The Rock Comments On Jeff Jarrett Reference, Jarretts Respond

During The Rock’s promo at the end of Monday’s WWE RAW, The Rock referenced his old buddy Jeff Jarrett when talking about his early days in the wrestling industry. After RAW, The Rock tweeted:

The Rock tweeted earlier this week that back in 1996, he used to wrestle for “$40 bucks a night” at flea markets and fairs.

Jeff Jarrett responded to The Rock’s shout-out on RAW:

Jeff Jarrett’s daughter Joslyn tweeted him during RAW saying, “dad, you’re trending…. how does it feel?”

Jarrett’s ex-wife Karen responded, “not the 1st time baby girl!”

TNA Knockout Madison Rayne tweeted to Jeff that he made an impact tonight and TV misses him and Karen. Karen replied that she misses her too.