The Rock Appears On Jimmy Kimmel Live (Videos)

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WWE Champion The Rock appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to hype promote G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Although he did not have the WWE Championship belt with him, The Rock did speak about WWE during a good portion of the interview. The Rock talked about his crazy schedule, training and dieting for both WrestleMania 29 and the upcoming film Hercules at the same time.

Kimmel asked The Rock why he needs to focus on his match against John Cena at WrestleMania if the outcome is per-determined. The Rock laughed off the remark and said, “Here’s the thing. If I lose, ‘God, it’s phony. If I win, then it’s real.”

The Rock talked about starting with WWE back in 1996, when he had zero wrestling experience and showed up with “no trunks, no boots, no nothing.” Kimmel asked him if he had to wrestle naked. The Rock said he was then sent back to the minor-leagues and had to start from the bottom, wrestling in flea-markets, used-car dealerships, and barns, where fans threw batteries at him and cut him with exacto-knives. Kimmel said, “I guess it worked out.”

Here are videos of the appearance

Brad Davis

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  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.
  • YoungLionSimba

    The same fans who treated a rookie Rock like that are envying him now. Greatness were in their presents and they didn’t even realise it. JR knew since his debut.

    • Darren Walosky

      In their presents? Been a while since christmas don’t you think?

  • lunchbox87

    ahhh i miss the days when a match this big would get hyped on wwe tv not other media

  • bangmango

    cena and punk take note…work hard and you can achieve greatness too…or continue being cry babies about someone else taking your spot.