The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A TNA Weekly Review

Hello pro wrestling fans. Before I get started, I feel it would be best to introduce myself. My name is Michael Carter. I have been a professional wrestling fan since 1983. I have never worked for a wrestling promotion, therefore will not be commenting of behind the scenes affairs, politics, and other managerial issues. Instead, this article will focus on what we see as fans, more specifically the many ups and downs of TNA Impact.

The Good: Hail Sabin!

Next Thursday’s Impact marks the return of . TNA has done a great job of hyping his return. Earlier this month, Dixie let everyone know via Twitter that he would be back sooner than later. Last night’s Impact featured a very well put together video package focusing on his recent plight, his recovery, as well as his return next week.

The promotional video was especially effective. As I was watching, it left me with questions. Those questions turned to interest, which turned to anticipation.

As many of you know, Sabin had a fairly successful singles run before the formation of the Motor City Machine Guns. Before that he was the cocky, multi-time X-Division Champion that had matches so great everyone was shouting, “Hail Sabin.” For those who know, “Hail Sabin” wasn’t just a catchphrase, it was a mantra. Will we see a return to form for Chris Sabin on next week’s Impact?

The Bad: Hey ref, use your peripherals!

We’re all used to ref distractions and various shenanigans, but this week Brain Hebner and TNA bring us back to the familiar level of absurdity that is becoming custom with Impact Wrestling.

During the Chavo/Hernandez v. Roode/Aries match, Kaz attempts to distract young Hebner. Christopher Daniels quickly enters the ring to interfere. Realizing Brian Hebner is so easily distracted, Daniels decides to inflict further punishment. As his plans go awry, he is hurled out of the ring in plain sight of the referee. Apparently, the Hebners suffer from a severe case of ADD, are hard of hearing, and have the vision of a cyclops.

If you can remember back to the later days of WCW, this is all too familiar. I was insulted then, and I’m insulted now. What these finishes show is a lack of creativity. Now I’m not saying every match should end clean, but when every single person watching your match goes, “Yeah, the ref totally should’ve saw that,”  then you have a problem.

The Ugly: Hogan doesn’t know best.

I’m not debating whether ’s segments are good or not. My issue is that Hogan is not an active wrestler. Now this is fine, as a wrestling program needs personalities, authoritative figures, etc. To have a non-performer involved in over 15 minutes of television time spanning 3 segments, well, that’s pretty ugly in my book. I could go on and on, but if you watched Thursday’s Impact, didn’t you already get enough Hogan this week?

This concludes the first edition of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. You can follow me on twitter @IsmackayoufacE, where I will be chatting live during Raw and Impact to discuss the many triumphs and woes of the evening.

  • Pozessed

    Agreed about Hogan. He is on the show WAY too much, I get why he is on the show since he is a draw, everybody knows Hulk Hogan (Evidence is how the fans always chant Hogan) even though us big wrestling fans dislike him the general public all know him (Mainly due to his reality shows I suppose). But being in about 70% of the segments and basically punching the world champion until he has to get backup of about 7 guys ruins it since come on, it makes Bully look weak and takes away a lot of time from the other guys on the show.

    • sheree

      hogan a draw? what does he draw? d@mn sure not fans

      • TheKillingMoon

        He draws flies to rubbish. Nothing new.

  • 2muchfire

    Good article, next time drop a longer one. Hogan and Sting both need to take a step back. I’m a Hogan fan but I also know what’s fair and Hogan and sting in the main feud isn’t right.

    • Michael Carter

      I’m kind of feeling out this first piece. Not really sure how much is too much and vice versa. That’s why your input is so important. It’s not about what I want, it’s all about what the readers want, so let me hear it.

      I’m a Hogan fan, I grew up watching the guy. He IS right, Hulkamania is immortal, but Hulk Hogan is not. He can be very good for TNA, but when he is the focal point of main storylines, there is simply no pay off. It’s like they are building toward something that is not going to happen. Makes you wonder what’s the point?

      • 2muchfire

        The only grace to the story I can see is if somehow it makes Matt Morgan “see the light” and he becomes the top face in the company by saving Sting and Hogan, other than that I’m with you all, what’s the point?

  • Andres0082

    A modern age Don Quixote running against the mills of @$$ness that is TNA. I salute you sir.

  • Jordan Meeks

    This seemed pointless.

    • Michael Carter

      The format is very simple. Each week I pick 3 topics, put them in the appropriate categories, and discuss why they are in that category. It’s designed to be a quick read, as most people don’t want to read through a 3,000 word editorial.

      This article will probably never blow anyone’s mind and that’s not my intention. Instead of saying, “this sucks” or, “this is good,” I want to give my opinion on why this sucks or why this is good. Still, I respect your opinion and will try to spice things up next time. If it’s not for you, then fair enough. Thanks for checking it out.

      • Pozessed

        It is a pretty decent article bro, it is right to the point and does what it says on the tin.

      • Mr 561

        You knew there would be comments like this and you’ve got the right attitude in your response .. The article is a solid read – you bring up valid points, encouraging the reader to dig deeper into the issues and see things from a different perspective.

        • Michael Carter

          I’m very satisfied with the feedback I’m getting. I’d actually like more input, good or bad. Rather than just do my own thing and expect you guys to read it, I want to shape this around what the reader wants.

          • Peer Pressure

            This article was awesome, bro. The haters can go suck an egg. I don’t even like TNA and I enjoyed it.

  • WWEFan4Life

    This was a really great article… Anyone know if there will be anymore?

    • Mr 561

      There will be more – this is a new ongoing feature here at

      • WWEFan4Life

        Great, Thanks.

    • Michael Carter

      Look for this article every Saturday afternoon. Since weekends are typically slow news-wise, I wanted to give you guys something during this time. Thanks for everyone’s input and to those who support the show, it is much appreciated.

      • WWEFan4Life

        No problem, keep on going with the hard work. Been a long time scince I looked forward to something so good.

  • cm2012

    Aside from the Mailbag, this is the only one I will go out of my way for. Great 1st article. Will look forward to more. BTW love the accompanying videos with each piece.

  • Reality

    Good article. It was nice to read, I like the format. Good continuation with it

  • skinslip

    This article is pretty solid. Looking forward to more.

    My only complaint is The Bad this week really felt like a stretch. I have seen worse ref spots from TNA. This certainly wasn’t a great one, but I think you were being a little harsh.

    • Michael Carter

      Thanks, much appriciated! Tbh, it was a bit of a stretch. I was this close *holds up fingers* to putting Velvet Sky’s performance under the bad. She was looking pretty hot though, so I gave her a pass. Hey, that’s life. Unfortunately for Brian Hebner, he was next in line.

      Things will pick up and the article will get better as time goes on and I get a better feel of what I’m trying to accomplish here. Thanks for the input. It will help me make the G, B,&U a better read. Hope to have you back next week for another edition.

      • SOBI

        Good Article man.
        very good job :)