The Breakdown – Episode 2: In Defense of John Cena

On this episode of The Breakdown, Steve just can’t get enough Fan-dan-go! He covers the hottest Raw of the modern era before playing Devil’s Advocate, this time in defense of WWE Champion John Cena. All of this, and a bit more Fandango!

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  • ddp

    what crap is this?

    • 7 year old boy

      Very classy my friend.

    • cappa37

      You asshole! Just stick to rehabbing old broken down wrestlers! Your opinion is irrelevant.

      • Jeremy Gordon

        That was moronic.

    • Thomas Wing

      You didn’t steal that comment did you?

  • Jeremy Gordon

    The beginning is just so damn irritating.

  • Jeremy Gordon

    The IWC is the embodiment of stupid.

    • Fighter

      You couldn’t be more right. And you wonder why fans from other sports LOL when the IWC get in an argument with them.

  • wtf

    WTF …fuck cena same shit for 10 years …

  • Unbiased Fan

    Not bad. This is very true about Cena. To be honest, you can’t even say that most WWE fans hate Cena, if this was the case he wouldn’t be pushed so much, he wouldn’t move so much merch, he wouldn’t be such a big draw. The guy is big time. I don’t like him but you have to respect him.

  • Hudson

    Just so people know: the reason why John Cena laughs and smiles so much when he hears the boos and the chants of “cena sucks” is because he HIMSELF knows how corny he is, how boring he is, and how much he actually stinks. But what makes him laugh is that despite all of that, there is a large portion of the fanbase that are just as corny as he is in real life and relate to and love his brand x, mediocre, stale, boring, plain, mundane style. And he knows that it is still enough to put the right amount of money in Vince’s pocket to ensure that he (Cena) continues to remain at the top and enjoy the spotlight. That’s what Cena is thinking about whenever you see him laughing.

    • Fighter

      Cena laughs at you guys, because it’s mostly thanks to you idiots,he’s still relevant. When he was heel, you cheered for him, when he turned face you started booing him, hoping WWE will follow your lead. So you continued to boo, and bring out your lame excuses as to why you don’t like him. In return WWE label him as a “controversial” superstar and they rode with that since right up to today while you stupid fools simply don’t get it. Cena loves the “Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks” chants.

      When Cena steps into the ring with the likes of CM Punk, you don’t hear nothing about CM Punk good or bad from the fans, it’s all John Cena and not even CM Punk as good as you think he is can get the fans attention like that good or bad. And that is why WWE banks so much on John Cena, they love the reaction fans gave when Cena steps into the ring. If you think Cena or WWE was embarrassed when they went to the Hammerstein Ball Room and Cena receive the reaction he got, then you are as stupid as your comment.

      When you have a wrestler that cannot get cheers, boos or a mixed reaction from the crowd then he’s not going to last. And that is what you idiots do not get. You never did, not then and not now.

      The only thing Cena is laughing at is you, for making him so popular.

      • Hudson

        “If you think Cena or WWE was embarrassed when they went to the Hammerstein Ball Room and Cena receive the reaction he got, then you are as stupid as your comment.” That silly ass rant, is based on an assumption that I buy all his merch and spend $$$ on the WWE product, and for some reason you imagined me thinking that he was embarrassed when he went to the Hammerstein Ball room. All this assumption about me, when you don’t know jack shit about me and your calling me stupid? Uh huh…. sure buddy. I think you’re a few cards short of a full deck. Check if you need a refill on your meds, because you’re one over emotional drama queen lil twat! hahahaa
        And for the record, you got my comment twisted, I have no problems with John Cena. Him and I have something in common… we make good $$$$, and to be honest, I think we’re both laughing. You just don’t recognize my humor because you are a humorless DUD with no personality and has a stick up his ass. Why don’t you do yourself a favor, and pull that stick out before you end up worse than XPac !

  • ddp

    what an irritating audio show, screw this crap… SOLO FOR PREZ

    • The Guest

      Don’t listen to comments like this, Steve. The last 3 words of his post says it all. You’re never gonna win someone like this over. Would you really want to though?

      You guys offer some really good insight and the more perspectives we can get on topics, the better. After all, there is no one correct way of thinking when it comes to pro wrestling. Most everything is subjective and very little is objective. If everything was objective, we would have no need for podcasts. Keep ’em coming (or I will troll you with Journey/Steve Perry lyrics every chance I get) ;^)

      • gkickperry

        Ha. Nah, it doesn’t bother me. The Breakdown will continue, just like Because Wrestling, for as long as I can keep making episodes. I won’t win everyone over, but I know I’ve got a few listeners out there who seem to enjoy what I do!