The 3 Count: Should WWE Bring Back The Brand Split?

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One of the words that I would use to describe the current WWE product is ‘muddy.’ From the top to the bottom of the card, there doesn’t appear to be a clear, unified direction going forward.   is the top face in the company, yet he is boo’d mercilessly by fans in almost every venue, the mid-card titles have no meaning, the champions get beaten nearly every week in non-title matches, Smackdown superstars appear on RAW, but RAW stars only sometimes grace the Friday night stage, these are all arguments that we hear (and type about) on a daily basis, and while I don’t think it will cure all of the ailments, it might clear up the mud a little bit. What I am discussing on this, the first edition of the 3 Count, is the benefits of bringing back the Brand Split.

1. 2 World Titles? – Has the time finally come to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles? The real issue is that the World Heavyweight Title (and it’s champion) is consistently booked as a mid-carder. My proof? Perception is reality, and with the WHC program being placed on RAW in the middle of the show, the general fan has surely got to perceive this as a mid tier belt, akin to the Intercontinental or United States championships. Save the mid-card for the IC championship and create one Unified World title where the belt holder can switch between both RAW and Smackdown to have fresh, intriguing match-ups while the other show builds up challengers.

2. Ratings and Butts in Seats – Every week I watch RAW and see an advertisement for the upcoming RAW and SD house shows, and they always say that I can see my favourite Smackdown superstars like Sheamus, Randy Orton…..wait, the guys that are  mid-card on RAW? Go to a RAW house show, you can see CM Punk, John Cena etc, which is far more appealing? It goes back to my first point, perception being reality. The WWE can ‘rehabilitate’ the SD brand, and make their talent stars without having to be on the A show, look at Batista, who had a fantastic run on Smackdown, Rey Mysterio, who debuted on the show and built his WWE career from there, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, JBL completely redefined himself on the blue brand. There is of course the argument that the roster is spread thin at the moment, but realistically, the WWE can gain talent whenever they want to, look to the indies, look at bringing up NXT wrestlers, or even TNA, it is possible.

3. Matches at PPVs will Mean More – I really think that this is the most important element to look at when asking if the brand split should return. As a fan, I look forward to seeing him wrestle every week on RAW, however, as a fan, I would go out of my way to watch him wrestle, so, if he only appeared on Smackdown, I’d watch Smackdown, I rarely watch SD, as I can see the WHC on RAW, slotted between the Divas and comedy skits in the middle of the show. Exclusivity has always been, when used correctly, a money spinner in wrestling, there is a reason that the biggest matches in wrestling’s history where just that, we didn’t see them every week. The WWE has, not including Saturday Morning Slam, has 6 hours of programming every week, so why do I sometimes get the feeling that some matches at a Pay Per View haven’t had enough build? I get that it can’t be easy to be on WWE’s creative team, but don’t the best television shows have multiple engaging story lines throughout a season, to build to a finale? It’s the same as a month in WWE, you build your TV show to the finale, that being the Pay Per View, and they have such a diverse range of tools to make the fans care about the shows other than RAW, use social media correctly, advertise in advance on RAW who will be on Smackdown, show replays from SD and have the announcers put over talent and say “I wish we could have that guy on RAW, you can only see him Friday nights.”

Does the WWE need to define the Brand Split again? Whether you agree or disagree with the idea please comment below,

I’m Jake Jeremy, and that, was my 3 Count.

  • Not a cop


    Ever since they stopped Brand vs Brand and changed PPV names to match types WWE has gone downhill so fast. Smackdown is just shit, it’s like the old Heat or Velocity.

    • Deleted_Account

      It will also re-establish some credibility to the WHC. Right now is just a second tier belt.

    • JohnnyC

      I have a better idea. I say scrap every WWE show besides Raw. They’ve been doing a horrible job booking a 3 hour show, let alone 6-9 hours of televised wrestling a week. Mostly because almost no one is a star. They’d never do this of course, because of the money they’d lose.

    • InfiniteRTG

      I used to think I was the only one thinking this because every time I brought it up I would get this response, “the reason they don’t have two brands again is because they don’t have enough talent to fill the roster”. I say that’s BS because they have PLENTY of talent. Probably more now then they ever have had. Besides I miss the old WWE draft!!!

      Yes, the match types as PPV names is just stupid. It makes the show predictable and everybody knows what match is next. It was better when they would surprise you with a match such as Hell In A Cell. You never knew when it was going to come and got a huge pop from the crowd when a wrestler would announce it, such as The Undertaker.

    • Big Johnny

      disagree to hell with a brand split. Unify WHC and WWE. Unify IC and US. Bring back a title such as Cruiserweight for the new guys. How much more fun was it when Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker, Mankind, Angle, Jericho and others were all competing for one title. A similiar scenario could happen with Cena, Ryback, Henry, Orton, Punk, Sheamus, Ziggler and others competed for one title.

    • Craig DeBoard

      Um yeah, the same people from Raw are on Smackdown. Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Triple H, Big Show, Del Rio, Swagger, The Shield, all say hello from Smackdown.


    • Craig DeBoard

      Um yeah, the same people from Raw are on Smackdown. Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Triple H, Big Show, Del Rio, Swagger, The Shield, all say hello from Smackdown.


    • Craig DeBoard

      Um yeah, the same people from Raw are on Smackdown. Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Triple H, Big Show, Del Rio, Swagger, The Shield, all say hello from Smackdown.


  • Jonathan Bossé

    Agreed, they just have to bring back the rivalry between the two brands…remember the war between the GMs Steph McMahon and Bischoff? Where a SD superstar could defect to the enemy (Raw)??

  • Dave Smith

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Pozessed

    This is something I’ve been saying for a while. I don’t even get how the brand split even began since it would do nothing but make Smackdown irrelevant and actually showcase not as many superstars per week since they aren’t unique. Normally you would have Taker, Lesnar, Angle etc all on Smackdown and RARELY on Raw, the only times they would be on Raw was if it was a champion vs champion match or vice versa with the Raw superstars appearing on Smackdown.

  • Bosinceanu Bogdan

    Yes bring back the rivalry betwen RAW and SD.And bring back WWE DRAFT.

    • ThaN1nj4

      so john cena could get drafted to SM then Raw all in 1 night?

      • Jake Jeremy

        ever seen the film Base-ketball? They have a rule where players can’t swap teams, I would invoke this rule.

  • Benjamin

    Apologies for this nitpick, but as a fellow writer I have to say Jeremy, that you use, far too many, commas, that turn your sentences, into run ons that are, hard to follow.

    Your ideas are sound. Just refine the delivery =)

    • Jake Jeremy

      Not a nitpick at all, constructive criticism on the Internet is, rare, these, days.

  • Ryan Landrum

    It is hard to say yes to this concept. The *consistent* big name talent roster is not as great as it was when the spit in ’02 ended up. Both shows are doing well considering some of the previous years (after WM23 until January 2009 was one of the worst times in wrestling in recent memory). The past three years have been very good to the company, and stars have grown, Shield, Ziggler, Bryan, Punk etc. The unfortunate part is that NONE of these names are in high regard with public with names such as the Angle, Lesnar (to an extent back then) Booker T (even he was mid card mostly), Austin, HBK, and Hogan, who were all characters who were consistently on their respective brand each and every week, most wrestling for the major titles. Assuming you split titles again, WWE paired with IC and WHC paired with US, and say Tag can go either brand at any given point, you don’t have big names the public knows holding each title like they did in 02/03. I remember when the RAW “midcard” was Y2J, Kane, Christian, Jeff Hardy, and Flair and Smackdown’s “mid-card” consisted of Eddie, Edge, Mysterio, Angle, Beniot, in which at any given point, they were title holders for any of the three available titles. Quite a bit better than the “midcard” today. I will give Orton, Sheamus, Barrett, Ceasaro, Kofi, their due, but they cannot put on wrestling with the same star power right now in comparison to those men back in that day.

    • Jake Jeremy

      I completely agree that there has been improvement from 09 onwards, and that there isn’t the star power that there was previously, but surely that is because the company isn’t creating the stars at the rate they used too. The scope of Raw at the moment is that the Main Event is John Cena, and others will wait to face him while waiting in the mid-card, except there are a ton of other feuds, including the WHC and no-one is getting further in the pecking order. Last year we saw Cena and Punk (who have awesome chemistry) until Ryback was forced into the main event scene because they ran out of options, imagine if he was on Smackdown every week having solid matches and getting over as a dominant force. That to me would be better than taking a man who had been feuding with the Miz in the previous weeks and hot-shoting him up, I feel they got pretty lucky that he was over to that extent, but you have valid points.

  • Mike Hillyard

    Good read. I believe your idea will help the talent get over.

  • Two Cents

    The brand split is still around, what are you talking about? Yes, it has been less enforced over the last year, which I remember a lot of people wanting, but it is still technically in effect.

    • Jake Jeremy

      That’s my point though, it’s kind of a ‘sh*t or get off the pot’ scenario, do it or don’t, at first I was happy the split had ended, but everything is so up in the air. Why are two GMs on the same show? Have Raw guys consistently on Smackdown as they did in the late 90s, or bring back a truly enforced split, have some clarity

  • Bob Singer

    I think they need to upgrade the WHT to the top title in the company. Aside from NWA, it has the longest history, and could be the end all of the WCW, UWF, WWF, chain. Move the IC to Raw and the US to Smackdown, Make the WWE Title #2, and the WHT to #1 with the US and IC folks the automatic #1 contenders as was done back in the day. Limit the Title changes to EITHER the WWE or WHT at each PPV, and bring back the TV and Welterweight titles. Give the midcarders a variety of titles to shoot for. Six titles among 50 folks may seem like a lot, but I think it gives them a chance to really shine. A TV title defended by call out (not unlike TNA) would be great too, give the champ a chance to pick his opponent. I started watching wrestling in the SF area when Peter Maivia, Ray Stevens, Pat Patterson, Pedro Morales, Pepper Gomez and those folks wrestled and while I still watch today, the current midcarders don’t seem to get a chance to really shine. They need to bring in more international wrestlers too, not just from England, Ireland, Scotland. Where are the Russians, Poles, Japanese, Korean, Turks? The Ivan Putsky’s of old were great as were the Ivan Koloffs,

    • JESUS Is My Hero

      I Highly doubt WWE would make there top title inferior to any other title. I think they just need to make title reigns longer.

      • Bob Singer

        They may not, but as the inheritor of WCW and ECW, it makes sense to have the World Heavyweight Title superior to the WWE Championship. Since they own the rights they could always bring back the ECW/AWA/UWF/WCW titles as regional titles.

  • JESUS Is My Hero

    Yes. I’m Still a die-hard Smack down fan but ever since they combined both brands…….WWE has be really weak. The brand split made people choose sides and created competitive shows & rivalries that made us more interested in there product. We need a brand split asap IMO.

  • The Wrestling God

    Funny how I was begging for the brand split to end a few years ago, now I want it back. Makes the entire focus of the world title seem very minimal.

  • tebayass

    Agree, for much people it gets boring without a brand split, and its like confusing if you think back in the days.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    I’ve been saying this for a while now. A brand split would make things seem more important, and would give people more of a reason to watch the respective shows. They should bring back the brand split ASAP, and enforce it like they used to. Make it so nobody from RAW can appear on SD, and vice versa, unless they are either given special permission by a GM, or they are the tag champions.

    Having each guy exclusively on one show not only freshens things up, but also makes it more exciting when one guy shows up on the other show every once in a while, and especially makes it exciting when they have their annual draft. Also, with this brand split, they should implement that the only time guys from different shows fight each other is on Main Event.

  • cappa37

    Brand split cannot be done with a 3 hour Raw. They could bring up Talent from development but that would just water down the product. They have already brought up many guys (rollins, Ambrose, Regins, Big E, Cesaro, Kaitlyn) and they still need Smackdown roster guys to make up 3 hours. This idea won’t work unless WWE reverts back to 2 hour shows and that won’t happens because they are making MILLIONS with that extra hour.

    • Steve

      bull$it – make more storylines and give more mic time to mid and even lowcards. make fans care about them even if they are not big stars right now. because they will grow to be better. and dont script everything – give them guidelines, but let wrestlers speak how they want. and in a year there will be plenty of great midcards to fill that extra hour. look at NXT – simple storylines, nonscripted mic works and the show is more interesting than SD.

  • Paul Kersey

    There’s not enough bankable talent to carry 2 brands. Unify the belts. Just have 1 World, 1 IC, and 1 Tag champs. Make the belts mean something again.

  • straightedgemistico

    World and IC title on Smackdown, but only defended at PPVs.
    WWE and US titles on RAW, but only defended at PPVs.

  • Ryan Ryles

    I agree w/just about everything he said, except for belt unification. Keep them separate, but the do the rest, and the meaning of both belts will naturally return.

  • Rock Solid

    Back when they had the brand separation everybody got a chance. All of a sudden you saw low carders on the show more often, you even saw some of them holding title belts. (Spike Dudley, Billy Kidman, Funaki, Jamie Noble) You saw guys in the midcard be given storylines like Test, Scott Steiner, Rene Dupree, John Cena, Randy Orton. The brand separation was an extension of the attitude era in that everybody was given some kind of role, even if it was for a short time. La Resistance (Conway/Grenier) feuding with the Dudleys. Booker T feuding with Christian over the IC title, Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo, the FBI feuding with everybody on the low card to midcard almost every week and then with Taker. Sean O’Haire (even if it was for a short time). Everybody had a role and brought something interesting to the table. Then you had your upper midcarders like RVD, Eddie Guerrero etc… and your huge main event scene like Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Kane, Jericho.
    2002- 2004 was that Boom period of unpredictability, big gimmick changes and unexpected pushes to the upper midcard or the mainevent scene like Benoit, JBL, Chris Masters, John Cena, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Christian, Randy Orton etc…. Then you have Triple H create a fresh new faction different from DX in Evolution… those feuds he had with HBK and Kevin Nash. Brock Lesnar a fresh new face in the company causing havoc everywhere. And then him wearing that “Get the ‘F’ out” t shirt haha going along with the whole changing of the company name. So many changes in ’02 and then on through ’04. The WWE was so fresh and unpredictable back then and it literally felt like an overhaul from the Attitude era. Everything from the RAW logo, new gimmicks, new attires, new ring attires, new stage etc… Great times back then. That’s what WWE needs; an overhaul from the era we are in right now.

    ’07 and ’08 things really started to change. Around that time, it seemed that the focus shifted from everybody to ONLY the main event scene. WWE right now is still suffering from it. It’s only about the World title and WWE title and the maineventers, while everybody else (especially the women) get very little mic time or storylines. In fact, WWE has pretty much done away with “storylines” unless it’s involving the WWE title and WH title. WWE needs to overhaul everything. Just like in April of ’02. Wipe the slate clean, and yes reintroduce the brand extension where they can make stars out of anybody and everybody! Why have the IC and US title running around on both shows for? I say if they’re not going to split the shows again, unify those belts! And the WHC/WWE titles…. I think they should keep both World titles.. because if they only have one title (the WWE title) the fans will have more of John Cena than they already have if that’s even possible…and that’s not good for ANYONE!

  • The Guest

    Wait, for years everyone was wishing the brand split would end. A couple years go by and.some people are already thinking about wanting it back? Most of you have no idea what you want. You want something ended, WWE takes it away. A year of so goes by and you want it back? If.the brand split didn’t work out in the first place, why the hell would you think bringing it back would solve any problems?

    • Jake Jeremy

      If they did it properly it could work, Imagine if there was no split in 03 onwards, and everyone was on Raw going after Triple H and his reign of terror? Who gets over? No one. JBL became a star because of the split, he got a lengthy title reign that he may have not had on Raw, Brock became the man because of that show, even Cena, he got the mic time and got over so when he went to Raw it meant something, and now he is the biggest star in the company. I want them to use the 6 hours of TV to promote something over than the main event feuds, and a properly balanced Raw and Smackdown gets them more viewership.

  • Jesse

    Was I the only one who noticed that it was the split that killed WWE to begin with?

  • Joe Hundley

    What about just getting better writer’s?

  • blake

    yes a brand split return is needed. let raw and smackdown guys feud for titles. don’t bring smackdown to raw if the 1 thing that has stayed the same is only raw can compete for the wwe tittle and only smackdown can compete for the whc title. that’s stupid and gives no reason to have smackdown stars on raw and stop shitting on the fans who attend smackdown its not fair that they don’t get get to see taker punk and cena once in a while. as far as cena goes letting him be on smackdown every now and then wouldn’t kill them and cena would be not as stale. they should also let the final: what’s going to happen between these guys, be on smackdown instead of the go home show being raw. because honestly the finale for a ppv being on raw kills it. because waiting 6 days to see the end makes me not want to see the ppv. it’s like a movie, who would want to wait 6 days to see how it ends? if the finale to a ppv was on smackdown it might would keep some interest in wanting to see it. oh not forgetting they should give smackdown better than they have been, considering smackdown saved their asses and still had a raw show when the raw roster was stuck in ireland.

  • Phirewood

    Honestly, I don’t see the need for a three hour raw. I think that what they should do is take raw back to two hours cause they really don’t have the talent for three hours and give guys more time in order to make them bigger stars. 5 mins out of three hours per person per match is not enough. Next they should go back to making the brands exclusive. Force people to watch each show if they want to see their favorite wrestlers in action. Stop raping smackdown for all of their rising talent. Give the brands their own identity. Ship orton, shemus, and big show to raw in exchane for either cm punk or nobody. Let raw be the show for entertainment and comedy skits while smackdown focuses more on wrestling and good to great matches. And finally, don’t get rid of any titles. Just make them exclusive to brands and make each division more defined so you have certain people in each division and the fans can actually follow them easier. Also send all the tag teams and the tag titles to smackdown and ship all divas and the title to raw. If they did all of this, i think that not only would it be more refreshing but it would give fans more variety, and allow smackdown to actually have a shot of being good because in my opinion, smackdown has way better talent than raw, raw just have more star power.

  • cm2012

    My WWE
    WWE title (Using a new modified version of a “Big Gold Belt” model)
    IC title
    Tag title
    Either keep the Divas title and rehab the division or scrap it.
    Scrap SmackDown, Superstars, Main Event. Keep Sat. Morning Slam for the kids, and because it is kinda interesting to see the Superstars work a “G rated match” with more limitations… really forces them to be more creative.
    Raw = 2 hours.
    Tone down PPVs to maybe 6-8 a year.

  • Craig DeBoard

    I miss the brand split. I thought it was neat. What I didn’t miss was WWE not promoting Smackdown as much as they did Raw. The matches were just as good, sometimes better (remember the Angle/Brock feud or Jericho vs. Edge), but WWE didn’t seem to give a crap for a long time about any brand other than what Cena wanted to be on. That goes for both Raw and Smackdown (when all of your dumbasses were cheering him).

  • Kevin G. Wolfe

    Completely disagree, the brand split was cool for maybe a year after that it just got rather boring. Also, I always felt the point of the brand split was to give normal TV audiences some wrestling while keeping their bigger storylines for Raw. However, now both shows are on cable so the brand split makes no sense.

    I agree with Big Johnny’s reply to Not a Cop: Unite the World Titles and bring in a new, possibly stupid title, maybe something like Social Media Championship. I don’t think it’s necessary to unite the US and intercontinental championship, but we seriously need a US-Continental champion it’ll help strengthen both titles. Also they need to have the WWE championship defended on Raw or Smackdown every once in awhile like every four months that’ll make the champion look stronger and increase the prestige of the title.

  • Jeremy Paxman ate my canary

    Brand split will only work if it exactly that. They should start WCW up as a seperate brand maybe ECW too since Heyman is around and nobody moves between shows to make it really authentic that this is a split

    • Jeremy Paxman ate my canary

      and….brand split would allow for a PG brand and an attitude brand

      • Jake Jeremy

        That wouldn’t happen, they teased that they would do that with the ECW brand but ultimately they would still lose sponsors so I don’t think they would risk it

  • Guest

    Agree For Sure Then I Thin Each Superstars/Divas Would Get More In Ring Time. And If Raw And smackdown does go brand split well the most fun’ist and most exciting event will be brought back,draft and im sure everyone watches monday night raw every single year just to see that event.

  • Troy Robertson

    Agree For Sure Then I Think Each Superstars/Divas Would Get More In Ring
    Time. And If Raw And smackdown does go brand split well the most fun’ist
    and most exciting event will be brought back,draft and im sure
    everyone watches monday night raw every single year just to see that

  • Eric Kerisimasi

    I think that if the brands were separated again, mid-card wrestlers who have fallen off WWE TV could get some well deserved air time. The storylines could be more focused and clear if the writers had a certain set of superstars or divas to write for.

  • Dean O’Reilly

    Yes the brand split needs to come back there needs to be some more competition between Smackdown & Raw to get higher ratings.

  • Progress_Now

    lol a Sescoops team member that actually has basic literacy skills and can spell, you are a breath of fresh air Jake!

  • Steven Cristaldi

    I think that a the split should be made, Smackdown has become very boring and predictable to watch. Not to mention, there should be more title belts brought back, like the European belt and even the hardcore belt. This would allow more superstars to be signed to the WWE and would create more story lines

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    News Worthy Update: The Rock is now having surgery?
    His latest Tweet:

    Saw my Dr who had to push my intestines back thru the tear in my abdomen. Kinda romantic. Surgery is next week. #BringItOn — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) April 21, 2013

    Does this mean he could be done with WWE for good, or will he be back sometime?
    Hopefully he’ll get the clue that he’s not able to wrestle safely while being so big. I think he should stay away until he’s done with Hercules, then slim up again.

    • TheKillingMoon

      Nobody cares. It has nothing to do with the article either.

  • Thomas Wing

    Either way they need to go full on. If they are gonna end the brand split….unify everything. I would have two belts. WWE Championship and Intercontinental. If they keep the brand split…then don’t have RAW guys appearing on SD or vice versa. I would go back to the PPV shedcule of 03-07. Have RAW and Smackdown take turns on PPV with them both appearing on RR, Mania, Summerslam and Survivor Series.

  • Joseph Price

    The brand extension ended mainly due to a lack of talent and the fact no one really watches Smackdown anymore. Why take the time to bring back the Brand Extension if your audience only watches RAW? RAW is averaging about what, 5 million or so in The U.S? and Smackdown? Half of that if they are lucky. When both shows had strong ratings and there was barely a gap, I could see the argument. The best thing they can do is focus on improving their storylines and scrap some unneeded titles. Wouldn’t really hurt my feelings a whole lot to see Smackdown canceled and RAW shortened back to 2 hours.

  • Thomas Zulli

    The whole point of the brands was to basically have room on the roster to develop new stars after the acquisition of wcw and the rise kf such stars as Cena and Orton. It made sense and still does. But with Raw and SD appearing in ither shows. Titles being defended on both shows. People from the other brand winning a brand’s title. If they want to make the line less visible. At least have less titles. Have just the wwe title, maybe make the US less important (or the ic title)

    I mean with wwe having three minor shows now to highlight new or unused talent. Do we need to have “brands”

  • 1991awest

    All SD is now is a continuation of what happens on RAW. So in reality, i only have to watch raw because nothing special happens on sd anymore. I miss the time when sd had its own superstars with its own storylines and made it different from raw. Plus WWE has so much talent between the showcased and unshowcased talents on raw, sd and nxt. Ive been wanting a brand split since they combined years ago.

  • BEASTziggler

    I agree. If they did that, they could also have more superstars on TV. But because the same superstars are on both shows, it takes away spots. They should bring it back!

  • TheKillingMoon

    That was a refreshing read. So many true points stated.

  • DrivesDale

    I swear.. Brand split needs to come back and NO titles need to be unified. Smack down needs it’s own World, Mid-card, and tag champs. As does Raw. I remember back like 04-08 when each show had thier share of titles AND intresting storylines to go with them. The Intercontinental, US, Womens, BOTH tag champs (more so Smackdowns.) Meant something. Hell, even the cruiserweight title seemed slighty credible. Now the only title they give two shits about is the WWE, MAYBE the WHC, sure they can make storys for the others.. But when are they entertaining, and when do you care if someone wins one now?..

  • Pape R. Hart

    “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

  • Mickey Mc Finnigan

    i have been watching more since the split. i never liked the split to begin with.. now all they have to do is drop this pg garbage and they are back in business

  • Ghayeb Jr.

    I hate how unified the brands are. and they can’t unify the titles as they have a lot of wrestlers.. I would love smackdown to be cancelled and replaced by WCW as a TV-14 program and raw to go on as a PG program. WCW would get good ratings and there will be good competition between the brands again, I used to be a smackdown fan but smackdown is nothing nowadays :(

  • Craig J.

    I 100,000% agree: WWE was a much better and defined product when it was two clear seperate brands. In fact I looked foward to SmackDown maybe more as it developed the less known wrestlers and was a great venue for other superstars to really shine and all not trip over eachother one confusing nigh on Raw.
    Because we are bereft of a glorious battle with a WCW – this is next best…come on WWE: bring back the two distinct brands, making for a true destination each night, feeling different and fun in both their own ways!

  • Angelo Bartziokas

    Bring back the brand split

  • A_young

    The split should return. they killed wwe by ending it