The Rock Doing Media Interviews With WWE Title

WWE Champion joined the social media photography service Instagram over the weekend. The first picture he posted was of himself doing a promotional interview for “GI Joe: Retaliation.” You’ll see that has the WWE Championship belt with him for the interview, something we’ll be seeing a lot of in the coming weeks as the road to WrestleMania 29 continues.


  • cappa37

    “the social media photography service Instagram” Come on SEScoops! Must you sound like a 67 year old man who has never used a computer every time you write an article?!

  • TV-14

    Bring back Batista ! Cena is boringg….

  • attitude 4ever

    Rock PLEASE change that belt

    • Chris Savage

      he should bring back the brahma bull title

    • Lester Foxx

      Dude, he heard what you just said

  • fatneal

    now see this is perfect…the rock promoting his other business ventures with the belt can only be a good thing for wwe and the wrestling business overall

    • Andrew Campbell

      Yeah, it’s too bad the championship looks ugly as hell though.

  • snip

    when you hear people saying why give the belt to a part timer, show them this picture.

  • Paul Kersey

    And this is why he has the belt, IWC marks.