The Rock Discusses His Love Life, Heenan To Make Appearance

— published an article on what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks for in a woman.

“Here’s what you’ve got to do: you’ve got to be independent, and you’ve got to have a sense of self,” Johnson says. “You’ve got to have a great sense of humor.”

But the true test? “You’ve got to laugh at my jokes,” he says. “Like, that’s the key.”

Johnson, who is currently dating a 27-year-old singer, added that he has no plans to re-marry. In a separate interview with Belfast Telegraph, he said, “I was so fortunate to have fallen in love once. To fall in love again? That’s a hard thing to do twice in the position I’m in. I’m one lucky son of a bitch.”

— WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan will be making a rare public appearance this Saturday at Frank & Son Collectible Show 19649 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, California. Other talent scheduled for the event include “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Angelina Love, Missy Hyatt, Tatanka, Cowboy Bob Orton, Debra McMichael, One Man Gang and Paul Orndorff. Event information is available here.

— Super Crazy will be touring with Japanese wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH on February 25-28. He will face Ricky Marvin, Atsushi Aoki and Lance Bravado in separate bouts.

Daniel Pena

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  • pwnez

    Now there is a legend i’d like to see make another appearance in the WWE, Bobby Heenan! Unlike the others who come back frequently he’s a guy who we haven’t seen in awhile. 

  • Drizzydrake

    Nah, id rather see jeff hardy in the wwe over Heenan, but i think this is at the 3rd time im asking this question but what is the name of the website that says what tna guys wwe would like to sign

    • pwnez

       RVD, Beer Money as a tag team, Matt Morgan, Bully Ray, The Pope, Inc Ink as a tag team but I doubt that will happen. No, Jeff is not on the list and honestly, do you expect him to be? Don’t get your hopes up, man, I seriously doubt WWE will ever let him go back.

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        Take out RVD and Ink Inc and I agree.

      • Drizzydrake

        My hopes have been up ever since he left. I seriously believe that if i’ve been waiting for so long, he will come back soon. AND NO, I’M NOT TOO YOUNG TO REMEMBER HEENAN!

    • Systematic

      heenan is a legend. if you are too young to remember him go watch the bio wwe put out

  • ProgressNow2012

    awww I miss Debra, we never heard from her again since Austin beat her. poor girl

  • Peter Jones™

    The Rock forgot to say that the most important thing to have is a Penis ;-)