is boo’d mercilessly by fans in almost every venue, the mid-card titles have no meaning, the champions get beaten nearly every week in non-title matches, Smackdown superstars appear on RAW, but RAW stars only sometimes grace the Friday night stage, these are all arguments that we hear (and type about) on a daily basis, and while I don’t think it will cure all of the ailments, it might clear up the mud a little bit. What I am discussing on this, the first edition of the 3 Count, is the benefits of bringing back the Brand Split.

1. 2 World Titles? – Has the time finally come to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles? The real issue is that the World Heavyweight Title (and it’s champion) is consistently booked as a mid-carder. My proof? Perception is reality, and with the WHC program being placed on RAW in the middle of the show, the general fan has surely got to perceive this as a mid tier belt, akin to the Intercontinental or United States championships. Save the mid-card for the IC championship and create one Unified World title where the belt holder can switch between both RAW and Smackdown to have fresh, intriguing match-ups while the other show builds up challengers.

2. Ratings and Butts in Seats – Every week I watch RAW and see an advertisement for the upcoming RAW and SD house shows, and they always say that I can see my favourite Smackdown superstars like Sheamus, Randy Orton…..wait, the guys that are  mid-card on RAW? Go to a RAW house show, you can see CM Punk, John Cena etc, which is far more appealing? It goes back to my first point, perception being reality. The WWE can ‘rehabilitate’ the SD brand, and make their talent stars without having to be on the A show, look at Batista, who had a fantastic run on Smackdown, Rey Mysterio, who debuted on the show and built his WWE career from there, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, JBL completely redefined himself on the blue brand. There is of course the argument that the roster is spread thin at the moment, but realistically, the WWE can gain talent whenever they want to, look to the indies, look at bringing up NXT wrestlers, or even TNA, it is possible.

3. Matches at PPVs will Mean More – I really think that this is the most important element to look at when asking if the brand split should return. As a fan, I look forward to seeing him wrestle every week on RAW, however, as a fan, I would go out of my way to watch him wrestle, so, if he only appeared on Smackdown, I’d watch Smackdown, I rarely watch SD, as I can see the WHC on RAW, slotted between the Divas and comedy skits in the middle of the show. Exclusivity has always been, when used correctly, a money spinner in wrestling, there is a reason that the biggest matches in wrestling’s history where just that, we didn’t see them every week. The WWE has, not including Saturday Morning Slam, has 6 hours of programming every week, so why do I sometimes get the feeling that some matches at a Pay Per View haven’t had enough build? I get that it can’t be easy to be on WWE’s creative team, but don’t the best television shows have multiple engaging story lines throughout a season, to build to a finale? It’s the same as a month in WWE, you build your TV show to the finale, that being the Pay Per View, and they have such a diverse range of tools to make the fans care about the shows other than RAW, use social media correctly, advertise in advance on RAW who will be on Smackdown, show replays from SD and have the announcers put over talent and say “I wish we could have that guy on RAW, you can only see him Friday nights.”

Does the WWE need to define the Brand Split again? Whether you agree or disagree with the idea please comment below,

I’m Jake Jeremy, and that, was my 3 Count.