The Latest On CM Punk & The Undertaker’s Conditions After WM29

– CM Punk was backstage at Monday’s RAW, despite the fact that he wasn’t used on television. WWE kept him off TV to sell the effects of his match against The Undertaker, but Punk really was very banged up during the match.

Another reason he was kept off the show was the fact that WWE didn’t want him getting a huge babyface reaction from the rowdy IZOD Center crowd. There had been talk of him doing a promo on the show, but the decision was made to feature Paul Heyman instead.

Punk is getting his knees checked out this week and reportedly had trouble walking around at RAW.

– The Undertaker, on the other hand, was said to be doing fine after WrestleMania 29. Despite the angle they filmed on RAW involving The Undertaker, Kane & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield, there are no plans for the Undertaker to wrestle any time soon.

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Brad Davis

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  • Dave Smith

    Damn, was hoping for a 3 on 3

    • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

      Don’t believe what the internet says; a 6 man tag match might come true, I hope.

      • Dave Smith

        Yeah i know, Taker seemed fine and its a Tag match so It could happen

    • GMpunk

      Undertaker heel turn with the Shield would be epic! New Ministry?

      • Seth Bob

        No thanks.

      • Fidoriko

        too late for that

      • SOBI

        while its a good idea it would sort of be bad for the shield
        cuz they will be in Taker’s shadow all the time
        where as now they ‘appear’ to be independent

      • Billy Guthrie

        Taker HHH and Rock could put over the shield. Wondering though who do you think is best suited for singles from the shield.

        • GMpunk

          Dean Ambrose seems to have the total package, but knowing the WWE they’ll probably put over Roman Reigns because of his appearance..

          • Billy Guthrie

            True and his relation to the rock. As I think rock is related to Mr fatu. But I would love to see what Dean Ambrose could do with a SCSA type gimmick,

    • Pick a Name

      The Shield powerbombing and pinning Taker at Extreme Rules would do so much to put The Shield over and make Taker look more “human” entering WM30 for some to actually question whether he will lose.

      • Fidoriko

        great idea!

      • Adam

        Exactly My thoughts.The Shield would look incredible if they were to pin Undertaker.

      • Dave Smith

        Yeah i guess but Shield have already beaten like literally Everybody. Cena, Sheamus, Orton, Big Show, Ryback, Hell no, And Y2J

    • WWEFan4Life

      There will be a 3 on 3, just not on television. UT, Orton and Sheamus will face the shield on the UK tour, which is a bit dumb on the part of WWE by not airing Takers return to Raw wrestling-wise.

  • 3Tears

    Well that’s a stupid reason to keep punk off the show. Wwe knows that punk is more over than cena, but just don’t want to accept it, which is stupid.

    • lunchbox87

      can not have anyone overshadowing the golden boy can we .. what ever Punk will get a baby face pop almost anywhere they go the man poured Paul’s ashes over Undertaker and still got a huge pop

      • Seth Bob

        Implying that’s a good thing. That’s called failing as a heel. I love CM Punk as much as the next guy and like they have said, I will boo them as THAT is what is respectful. Idiots.

        • Dan Kincaid

          you will do as you’re told you mean, If you like someone cheer for them, don’t boo because you’re supposed to

        • gkickperry

          Cheering or booing isn’t respectful in either way. Do you think Punk cares that he gets a pop most of the time? Do you think Cena cares that he gets heat most of the time? The ONLY reaction these guys don’t want is no reaction at all.

          • Seth Bob

            They have stated it publicly. Ziggler even said it on Cabana’s podcast. It’s frustrating that he gets a pop when he’s trying to get heat. Can’t really argue me when this came from the wrestlers themselves. Or are you just gonna keep telling yourself that so you can be a rebel and cheer for who you want?

        • mrchopper

          Failing as a heel? He’s arguably the best heel in the business. You know who else “failed”? Stone Cold. It’s the very description of a tweener. Being the bad guy and being super-over.

          • SOBI

            Punk is a great Heel so was Austin but
            The only big Guy I remember that was BOOed by almost every body in a Heel persona is HHH in Evoution
            man he was an awesome Heel
            I so hated his guts back then
            also Michaels In Montreal comes to mind

        • Reality

          I get your point, a couple of years ago I was thinking the same thing. But you know what? I know today that it is completely stupid. What can Punk do to be a better heel? Just tell me? Nothing. Real fans will always end up cheering for the real talents, and for the most interesting superstars. That’s why they boo Cena and cheer for Punk. Respect has nothing to do with it, you can’t ask the fans to fake their reaction out of “respect”, how dumb is that?
          Shawn Micheals failed as a heel, Stone Cold, Rock… because all of them were heavily cheered as heels. You’re the idiot for this comment

          • Seth Bob

            You probably weren’t warped by the IWC bandwagon a couple of years ago, no wonder. Lol, love when people say “real” fans. So you only cheer for real talents? And that’s why they boo Cena? Implying Cena has no talent…yep, IWCTard.

            Ask CM Punk and Ziggler how dumb it is, they’re the ones who said it on assorted podcasts. Try again, kid.

          • Reality

            Oh, you’re one of those “IWC” haters. No wonder I keep finding those dumb comments from you. Cheers. You can pretend that you won all the arguments, I won’t bother answering

          • Seth Bob

            I don’t hate them, they’re just stupid bandwagoners. “No wonder, not gonna bother” reeks of desperation. Good to see you give up on what you believe. Move along.

            Feels good.

          • Reality

            I’m giving up on tards, not on what I believe ;) It makes both you and me feel good, so kudos to me

          • Seth Bob

            Giving up makes you feel good? And losing? Good for you, man.

    • WWEFan4Life

      Well, if Punk having trouble with even walking at Raw, it would be pretty hard and maybe even a little slow, getting Punk to the ring to cut a promo. But you’re right, Punk is a lot more over than Cena because everything Cena does, Punk can do better. I don’t even know why WWE put Cena with the belt for what, the 11th time? Cena should just drop the belt to Punk or Sheamus because the way I say it, this is how it goe. Belt on Cena – WWE are very, very happy. Belt on Cena – Fans really pissed of. So I am clueless as to why WWE keep putting ther title on Cena, let somebody else have it for once for fucks sake!

    • D@R3D3V1L360

      It’s nothing to do with Cena, it’s to do with keeping CM Punk heel, which is good ‘cos he got boring as a babyface. They should have kept him as a tweener in the first place.

      • 3Tears

        I actually enjoyed Punk as a babyface, but youre right. He should be aggressive and cut those “Pipebombs” on anyone not just a heel, or a face, now that would be awesome.

    • SOBI

      While it is mentioned here i dont think that this might be the reason actually.
      It would be fact that they wanted Punk to sell Taker’s match.

  • Steve Williams

    Ofcourse Undertaker is fine, look at their size difference plus taker didn’t took much of a beating anyways & didn’t pulled any big move himself. Except for the elbow drop on the announce table which hurt punk more than him

  • #heel420

    If they have no plans for a 3 on 3, why not have The Shield attack Taker to write him off?

    At least make the young guys look good rather than running away like chicken shit heels to tease a match that isn’t gonna happen, but fuck it that’s WWE logic for ya.

  • boxingisdead

    CM PUNK IS THE MAN! I hope he is not gone for 2 long.

  • IKeepsit100

    “WWE kept him off TV to sell the effects of his match against The Undertaker, but Punk really was very banged up during the match.” <<<< This entire sentence made me "wut"

    • Guest

      wtf… im not even going to delete that.

  • ddp

    IWC: CM Punk is injured… oh my god, take rest…
    Rock is injured, fuck him, he’s faking it……

    • Progress_Now

      jealousy is an ugly ugly thing

    • Orestis

      Dude you’ve got some problems…

    • Vince

      ddp, couldn’t have said it better myself when it comes to the IWC. I have no problems with CM Punk because he is a talented wrestler.

  • Bret Hart

    CM Punk’s reign was really dull and predictable. Ratings were down, ppv buys were awful, crowds were dead, long story short… meh 4/10.

    • lunchbox87

      damn you Bret does anything impress you ?

    • Reality

      The ironic thing is that the real Bret Hart always praises Punk.

      • Bret Hart

        What do u mean by real Bret? I AM THE REAL BRET, AND HERE IS THE PROOF- I GIVE MY IRONMAN MATCH vs SHAWN A 4/10 TOO

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    “but Punk really was very banged up during the match.” English at its finest

    • gkickperry

      I think the intention was using the “actually” definition of really instead of the “very”. Basically, I think that sentence is supposed to say “But Punk actually was very banged up during the match”, since it’s preceeded by “to sell the effects of the match.”

    • Mubashwer

      grammar troll

  • Stephen A. Hert

    When you wrestle ‘Taker…you better come to play. Punk now knows what it feels like to have a WM match with the Phenom.

    • Progress_Now

      look at the adjective “play”. we ain’t here to play!!

      • Mania57

        I see you followed WCW in the hay day as well, didn’t you Mr.Nash.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Punk’s been banged up for months. He came back too soon from his most recent knee injury. The guy needs and deserves at least a few weeks off, if not more.

  • DarkWolf

    The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho
    The Undertaker vs The Rock
    The Undertaker vs Stone Cold or
    The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
    Who would be the best opponent for The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30

    • riyadviper


    • Progress_Now


  • ParaGibson

    Y’know, Taker is wrestling in 2 weeks in London. So he is scheduled to wrestle. Perhaps not on TV, but he is going to be in a six man tag.

  • ranter 100

    next time you see undertaker willl probably be at wrestlemania

  • Frank

    FUCK! I was hoping that Undertaker as vsing the SHiled with Kane and Brayn at E.Rules. And when JBL said don’t you wish could see the 3 man team up to vs sheild I really though tehre were tease for this match at E.Rules! FUCK!