The Rock Responds To The Shield’s Beatdown & Says He Suffered Internal Bleeding

– The Rock has broken his silence after getting beat down by The Shield on RAW and left bloody in the middle of the ring. He tweeted after RAW:

In a video that aired on the WWE app during a RAW commercial, The Rock (with a bloody mouth) admitted that he got his ass whooped by The Shield, but promised to capture the WWE Championship this Sunday.

Video of The Shield Beating Down The Rock From RAW

– Vince McMahon botched one of his lines on RAW during the backstage segment with WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman. When Vince was announcing the stipulation that CM Punk will be stripped of the WWE title at the Royal Rumble if The Shield interferes during his match against The rock, Vince actually said “CM Punk will be be stripped if CM Punk interferes in his match.”

– Former WWE Divas the Bella Twins will be appearing in a new movie, “Confessions of a Womanizer.” Here is a ‘sizzle reel’ featuring footage of their scenes:

Brad Davis

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  • kickass

    bloody rocky ah memories wm 17 <3

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      i bleed more form a paper cut than rock did last night from that little attack.

      • Mr_DJ

        So you regularly suffer from internal bleeding? Might want to see a doctor about that.

        • Rodrigo Ceballos

          It could be anal bleed he could be suffering from

        • Jeremy-County Roberts


      • ghana

        Were you in his insides?

  • pwnez

    They should have ended raw with the Rock getting attacked by the Shield. The brawl at the end was stupid.

    • ghana

      I think they did it right, finally.If shield attacking Rock was main event it would seem as if they were burying the Rumble for another Rock moment, and can assure you, more people and more people would complain. They did the right thing with this angle, no matter how much the ending sucked.

      • Name Goes Here

        Punk vs Rock is bigger than the rumble and one of the most hyped matches ever.

  • Jeremy

    Rock taking that Powerbomb was my favorite part of the show, he finally entertained me.

    • IKeepsit100

      Finally? FUCK OUTTA HERE

      • Random

        I have to agree with Keepsit. The heck is wrong with you?

  • Steve James

    Raw was pretty dumb last night. Cena went on waaay too long with his whole “What people do on Sunday” schtick, but then to have a string of wrestlers come out just to say “No, I’M gonna win!” as a flimsy pretext for mini-Rumble? That was pretty lame. Plus they ended the show mid-Rumble, whatspwitdat?
    Gotta give ol’ Babbling Brooks credit, his promo was good, despite looking more and more stung-out as wthe weeks pass… but the second half with Heyman “dumbing it down” for the audience was dumb and felt pointless, as did the whole “Beat the Clock” angle. What sense of urgency is there to make each BtC match over 10 minutes long?
    I was happy to see Rock get attaced by the Shield. Not because I hate the Rock, but because I can’t stand greasy dickstain CM Puke, and know that because he was left laying in a puddle last night, Rock now has a 99% probability of winning on Sunday.
    Cue the video of Punk walking down a lonely road, Bruce Banner-style, a tear framing his puffy red eye, while Cinderella’s “Don’t Know What You Got (Til Its Gone)” plays in the backgound. Hilarity ensues.

  • Al Oli

    Did anyone else see rock spit out a tooth after Ambrose hit him?

    • cenaritefulwwechamp

      wouldnt surprise me if ambrose did botch and actually hit him. hes a terrible and stiff worker. hes like an annoying skinny vader…except with no wrestling talent.

      • Rodrigo Ceballos

        You probably have never seen any of his matches or anything he’s done You probably just go by what another loser angry internet nerd says

      • Scott Sanchez

        Seriously says the guy who worships Cena’s jockstrap. You really don’t know what your talking about. The guy is awesome.

    • Mr Idol

      I saw him spit up blood and that’s it.

    • morrisonfanone

      I thought I saw him drop the f bomb.

  • Ares

    If I hear one more person say that The Rock “oversold” that beating. I think you all are just conditioned to seeing people NOT sell anything. He just got beat by three men for like a full minute. In real life, he would have looked a lot worse than that

  • dae

    Tired of the injustice of those three morons… Quit interfering already! Got a beef, call somebody out and fight one-on-one like a man, not a beat down by three wusses.

    • Mr Idol

      It’s still real to you, damnit.

  • Puppet H