The Rock Addresses The WWE Locker Room Again, Terry Funk Pulled From WM29 Weekend Show

– The Rock has once again addressed the WWE locker room on Twitter in response to reports that there are several wrestlers who resent that he’s back with the company in such a big way:

– Last week’s WWE SmackDown averaged 2.97 million viewers, which is down from 3.03 million the previous week.

– WWE has reportedly pulled Terry Funk from an appearance for Pro Wrestling Syndicate during WrestleMania 29 weekend, according to Funk will be doing an autograph signing at the WWE AXXESS fan fest and is rumored to be Mick Foley’s Hall of Fame inductor.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • I am mad as hell

    I call


  • Sisisi!

    Could be a sarcastic tweet, could be true, who knows.

  • 2muchfire

    The crappiest roster in wrestling is mad that a legit “SUPERSTAR” is back and on top… hope thats a false report because that’d be like whore asking to be treated like a wife.

    • Steve

      i would say that it is not rosters fault, but that watered down 100% scripted sh*t that is WWE today. WWE just does not leave room for wrestlers to grow to stardom anymore. next Mick Foley, Stone Cold, The Rock or Cena could be in the roster, but WWE will not let their wrestlers jump off cages (Foley), give middle fingers and attitude (Stone Cold), etc. Cena even called himself “a swollen d*ck, that can`t be beaten” in one of the Royal Rumbles about 10 years ago. in todays WWE none of that could happen.

      • G.I.R.L.

        You don’t have to be extreme or shouldn’t have to swear and/or be offensive to that extent to get over. This isn’t the 90s where everyone had to fit in with the “badass” stigma (they even gave Superman guns in the 90s… wow). It’s always been scripted; WWE should let today’s superstars have more freedom, sure, that’s how the biggest wrestlers grew to become household names.

        • Steve

          but there must be something that makes someone stand out of the crowd. today WWE have too much of the same, no wonder that a lot of fans cant tell a difference between Big E Langston and Ezekiel Jackson.

          WWE has not always been 100% scripted. In attitude era a lot of stuff had guidelines, but was not scripted to series of moves in a match or word by word in promos. a lot of stuff was improvisation and that made so called ring generals really pop out. botched moves was part of the show, no reshots. promos were shot one time and if a wrestler made a mistake, he just had to quickly correct it or just let it go. those were the things that made wrestling interesting to me.

          one more thing – a lot of todays wrestlers do not have that aura, that he could really hurt somebody. no one would be afraid of Kofi or Evan Bourne in real barfight, even though they are quite big compared to average men. But a guy like Bubba Ray Dudley, Big Bossman, Hardcore Holly or even Nunzio – i would not go near them, because they look like they could kill somebody with bare hands.

          • G.I.R.L.

            The current wrestlers are relevant to modern fans; look at some of the most successful and followed men on the planet; none of them look like they’d win a “bar-fight” that’s not what people want this gen; That’s mostly something desired by nostalgic people too wrapped up in their passed generation wants.

      • BOOCH

        “It doesn’t take a great wrestler to jump off a cage, it takes a fucking idiot.”

        -Jake The Snake Roberts

    • TheKillingMoon

      Legit superstar? More like an overrated asshole.

      • Junaid Bokhari

        Hahaha, an effing NOBODY saying that to a worldwide megastar.

      • Junaid Bokhari

        Your as*hole got raped when rocky won the title didn’t it? Guess its still hurting

      • G.I.R.L.

        In what ways is Rock overrated?

        • Kris Mystery

          He is a mediocre wrestler at best…at.. best!!… and his promos lately are getting hard to listen to… !!!! A 5 minute promo is actually only a 2 and a half minute promo cause he repeats…repeats … everything he says…Everything…he… says !!!!!

          • G.I.R.L.

            He’s no different from HHH,SS, or HH; neither of them are great “wrestlers” but they can connect with the audience better than his who are experts in grappling. And, like the Rock, Austin, Hunter, and Hogan give us the same promo as well. Some good for Cena and Batista; yet they always seem to give us more. Being technical isn’t the only qualification to be a great performer; which Rock is.

      • WWEFan4Life

        ikr? Been saying that ever scince he returned, lol

  • Max Da Boss Patterson

    Who cares about rumors

  • Jrb95

    this is legit, rock responded to a wrestling news site on his twitter confirming it. he basically said the only people who get why hes back are the fans.

  • Progress_Now

    reeks of sarcasm, and if it’s not then I can only imagine this: Vinnie Mac cracking down on naysayers by saying “be nice or be fired”. I’m guessing the latter.

    we all know what a kiss-ass Dwayne is, just like Cena, so he goes to bitch to the boss “boohoo they don’t wanna play wit me and my toys” and the boss does his bidding.

    • Randy James Crawford

      SHUT THE HELL UP, The Rock is a nice guy ok he is not an ass kisser he doesn’t need WWE, you know why he is the WWE Champion it’s because WWE wants that exposure ok so leave The Rock and The WWE alone and stop hating.

      • Progress_Now

        lol shut up bitch, I don’t remember asking you

      • Ken Iceguy

        you know what i think i think hhh is behind this rock hate maybe the talents feels that by bashing rock could score points hhh and when vince steps sadly hhh will take over but if anyone had a problem with cena or hhh there asses be buried or fired thats what im guessing i mean who would hate on the rock so much

    • Junaid Bokhari

      Go watch TNA you piece of crap

      • Progress_Now

        I’ve never watched TNA in my life, dickhead. your name wouldn’t be Dick, would it?

  • D-Nycee

    It’s not Rock’s fault that most in that lockerroom are wack and corny as hell… you can tell most of them boys got no swag ! None of them have megastar written on them, not even CM Punk.. that dude trying hard too lol

  • Abra Kadabra

    What big picture plan? The plan to give the title to John cena?

    • currygoi

      The plan that wwe makes alot of money with The Rock as cahmpion.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Rock’s “stealing” a spot that most of the guys in the locker room never had to begin with. Reminds of when all of the guys backstage hated Sale because WWE saw that she could sell seats in a heartbeat and gave her a main spot.

  • Backstreet Bungalow

    I said this before and I’ll say it again, WWE is 10% skill 90% hollywood. Vince wants money and spotlight. Look at the guys who have legit technical skills but no mainstream exposure compared to guys like Rock, Cena and Lesnar. They may not be the most technical but they put #asses2seats

  • Michael Cannon

    Imagine what would of happened if a “nobody” took the WWE championship away from CM Punk? Theres not a single superstar that couldnt of been made one of the biggest superstars just by ending Punks title reign. Would of been like when Foley won his first WWE championship except Foley wasnt a nobody obviously. Seems such a waste that it was ended by an already over part timer…

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    I seriously doubt anything would be different if Rock wasn’t champ so what are they mad about? If he wasn’t there, Cena, Punk, or Ryback would be champ and ratings would still be falling.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    You know what? I have a feeling if Rock was a heel and Punk was a face, Punk and Rock’s promos would be better, no one would have a proble with Rock not being there since it would add heel heat, Punk could say he was legit screwed and Vince is a heel again. And Rock and Cena’s feud would be epic with a heel Rock. Rock never holds back on decimating his opponent promo wise as a heel. Attitude would be present. But in return, Rating might drop, Rock isn’t commited to being heel outside WWE. The Shield would be irrelevant to their feud. I don’t think Punk works well as a face. I don’t know, i’ve just been thinking, IWC would shit their pants if he turned heel. Then Rock can finally own Punk like he should have without limits lol jking. But i guess Face Rock is ok. I wonder what they’re gonna do with him after Wrestlemania? I hope they don’t end his career. He’s still good on the mic and good in ring (Except Endurance). he can still put over some others like Ziggler, Orton and Ryback. And maybe, we can have that one last match (Rock vs Stone Cold). Just treat Rock like taker, and bring him around during Wrestlemania.