The Rock Hypes His Upcoming Role In “Hercules”, WWE Profiles Former Women’s Champion

Published On May 23, 2013 by (DIVAS News, WWE News)

- Dwayne “” Johnson will begin filming the big-budgeted comic-book adaptation/war film Hercules: The Thracian Wars next month. The movie, which is being directed by Bret Ratner, is based on the graphic novel by Steve Moore and Cris Bolsin of the same name and is believed to be a similar account of the wars Hercules participated in.

Hyping his role in the film on Twitter, Johnson wrote Wednesday, “2 weeks away from shooting HERCULES. Intense workouts w/ my strength coach Dave Rienzi (future IFBB Pro). Lets Shoot. #UpperBodyViolence.”

Johnson revealed last month in an interview with Access Hollywood that he is getting lean for the role, stating, “It is not about getting big as much as it is about having really lean, dense muscle. Because anybody can get just big. You see actors and athletes out there, they just get big but there’s also a difference between getting big and having really defined, deeply grainy muscle. And that only comes, by the way, with muscle maturity.”

- Former WWE Women’s and Cruiserweight Champion Jacqueline is this week’s addition to the Alumni section on The website says of the Dallas, Texas native, “Jacqueline was, perhaps, the toughest woman to ever step foot in the ring. Unafraid to stand up to woman, or man for that matter, in the squared circle, the tenacious Diva had no problem breaking down both opponents and barriers.”

To view her profile, click here.

- WWE Hall of Famer recently paid a visit to the Connecticut State Veterans Home to meet with military veterans. The official WWE website has released this video highlighting his visit.