The Rock’s 2013 Movie Schedule, Otunga’s WWE Studios Movie Renamed

– Here’s an updated look at The Rock’s upcoming movie release schedule, courtesy of

* February 22 – “Snitch”
* March 29 – “G.I. Joe”
* April 26 – “Pain and Gain”
* May 24 – “Fast 6”
* June 10 – “Empire State”

When you consider how many movies he has coming out in the coming months and how much promotional work he’ll be doing for each one, it’s amazing how many dates he’s committed to appear on WWE television in the buildup to the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 29:

– is reporting that the upcoming the WWE Studios film “The Hive”starring Halle Berry and features WWE star David Otunga, has been renamed “The Call.”

The movie also has a new release date, and will premiere in theaters on March 15th.

* Pictures of DAVID OTUNGA’s New Look For “THE CALL” (Clean Shaven)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • juice9

    hes got a movie coming out every month. plus his wrestling promises. not much sleep is coming up soon for my man dwayne the rock johnson. wish em the best. and yea hes about to make alot of damn money this year got damn.

  • Adam

    I’m truly proud of The Rock for ever single thing he has ever accomplished in life. I respect The Rock, and no matter what anyone says, he will always be my favorite superstar.

    • Macc Frost

      we all are proud of him but some people in the wwe aren’t

  • Guest

    He deserves everything in life. He has worked his absolute arse off not only as an actor or a wrestler but even in the gym. He is constantly keeping himself busy. A true inspiration.

    • Kris Mystery

      An inspiration or a money whore?

      • df7215

        The first one.

      • bangmango

        People like you make me sick. Someone works hard and they’re a money whore? Get off your fkn couch and maybe you’ll be able to achieve something with your life too.

        • Kris Mystery

          Rock on !!!!

  • MisterE

    Well at least The Rock doesn’t crank out lame azz films (with the exception of ‘Tooth Fairy’) like Hulk Hogan did. Other than tooth fairy Rocky has a pretty good film career going on.

    • Steve James

      Well, maybe. I love the Rock’s movies, but I hate when he does shit like “Tooth Fairy”, “Witch Mountain”, and “Game Plan”. The whole “big tough guy with a heart of gold” schtick is played out. But when he sticks to good ol’ fashioned action, like “Fast 5” or “”Walking Tall”, then he’s good. I may bring down the ire of the snoots in the IWC, or stuck up Cinema majors, but I loved “The Rundown”.

  • Kris Mystery

    If it wasn’t for rednecks and former fans of the wrestling Rock who can’t get over their man crushes with him he’d have no audience what-so-ever. Keanu Reeves (possibly the worst actor of all time) has a pretty good film career himself. Arnold Schwarzenegger , Jean_Claude Van Damme, Vin Diesel and Steven Segal all have / had pretty good careers also… but thespians they are not lol.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Lol Alot of Rock haters in the dislikes

  • Andrew Campbell

    The Rock’s going to have a busy 2013.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    That alone shows how much he loves wrestling. How many people do you think would want to pull all of that off along with going through 3-4 months of wrestling at the same time.

    Nobody should ever question this dude’s desire for the wrestling business again.

  • KAZ

    I want to see Jason Statham in Fast 7.

    • Andrew Campbell

      I think he was supposed to be in Fast 6, but they couldn’t reach a deal with him. He would’ve been awesome in it though.

      • KAZ

        Damn, thats too bad, Statham is a perfect match for those films!

    • Heel4Life

      If they can’t get Statham, get Antonio Cesaro lol

  • Nick

    Congrats to The Rock and David Otunga. :)

  • Guest

    where are the haters?