The Rock Comments On Jeff Jarrett Reference, Jarretts Respond

During The Rock’s promo at the end of Monday’s WWE RAW, The Rock referenced his old buddy Jeff Jarrett when talking about his early days in the wrestling industry. After RAW, The Rock tweeted:

The Rock tweeted earlier this week that back in 1996, he used to wrestle for “$40 bucks a night” at flea markets and fairs.

Jeff Jarrett responded to The Rock’s shout-out on RAW:

Jeff Jarrett’s daughter Joslyn tweeted him during RAW saying, “dad, you’re trending…. how does it feel?”

Jarrett’s ex-wife Karen responded, “not the 1st time baby girl!”

TNA Knockout Madison Rayne tweeted to Jeff that he made an impact tonight and TV misses him and Karen. Karen replied that she misses her too.

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  • king of the octagon

    Vince probably had a heart attack because of this

    • MariosG1987

      He has a heart?

      • TrueFan

        Sure he does. you dont see TNgAy going to Iraq or doing anything for foundations ;)

        • heterosexual

          good ole WWhEterosexual

  • pwnez

    The promo last night was horrible. It had nothing to do with the EC PPV.

    • Pozessed

      Funny right? The Rock who hadn’t showed up the week before comes back as the WWE champion and doesn’t cut a relevant promo.

  • Fathead

    Ex-Wife? He and Karen Angle are divorced?

    • kquickstillsucks

      I was going to ask the same thing

    • askbillmitchell

      No Jeff and Karen are still married. They have been since 2010.

      • BlazeKing


        Karen isn’t Jeff’s ex, she’s Angle’s ex.The article fucked it up.

  • GMpunk

    Karen is a disgusting leech of a woman. Who’s she gonna get on next in TNA? She reminds me of Susan Sarandan in Bull Durham, its not even the big leagues!

  • raVen

    memphis mid card p.o.s. jeff jarrett.. and his ugly horse whore wife.
    what’s worse?
    jj is trending and tna will put him back on tv?
    the rocks terrible promos!?

    only two more years of this garbage (about 4months in reality) cena/rock childish irrelivant dribble

  • Erik

    Damn JJ cant even trend on the show he’s on now….sheesh

  • 2muchfire

    Those stories were funny… When you people start to understand that Rock is special attraction your pussy won’t hurt so much.

    • SonofSheik81

      Amen brother! Amen. And here’s what’s great, everybody that wants to hate on the Rock for taking the title and stealing Punk’s thunder, but yet he sold the hell out of Punk’s offense even though Rock has a good 100 plus pounds on him. If Rock is such an attention whore bastard like all these IWC marks want to claim that he is, why has he sold the hell out of every beatdown he’s taken at the hands of Punk, the Shield, etc. It’s because he really does understand the business and is trying to do his part to put these guys over.

      • 2muchfire

        totally agree with you sir.

      • aj2345

        I been saying for years, The Rock is one of the best high profile move sellers ever. From the Stunner to Rhyno’s gore, he’s sold them all famously.