The 3 Count – Sting In The WWE

Welcome Sescoops readers to the 10th installment of The 3 Count, in this edition I’ll be looking at possibly the biggest name to never wrestle for WWE, that being the ‘Icon,’ . There was a recent article on featuring the 10 greatest talents that never appearing in a WWE ring, with Sting taking the number one slot, a worthy slot for Mr Steve Borden, however what was interesting about the article was the way in which his write-up was handled, instead of simply naming a few of his bigger battles with Flair, Vader and Hogan et al they flat out stated that “ perhaps if there was one person who could have upended The Deadman’s WrestleMania Streak, it would be Sting himself.”

This absolutely blew me away, a current TNA contracted wrestler is being put over like this? Sting is an exceptional circumstance in that he was a huge draw for WCW and could still be if given the elusive Wrestlemania match with the , but still, I’ve never seen this quasi-feeler type situation in public as prominently as this before, especially for someone who has refused the company before due to their booking practices of former WCW guys. You just wouldn’t see them do this for Jeff Hardy or Kurt Angle would you?

Now, incidentally Sting has recently brought up the subject of jumping ship to WWE and having the Wrestlemania match that fans still dream of, but I don’t see Sting as the type of man that would sign a one and done deal, so, I’m going to outline what I think should happen if the WWE manages to get Mr Borden under contract, and how they can maximise revenue, not just buyrates, but merchandise and DVD sales also, here’s the 3 Count:

1.The Streak…

It’s no secret that this is the biggest reason the WWE wants to bring Sting to the company; it’s a dream match that has been 10+ years in the making and could easily headline a Wrestlemania, it also has the potential to bring back the ‘lost’ WCW fans that disappeared after the Monday Night Wars ended, if only for one night.

In case you weren’t around during the late 90’s, WWE (then F) and WCW were in a fierce rivalry for dominance in professional wrestling, and this rivalry generated the hottest era in wrestling, now this is all well documented but it is integral to why Sting/Taker is such a dream match.

The Man they Call Sting was (alongside Goldberg) one of WCW’s greatest creations, in the 80’s he was a huge draw as a babyface, with the bleach blond hair and the larger than life persona Sting generated a lot of money for the company, however the height of his popularity came later in WCW’s run. The Starrcade match with Hulk Hogan, forget how badly they booked the match for a second, was the biggest main event storyline in the company’s history, the beauty of it being that Hogan and Sting never touched, Sting didn’t say a word for nearly an entire year, yet he was getting over with his new ‘Crow’ gimmick, remember that film? If you saw it now you’d say Brendan Lee is doing a Sting rip-off, that’s the most intriguing element to Sting’s career, a gimmick that on paper shouldn’t have had the legs it did is still relevant in 2013, people want to see that character in the ring with the Undertaker.

Looking at the Undertaker, he too is the epitome of a character that, on paper, shouldn’t have lasted as long as it did. A deadman who walks around with an urn and tells people to rest in peace, yet, he is undoubtedly Vince McMahon’s greatest creation, he has endured through multiple eras, and has stayed at the forefront of the Wrestlemania card every year, and he has that elemental part of his character that resonates with Sting, the match has the potential to be one of Undertaker’s best, maybe not technically, but both men are veterans, they more than likely respect the work of each other and are aware of the scale of the match, it must happen.

2. Going on from there…

Undertaker is definitely not the only one on the WWE roster that Sting can have some intriguing matches against. The first man I would like to see face Sting would be . Punk and Sting could have a war of words that would lead to several high profile bouts, with Punk being able to garner more heel heat if his character is beginning to cool off.

is also a talent that I could see in the ring with Sting, I’ve mentioned before on the 3 Count that Cena was a big fan of Sting when he was a child, having seen his escapades in the NWA, and the story writes itself, the franchise of WCW versus the franchise of the current day WWE, it’s a feud that could headline a Summerslam or Royal Rumble.

Finally, there is The Rock, I could easily see this on a Wrestlemania card, I saw a guest booker show with Jim Cornette where he booked the Invasion angle and had Sting/Rock at the Wrestlemania show he prepared, I didn’t agree with a lot of what Cornette was saying on that show, but this matchup had me intrigued, and could easily be hyped as a big deal, it’s another case of two major stars who have never met in the ring, they can even have Sting talk about Rock disrespecting Booker T during the Invasion angle, the example Sting gave when explaining he didn’t want to join the WWE.

3.  There’s Money To Be Made….

The WWE has had a string of well put together DVD/Blu-ray releases in the past couple of years, chronicling the careers of Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart that didn’t offend the viewer, and actually demanded a fair amount of knowledge of industry terms and what (we perceive) had happened behind the scenes, a Sting release with the man himself speaking about his life with a wealth of taped footage from his illustrious career would be a big seller, possibly finishing with a Hall of Fame induction.

As well as DVD releases there are other opportunities for revenue, gaming being one of them. Having a chance to play as Sting in one of the 2K games produced WWE titles would boost sales. There’s also the merchandising route, with the opportunity for T-shirts, sippy cups, books etc there is a lot for Sting to gain from a contract with WWE.

I hope that there will be a chance to Sting in a WWE ring, he does have the accolade of being the most high profile star to never appear for the company, but realistically what does that even mean? In TNA he has faced Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, Ric Flair, people that were prominently featured on WWE TV, with Angle and Hardy being the world champions for the company and major stars, so what does Sting actually gain by not being on the WWE roster? Nothing. What he has done for TNA has been admirable, bringing his star quality to the brand in an attempt to raise the brand profile, but now it is time for Sting to take his rightful place on the grandest stage of them all, so that fans can celebrate the career he had and give us one memorable run, he can’t challenge for the TNA title, what’s stopping him from going for the rival company’s belt….?

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I’m Jake Jeremy and that was my 3 Count.

  • Eric

    I love the idea of Sting coming into WWE! His match with the Undertaker would be good but not as good as it would have been five years because the two are getting on in years. You make a really good point, Jake, CM Punk would make a natural opponent for Sting in another match. I could also see John Cena doing a tag match at a pay-per-view, you know him tagging with his ideal similar to Edge and Hogan, then that turning into a match with the two of them. Good things could happen if they did it right and used Sting almost like they do Lesnar or even Taker – not full time.

    • Jake Jeremy

      I don’t like the idea of Cena and Sting tagging together, It just feels overplayed but I would easily see them doing it, even giving them the tag belts. Punk and Sting has the opportunity to be great, Sting can certainly perform at a high level, more so if motivated by a WWE run.

  • Eric

    I could even see a tag team match at Wrestlemania with John Cena and Sting versus the Undertaker and a partner (perhaps, Triple H or Jericho)

    • Progress_Now

      Cena? LMFAO oh boy, get out of your Bananas in Pyjamas and start wearing grown-up clothes like a black leather trench-coat

      • Jake Jeremy

        Cena: You can’t see me
        Sting: YOU can’t see me, I’m in the rafters…

        • Progress_Now

          at least it’s cool being a Stinger fan. personally I’m not, but he’s nowhere near embarrassing. unlike some transvestite Wonder Woman I could name right now.

          • Jake Jeremy

            Do you like anyone?

          • Progress_Now

            well I feel privileged to have watched The Game being born and became an instant fan when he broke out on his own around the Fully Loaded 99 time, while everyone else in my school was obsessed with either Austin or Rock. “My Time” was and still is the baddest theme evah!

            and Brock Lesnar was a total killer during his first run. Too bad I had just stopped watching when he first showed up, only revisited his run through PPV dvd’s. I’m also a lifelong Jerichoholic.
            however nowadays, my favs are part-timers including Y2J. so noone fulltimer. aside from Miz maybe, because I really like his…….tights.

            bottom line, I’m Attitude Era-born n bred. don’t ask me if I DON’T like anyone, the entire Sescoops doesn’t have enough space for that.

      • Jake Jeremy

        Cena: You can’t see me
        Sting: YOU can’t see me, I’m in the rafters…

  • Roger Penland

    By the way, what makes anyone think Sting Vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania would be good? like i keep saying, it would have been good. ten years ago. I don’t know about anyone else, but their health matters more than nostalgia.

    • Jake Jeremy

      The visual of Sting and The Undertaker standing face to face in the ring is enough to make anyone forget their reservations, it would be a spectacle rather than a technical masterpiece, along the lines of Rock/Hogan.

      • Progress_Now

        they thought the same about Lesnar Vs Goldberg. el-oh-el
        became almost as infamous as the Fingerpoke of DOOOOOM

        • Jake Jeremy

          Lesnar and Goldberg were both leaving and the New York fans booed them mercilessly for it, Sting and Taker wouldn’t be leaving to peruse other careers now would they, they’d be treated as heroes and provide an entertaining match

          • Progress_Now

            wanna hire me as your personal Devil’s Advocate? lol

          • Jake Jeremy

            I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours

          • Progress_Now

            do the voice again! PEOPLE POWER and the WWUniverse!!!

      • Eric

        I think you have a very good point. I still disagree with WWE and think it should have been Austin vs Hogan instead of The Rock but nonetheless it was as Gorilla Monsoon would say, “a happening”.

  • Progress_Now

    “Jake Jeremy looks at the possibility of Sting jumping ship to WWE and wrestling The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29…”

    29? come oooooooon!!! time travelling ain’t a reality YET

    • Jake Jeremy

      They’re getting rid of The Road to Wrestlemania, where we’re going we don’t need…….roads.

      • Progress_Now

        *Roddy Piper voice* what we have heeeeere is failure to communicate! wrong number, dood

  • yrabadi

    I just don’t see it happening. It might be past that point, to be honest. Stinger can still ‘go’, but it’s never that pretty… Then again, that might be due to TNA’s production around the wrestling… So maybe, he’d look crisper in WWE… I dunno. But honestly, I think Sting is always going to go down as the biggest name to never step foot into a WWE ring. And personally, I’m okay with that.

  • jortikka


  • Stoops Nic

    Solid article.

  • Mike

    I’d rather see John Cena and Undertaker in an I quit match at WM 30 than Sting / Taker any day. Seeing John Cena scream I quit will be 10x better than watching Taker tombstone Sting.

  • Aaron Clarke

    lead up to an undertaker match Sting should face Kane and to maybe hype the match with Undertaker have his brother Kane defeated by Sting, I know Sting and Glenn Jacobs have wrestled each other before but you have include the undertakers brother in the lead up.

  • Mike Arienti

    What stops him is the fact that he signed a contract to wrestle for TNA and CAN’T work elsewhere right now. Even if he could, I don’t think he’d sign with WWE anyways.

  • Wrestlingisrealdamnreal!

    Perfect sensible way to set this up, have sting face triple h and cm punk. The two men that “couldn’t” get the job done. And bam! There’s taker. Done and done. Maybe throw in Shawn Michaels. Not necessary but he was one of the last 3 that try and failed.

  • T

    I just had a vision of taker going for the tombstone and sting reverses and hits the scorpion death drop…after a crazy match sting wins and ends the streak…