The Miz Reaches 1 Million Twitter Followers, Maria Denies HOF Rumor, WWE Inbox

– The Miz spoke to this week about reaching 1 million followers on Twitter:

“When WWE needs someone to do any kind of job whatsoever, they call upon me. Whether it’s doing talk shows, radio shows, being a commentator on WWE Main Event, being a WWE Superstar main-eventer or being a talk show host, they call upon The Miz because they know I’m the most must-see. I will make whatever I do awesome. I just made Twitter absolutely awesome and the 1 million Mizfits proved that!”

– Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis is denying reports that she was inducting Bob Backlund in the WWE Hall of Fame. She tweeted this week:

We checked around and it appears that it’s actually TV Maria Menounos that’s been contacted about inducting Bob Backlund. We apologize for the error.

– Here’s the latest installment of WWE Inbox:

This week on “WWE Inbox,” see which championships Sheamus and his fellow Superstars would like to be reinstated in WWE. Plus, who has the best entrance video? Check out these Superstar picks.

Brad Davis

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  • harvey

    just goes to show you how many morons there are out there in the world because mike the miz doesn’t mean shit. nice his girlfriend is fooled though. some kind of reality

    • Rob E

      that’s good if his name doesn’t mean shit, imagine if it did!

    • Progress_Now

      jealousy is an ugly ugly thing, babe

  • Damn It, Miz

    It’s in the name.

  • If Ya Smeeellll

    Who in the blue hell is this roody poo monkey ass?

  • Kevin Lazar

    Miz reaching 1 million followers on twitter is not newsworthy lol

    • Craig DeBoard

      How many followers do you have?

  • Puppet H

    So is Zack gonna put his title on the line(Internet championship)

  • G.I.R.L.

    Next time please specify WHICH Maria in the headline; I thought you were writing about the queen of ROH.

  • Marko

    Haha Zack Ryder, now you have to defend the Internet Championship against The Miz.

  • JamieEvsxx

    I still don’t get why Maria Menounos is supposed to be inducting him though?…=S