The Breakdown – Episode 3: The Errors in the PG Era

This week on The Breakdown, the show arrives on it’s new time – every week on Friday – and Steve takes a look at how the WWE’s writing crew – and the WWE’s attitude on writing – is hurting the product, and offers a few ideas of what they can do to be a little more inspired by the Attitude Era while still maintaining that PG rating.

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    Yo listening to this guy is different, but i am really liking “The Breakdown.” He makes valid points, knows what he’s talking by doing all his research. I am ready fore more.

  • Jeremy Gordon

    Blah,. blah, blah, blah, retards who sit at their computer think they know more than those in the business HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • TheKillingMoon

      Speaking for yourself?

  • Jeremy Gordon

    Attitude Era is overrated

  • cappa37

    this was good

  • 2muchfire

    If WWE focused on adding more legit jobbers to the roster i.e. Barry Horrowits , Brooklyn brawler and others to the standard shows the PPWs would mean more. How many times can we see Sheamus and Big Show in the ring together ? We’ve seen Ziggler and Punk before main event RAW that’s a PPW quality match. You also could focus more and have better storylines that people won’t tire of so quickly because a slow build like the federation days with Macho,Perfect,Rude and Hogan. Everything is so rushed, think about the impact Punk would have had, had he stayed off TV longer than 2 weeks.

  • Hudson

    I agree, what ever happened to Barry Horriblewitz as Owen used to call him. He was a great jobber! On occassion this jobber could have a huge upset victory over any lower midcarder on the roster! But it’s ok, WWE has Jobber Extraordinaire Antonio Cesaro! One of the best jobbers in recent time, who was so good he even had a championship title!!! He’ll get it back hopefully soon enough, then continue performing the best jobs possible. Antonio Cesaro’s future DVD: ” I do the Job in 5 different languages”

  • Mr 561

    Steve, another great show. You are clearly refining your “voice” and I the show has come a long way in just 3 weeks. Keep up the great work!

  • ddp