The Rock Interested In Expendables 3, Santino & R-Truth Injury Updates & More

– During a recent interview with, The Rock commented on whether he’s interested in joining the cast of the next “Expendables” movie, which features an all-star cast of action heroes:

“It all depends. Yeah, sure. I like Sly. He’s been a buddy for some time. I love the first one and I’m excited about the second one. Sure, if he needs somebody to hunt somebody down, he knows where I’m at.”

– The official theme song of Saturday Morning Slam, “This Time It’s Mine,” is now available for purchase on iTunes.

– After dealing with neck issues in recent weeks, Santino Marella tweeted that he is “good to go for this Monday.”

– R-Truth defeated Titus O’Neil at Saturday night’s WWE live event from Providence, RI, so the apparent injury he suffered the night before was nothing serious.


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  • jccox01

    You guys are late, he’s already in it. It should be on his wiki page.

  • MalaysianInvasion

    what movie isn’t the rock interested in?? The guy wants to act in every fucking movie

    • jccox01

      Better watch out, the rock marks will come in and tell you “he’s the hardest working man in hollywood.”

      • Grey Avatar

        He has 4 movies coming out in 4 months, is off filming others AND is the WWE Champion. Sounds more unnecessary Rock bashing from a butthurt smark.

        • PeopleLowBlow

          In defence that’s exactly why he’s getting hate because he is everywhere at the moment and it pees people off seeing him allover the place like he’s following us around lol.

          It was great when he came back to the WWE but the more we see of him the more likely people will get bored of him and the more hate he gets.

          Respect to him tho for all the hard work he is putting in the WWE and out.

    • Steve

      well, i think Rock was one of the top 5 in the list of actors with the best investment/profit ratio last year. it means he does not ask for a lot of money, but his movies sells good. so why not star in a lot of them – Rock makes money, studio makes money, fans get to see new movies. everyone is happy

    • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

      He’s an entertainer. It’s what he loves.

    • Daniel William Nowlin

      I similiar reaction when I 1st saw headline, but asked him a question and he answered it. The Rock didn’t randomly bring it up.

    • Vince

      What the hell is wrong with you haters in the damn IWC? The Rock was asked a question and he answered it. He’s only supposed to be in a movie if the IWC approves? Give me a damn break.

    • Jeff

      I’m not arguing but The Rock only said he’s interested in Star Wars & The Expendable,How does that mean he wants to be in every movie?I think he could do good for The Expendables.. And I’m not arguing,i’m just saying…

      -And I’m not a Rock mark


      Fucking hating ass

      • Progress_Now

        nawww he loves ass, he’s an assman

    • Marvin B.

      Stop sounding like a bitch

  • InfiniteRTG

    Steve Austin should somehow come back and do a The Rock & Steve Austin fight.

    • Darren

      Damn, I was thinking the same thing. This would indeed be awesome!

  • The Crock

    This just in, Rock is interested in a role for Toy Story 4!

  • lunchbox87

    Rock’s movies are ok and the best ones he is in he is not the top star…. with all the top action stars they already have in the Expendables he would get lost in the back somewhere because he is not n their league

  • Don

    Am I the only one that sees how the rock uses WWE to boost his popularity? There’s a pattern, looks closely.

    • Don

      Sick of you stealing my name. You saw that i spoke positive about the Rock. You have nothing better to do with your life but sit on the internet and hate on another guys success.