The Rock Tweets Picture Of Himself With New WWE Championship Belt, New WWE Title Belt For Sale

– The new WWE Championship belt that The Rock debuted on Monday’s RAW is already for sale at

– Speaking of the new belt, The Rock tweeted the following picture of himself with the new belt on Tuesday morning:

New title. New era. New standard.

@WWE Heavyweight Champion.


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ADementedJim

    There isn’t even a nameplate for the Champion’s name….pretty whack.

    • Josh Foley

      that is a downfall, but imo its still awesome, not as awesome as some wwe titles of the past but better than the spinner deffinatly and its a close tie with the attitude era title, but between those 2 id still choose the new one, but if i had my choice to choose any of the wwe titles its a tossup between the eagle belt and the undisputed belt

    • The Ryback

      They seem to have been dropping nameplates from all of the most recent redesigns with some exceptions of course. What is funny is that when they went from WWF to WWE they had to redo all the belts and made all of them have nameplates once they reintroduced the World Heavyweight Championship from WCW (if I remember correctly) and now they seem to be going back to not having them. The newest version of the tag team belts dropped the nameplates. When Cody Rhodes debuted the new IC belt (that was a remake of the classic version) that dropped the nameplate. Now this new WWE championship also drops the nameplate. The only ones left with nameplates now I believe are the United States, Divas and World Heavyweight championships. Makes me wonder if those are all going to be phased out within a year or so in favor of new belts without nameplates once again back like how it was in the 80’s/90’s? I would not mind a new WHC belt at some point in the near future, as long as it just isn’t just some huge WWE logo with “World Heavyweight Champion” in small text around it thrown on a leather strap.

  • ADementedJim

    ..and the one on the wwe site doesn’t have the bulls either. LOL

    • Peer Pressure

      I think that’s just a custom design for The Rock. The strap looks great on him. This is how a champion is suppose to look.

  • thetruthshallsetyoufree

    As much as I don’t like this belt anything is better than that STUPID spinner belt

    • …..

      Yeah, since it hasn’t spun since ’07. -_-

      • DAX

        It did last night

    • EdwartF

      its not a belt its a championship title moron.

  • Reality

    No nameplate is really stupid… I don’t really like the new belt, but yeah I’ll admit it’s better than the previous one. And the photo is pretty cool

    • Andrew Campbell

      I thought the title looked really cool on RAW. The pictures of the new title that have been posted on this site don’t do it justice though.

    • cappa37

      i think thats why there is a bull on the side plate…. i’m sure that each champion will get his own custom side plate to repersent him. the belt 4 saleon doesn’t have the bull on it.

      • Reality

        Yeah I already knew about the side plates, but it’s like a kids idea for me. Not that I dislike it, au contraire, but a nameplate is still needed imo.

  • partsunknownresident

    I wish they had done away with the sequins (too reminiscent of the ‘bling-bling’ mentality of the spinner belt) and had used the WWE Networks logo and not the scratch logo (as Rock said: new era. Scratch logo should no longer apply). Otherwise, it’s an improvement. I wonder if it weighs as much as the spinner belt did (that bastard weighed like 25-30 lbs!).

    • Andrew Campbell

      It looks alot heavier that the spinner title. That thing is huge.

  • raVen

    the wcw belt is still the best ever created.
    notice how that one hasn’t changed in over 20years and still looks better than anything else

    • Adam Michael

      I think the WCW heavyweight title looks like arse… seriously needs to be changed, it is so dull and bland

    • lunchbox87

      i agree the World title is pure class and it screams champion

  • cappa37

    Good lord that belt looks great on the Rock. What a pic!

  • attitude 4ever

    the actual belt doesn’t look that bad. It’s a big improvement from the previous belt

  • Richard Sanders

    I don’t know if it’s just for The Rock, but I like the idea of having the wrestlers logo on the side plates. It’s cool to have the bulls with the Rock, it would also be cool to have the straight edge X for Punk if he ever wins it back. I like the idea that there is a visual representation of the wrestler holding the belt.

    • Adam Michael

      I think the side plate logo for Punk will be that hand grabbing the lightning bolt he has on a few of his shirts, that would be a cool sight to see

    • EdwartF

      its not a belt its a championship title

  • guest

    That’s a real champion right there unlike some scrawny little punk holding a spinner belt.

    • EdwartF

      its not a belt its a championship title moron

  • Javo

    That’s the huge size(no “P” reference),why complain about the big logo as center plate,give the belt a chance and it looks fit as highest title level in WWE,more big that spinner belt

  • Eubanks!!

    it looks way better vertically than it does horizontally!