The Rock’s 2013 Movie Schedule, Otunga’s WWE Studios Movie Renamed

– Here’s an updated look at The Rock’s upcoming movie release schedule, courtesy of

* February 22 – “Snitch”
* March 29 – “G.I. Joe”
* April 26 – “Pain and Gain”
* May 24 – “Fast 6”
* June 10 – “Empire State”

When you consider how many movies he has coming out in the coming months and how much promotional work he’ll be doing for each one, it’s amazing how many dates he’s committed to appear on WWE television in the buildup to the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 29:

– is reporting that the upcoming the WWE Studios film “The Hive”starring Halle Berry and features WWE star David Otunga, has been renamed “The Call.”

The movie also has a new release date, and will premiere in theaters on March 15th.

* Pictures of DAVID OTUNGA’s New Look For “THE CALL” (Clean Shaven)