The Miz Talks About Balancing Wrestling & Acting, Haters, WM27 Concussion

WWE superstar The Miz spoke to this week to promote the release of his new WWE Studios DVD, “The Marine 3: Homefront.” Here are some highlights of what The Miz said about:

Advice From The Rock Balancing Wrestling & Acting: I texted The Rock, because let’s face it, The Rock is the biggest action hero right now in movies, so I was like, listen, Rock, what’s your best advice, and he told me to just be natural. He said that too many times guys try and be this big guy, but it ends up looking robotic. He told me to act natural, have fun, and enjoy the scenes, enjoy yourself. It sounds so simple, but when you get in there and there are all these cameras and you have different takes and different feelings, being natural is great advice, and it actually helped out a lot.

Why He Attracts Haters: Haters love me. [laughs] That’s why I’ve got the T-shirt. It’s a little bit of everything. I think when you come from a reality show, nobody really respects you from the movie industry or from the WWE industry. Our WWE fans are very critical. It’s like a fraternity, and if you’re not a part of that fraternity, guess what, you’re hated. And for a very, very long time, I had to earn the respect of all the WWE Universe, and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to do that. I think, finally, after seven years of working hard and dedicating myself, I’ve finally turned the fans, and you’ll actually hear them cheering nowadays. That’s what I hope to do with the movie industry. I hope the movie industry looks at “The Marine 3: Homefront” and goes, wow, not only has this guy been on a reality show and in WWE, but this guy can really act and did an incredible job.

Getting A Concussion In The Main Event of WrestleMania 27: I watch it back and I don’t remember a thing. There are bits and pieces that come back, but most of it is just one big blur. It’s funny, because when we went backstage, my parents got to go backstage to see if I was OK, and the next day, my dad comes up to me and starts showing me all these pictures he took backstage. He was like, “Oh my God, I got The Rock, I got John Cena, I got Rock’s mom, this is incredible.” So I was like, “Wait a minute, Dad, when did you get these?” And he said, “You were concussed and you kept asking the same questions and it got annoying so I just went out and started taking pictures with everybody.” I was like, “Thanks, Dad, I appreciate that!”

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