The Rock’s WWE Title Win Chances, Ziggler Headed To Australia & More

– WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair tweeted on Thursday, “Loved talking to the kids at Chickamauga Elementary School this morning. Keep up the good work!”

* Comment Below and tell us what you think a “Ric Flair talking to elementary school students” conversation would invovle …

– After Monday’s RAW, Dolph Ziggler will be flying to Australia to do promotional work for WWE.

– On Monday’s 20th Anniversary RAW, we saw The Rock swear to God that he will defeat CM Punk at the Royal Rumble and capture the WWE Championship. Typically, when a babyface guarantees a title win (especially in such dramatic fashion), they do win, so this is a strong indication that The Rock will be victorious next weekend.

As we’ve been reporting in recent weeks, WWE has been considering several different scenarios of how to get the WWE title on the Rock so he can defend it against John Cena at WrestleMania. It was proposed that Punk would retain the title and The Rock would then win it at Elimination Chamber, but now it’s looking like Punk’s title reign could end this month.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias


    Ziggler come to sydney and fight me IRL 1 v 1 fgt ill wreck u m8 swer on my mums life.
    JKS iloveyou please come sydney ( no homo )

    • Mr Idol

      Oh will you just shut the fuck up already with your “ bullshit?


        jimmies have been rustled

  • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

    Dolph should cash in his MITB briefcase at RR win the title, then go on to win the Rumble and challenge the Rock at Mania to unify the titles..

    • Randy James Crawford

      I agree but if it’s going to happen it wouldn’t happen until Wrestlemania 30.

  • bayarea08

    If Punk is going to lose his championship, it should be at WrestleMania!!!

    • pwnez

      I was hoping he’d lose it at the elimination chamber. He should get at least one win over the Rock.

      • SavageBomber

        Same thing I said. Why have The Rock come back and beat both of your top superstars in one calendar year? It makes the current roster look weak. CM Punk wins at Royal Rumble, John Cena wins THE Royal Rumble, Rock wins at Elimination Chamber, and faces Cena at Wrestlemania. CM Punk gets his rematch against the winner at the next PPV. It’s not that hard. It’s predictable, but that won’t stop them from doing great business. And as long as everything in between is done to make you WANT to see it anyway, it shouldn’t matter.

      • Fighter

        He don’t need no damn win over the Rock. He’s had a successful over one year title run, beating a number of faces and heels. Imagine if the The Rock had beat Lesnar at Summer Slam 2002 and then Lesnar goes on to win the title at Unforgiven. Imagine if Daniel Bryan had lose the MITB cash in and then go on at Elimination Chamber to win the title, only to lose it one month later. Well the IWC will be pulling every single hair on their head out. Imagine if RVD had lose to Cena when he cashed in, only to win it a few weeks later at a ppv. Punk is established, and rightfully he should lose the title in Rock’s first try at the title since 2002. That is the right way to go. having him lose it in a rematch, surrounded by other superstars or even if it’s one on one. He’s beaten so many, even when they receive rematches. it’s time for him to lose that title against somebody he never faced before. And yes it is a stupid excuse of using Rock to beat top superstars in one calendar year. First of all this is a new year. Secondly if you want to talk about calendar year, then why was that not the discussion when Rock beat Miz & R-Truth at Survivor Series. And a few months later beat Cena at Mania. Yeah didn’t hear the calendar excuse then. (that’s to SavageBomber btw) But you people is so obsessed with Punk, you’ll find every single excuse in the book to have him retain or win somebody he had never face, even if it’s a stupid idea.

        • Unknownplanet

          Honestly I think Punk should win because I don’t feel like he’s over enough. Sure he’s over but his last few title defends were not legitimately retained and it make him look weak. If he beat’s Rock but loses at Elimination Chamber then he can honestly walk out with people thinking “well there were 5 other guys” he has something to cloud that loss but a straight loss to Rock does weaken him a bit. WWE needs Punk to be monster-over. Because think about it. Who all is monster-over other than Cena and Orton? None really.

          • Fighter

            Legitimately retained? Seriously? He’s a heel, his past few title matches been had stipulation where cheating was not a factor, even if it had interference. Triple H was build similar to this and he turned out just freaking fine. Bring on another excuse as to why you think he should retain.

          • Craig DeBoard

            Maybe because they still have an entire PPV after the Rumble and before Mania. That ever cross your mind? The Rock doesn’t have enough appearances booked from the Rumble to Mania to justify putting the title on him until at least after Elimination Chamber. Keep the title on Punk, let him lose it at Elimination Chamber.

            Seriously, your hatred for Punk is really showing. You can call people hypocrites all you want but you’re likely one of the guys that cheered him before Jerry Lawler tried convincing an arena full of marks that he had “turned his back on them”.

        • Mr Idol

          Punk doesn’t need a win over the Rock, but the part time wrestler needs a win over a full timer? How does that work? We both know the Rock doesn’t need the rub so why shouldn’t he take a loss? The way I see it, Punk should get a win over him and then Rock should get a victory over Punk for the title. Both wrestlers look good and everyone is happy (sarcasm.) If Lesnar can lose to Cena, Rock can lose to Punk.

          • Fighter

            And it was cool for the part time wrestler to return and defeat one of the hardest working wrestlers in the company at WM. I’m sorry I did not see one complaint on Rock winning at WM last year. Just like Undertaker, who by the way is also a part time wrestler, comes back once a year to defend his undefeated streak at Mania and wins no matter who it is or what is on the line. Just like Brock Lesnar, who the IWC wanted win so badly over Cena and Triple H (lost to Cena). And there was no argument about him being part time so he should job to wrestler(s) who’s been around more. Your excuse is poor, find a better one. Punk title reign has been over 400 days, that’s enough. Time to move freaking on.

          • Craig DeBoard

            Undertaker just became part time a few years ago. Brock was a full time MMA fighter until his surgery and then returning to WWE. The Rock has been a fucking Hollywood actor for the better part of a decade. I think comparing him to two guys that have worked for the majority of that decade is a bit off.

          • Fighter

            the difference between Lesnar and Cena to this situation it was a non title match, plus Cena was coming off a huge loss at WM to another so called part time wrestler that is The Rock. Meanwhile CM Punk has not lose at a ppv event since October 2011. Mr Idol, you’re excuse is lame. And I don’t really need to tell you that, because you know it.

          • Craig DeBoard

            Well said.

        • Fighter

          I should also note, if this WWE Champion was anybody else, every single person on here backing CM Punk to retain the title, would be all for The Rock to win the championship. I remember back in the summer when when the WM ideas were coming around and the idea was that Cena would end Punk’s title reign and go on to face The Rock at the Royal Rumble and lose the title in a rematch. Every single person on here was cool with it, because they wanted to see The Rock become WWE Champion. Now Punk has been champion for over 400 days, oh we don’t need Rock to be champion, because he’s part time, because he’s beaten top wrestlers in calendar year. He could go on to Elimination Chamber to win the title. How come we wasn’t hearing this story/never ending amount of excuses when the idea was Cena would be defending against Rock at the Rumble. I tell you what? You people (IWC) are the biggest Hypocrites on the freaking internet.

      • RockyFan

        I say Rock gets 1st win. Rock put tons of people over in 2001. Fuck that! Nomore. Let Austin lose to him.

    • dae

      Punk should’ve lost his title three times already so he’s long overdue.
      I just hope it doesn’t come to be that some group of morons breaks up this match.

      • DAE loves PEN1S

        Keep sucking Cena and Rocks dick u fucking fagget … Shield is the best thing to happen in the wwe since Evolution .. so learn ur fucking facts or shut the fuck up u fucking kid

        • Fighter

          And the funny thing is you’re the one sucking some body that calls himself PUNK. Guess it takes one to know one. LOL

        • Namww

          …says the guy who loves PEN1S.

        • Craig DeBoard

          A few things here.

          1. I agree, The Shield is the best thing to happen to WWE in a long time.

          2. Your need to spout homophobic slurs that aren’t even spelled properly over an internet debate really says a lot. You may not want to call people “kid” when you act like that.

    • Craig DeBoard

      I agree but sadly they wont put Punk in the main event of Mania. At the end of the day guys like Vince and Triple H are still fans of guys with huge muscles as opposed to guys who have good ring work.

  • Kevin Fydrych

    YES! YES! YES! Screw CM Punk. YES!

    • Craig DeBoard


  • jccox01

    He can’t do that, he would have to cash it in on monday night raw the next night since if you’re a champion you cannot (or well it’s never been seen) be in the royal rumble. So he would have to win the RR then cash it in the next night.

  • stone cold 4 life

    well not really last year Cena promised the World that he will defeat The Rock at Wrestlemania and that didn’t happen

    • Kaos

      he didn’t swear to God though.

  • cm drunk

    what if the shield interrupts during the match?

    • Dan Kincaid

      That would make sense but I would be surprised if either the Rock somehow fought them off or Ryback, Orton and Sheamus somehow chase them off of something like that

    • Big Johnny

      i expect them in the rumble but i suppose its not so far fetched for them to pull a double

    • wwefan

      ref gets knocked out shield interupts brad maddox counts the 123

  • thegamerulez

    If The Rock defeats CM Punk, it means that all it takes to defeat a super-human (John Cena) & one of the longest reigning champs (Punk) is a part-timer The roster should be ashamed of itself.
    Oh, it’s real to me dammit!

    • SavageBomber


    • Randy James Crawford

      Yeah but The Rock is better now then he was back years ago, he is stronger, heavier, more experienced in life.

    • Fighter

      Lame excuse! Dolph Ziggler beat Cena, quite frankly even Big Johnny defeated Cena. Kane defeated Cena, Punk defeated Cena over and over again. And the only reason Punk has that title for so long is because of The Rock. If Rock wasn’t challenging for that title at Rumble, WWE would have had that title reign ended a long long time ago.

      • Craig DeBoard

        Or maybe they’re trying to give it a bit of legitimacy again?

  • Ivan Sitindjak

    I’m so excited if WWE make similiar title storyline like The Rock vs Mankind title feud in beginning 99,the heat so intense and in EC.The Rock will compete for the first time in Elimination Chamber type

  • Andrew Campbell

    The Rock has “guaran-damn-teed” victory in WWE Title matches many times in the past and more often than not he has lost, so the fact that he guaranteed victory again this time doesn’t necessarily confirm he will win the title at the Rumble.

    • SavageBomber

      I think it’s more because he “swore to God” which is laughable. Swearing to God only guarantees you’ll have to repent (pending your religion of course). It’s just words. “I swear to God I’ll quit smoking next year.” That’s what my step mom said to me six years ago. Hasn’t quit yet.

      • Randy James Crawford

        Tell her to try those fake smokes lol.

        • Craig DeBoard

          Worked for me :)

  • L@NCE

    LOL gotta love that logic, the rock said he is gonna win so it must be true, now thats how u predict a win.

    remember when the rock also guaranteed he wasnt going away, oh wait…

    • ?????? ??????????

      Man epic comment! +1 by me!

    • ter5gem


    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Uh..he hasn’t “gone away”. I wish people would stop with this whiny bullshit already. Dude’s not a full time wrestler anymore. Get over it already.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Rock is booked for almost every RAW over the next 2-3 months and even a couple of Smackdowns, and people still aren’t satisfied.

        • CENAS A FAGGET

          because theres no need for him to fucking be there …. its stupid that punks title reign is ending just so rock can “hand the title” over to Cena at WM29 … fuck wwe fuck cena fuck rock and once that match comes on im fast forwarding it …its gonna be garbage

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            How many different ids are you going to troll on?

          • Beanhead

            There’s no “e” in the word “faggot”. Lol

          • Mr Idol

            You and I both know your ass is going to watch that match. Their isn’t going to be any fast fowarding. Don’t bullshit a bullshitter.

        • Craig DeBoard

          News has already been posted that most of his Feb. dates are cancelled. We’ll see.

      • CENA LOVES PEN15

        Theres no need for him to be in the wwe anyways..guys already making millions from being the toothfairy .. yet he needs to come back once every 3 months to make his 2-3 million dollar appearance .. guy just needs to fuck off and stop bothering with wwe unless its full time .. theres people like Tyson Kidd who works his ASS OFF yet where thee fuck is he?? hes way better than R-truth .. Kofi Kingston … Khali …Hornyswaggles its just fucked up wwes horrible

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Do you realize how bitter and ignorant you sound? Not to mention the fact that when someone like Rock comes back, it brings in more viewers who have a chance to see the likes of Dolph, Kingston, etc. Its up to them to impress those extra viewers enough to keep watching once Rock has left. Not to mention, it also puts more money in their pockets. And the reason someone like Kidd hasnt made it to the main event level is because of his character right now. That’s on creative, not Rock or Lesnar or anyone else.

          And one thing I wish people would get straight, Rock doesn’t “need” to come back. He could retire from acting, wrestling, everything today and never need to work another day in his life. He’s doing what he is doing because he loves to do it. That’s common sense to anyone who pulls their blinders off.

          • Craig DeBoard

            So he loves it only once a year when there’s big money to be made?

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            Yeah, just once a year, which is why he’s working almost every Raw over the next 3+ months.

      • L@NCE

        it was mostly a joke but the assumption of a spoiler being based on a wrestler sayin in a promo, “i swear to god” just seems funny to me that u take that as it must be true.

      • Craig DeBoard

        Um he did. For well over half a year. Not due to an injury. Not even because of a movie. Simply because he CHOSE to not be there. No one was expecting him to show up every week, but only showing up once every six months is weak and you know it is.

  • mrchopper

    Why would The Rock be signed up to appear on so many RAWs if he wasn’t champ?

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Why did Jericho?

      • mrchopper

        Yeah, but what else dis Jericho have? Rock could never appear for WWE again and he wouldn’t miss the money or the exposure. Guy’s a bona fide Hollywood star now. There’s only one reason he’d appear on consecutive shows… Cos he has to. The title.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Jericho had a band that was growing and still is.

  • Jj Vaness

    Does this mean that Cena may turn heel? Longshot. But hopefully he’ll be less cheesy in 2013

    • SavageBomber

      I just really don’t see it happening at this point. He only cares about Make A Wish. I find it stupid he doesn’t want to go heel because of charities because Miz granted wishes when he was a heel and did a lot of promotional work for WWE as well, including charity work.

  • Peer Pressure

    “Punk’s title reign could end this month.” Best news I’ve heard all week. The sooner the better.

    • TheGr8One

      You are an asshole!

  • Raul


  • Michael Cannon

    Ive got a feeling Brock Lesnar will interfere and itll be The Rock vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania
    Just with the Paul Heyman connection and Brock Lesnar being the last man to defeat The Rock for the WWE Championship

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      I wouldn’t mind that idea honestly. But, I’d still rather see Punk and Rock at WM. Maybe Brock interferes and he and Rock face off at EC…

      • Michael Cannon

        Hmmm wouldnt want to see a Rock/Punk rematch at WM since were getting it at Royal Rumble, if it was at RR I would completely agree
        I like the Idea of Punk/Undertaker Streak vs Streak
        Its just seeing who fits around that which is why i threw in Brock vs Rock

  • Josh Foley

    knees to faces, i hope rock doesnt win, but he probably will

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    The rock should not win shit. His time is done. I’m happy for what he did in the past, but the past is the past. Go back to Hollywood rock.

  • Jason

    Punk shouldn’t lose the title to a part timer like The Rock. A non-title win would be fine. Not a title switch though.

  • ter5gem

    wtf john cena cut a great promo last year promising he would beat the rock and he didnt….this is bs the rock is only scheduled 2/11 2/12 and 2/17 wat champion works 3 days in feb wtf

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Yes, but Rock was the “bigger” babyface in that feud and it wasn’t for a title.

    • Lorenzo Dozier

      He’s schedule for shows in March as well.

  • JuanCabrera

    I don’t think the title should change yet (if It is going to) at Royal Rumble. The focus there is the Rumble match and it would have much more of an impact at Elimination Chamber.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Did you see what GOD made him do?!!

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      I got this reference. Well done.

  • wwetnadudez

    Punk/Rock accidentally KO the ref setting up a shield invasion which is fought by the Rock while Punk is still out (you can have Sheamus/Orton interfere or something) after Rocky looks completely beaten up with perhaps the steps or a table used in the attack, Paul signals to the back and out comes Brad in his ref shirt while the Shield drag Punk/Punk crawls to the Rock and gets the win. Thus leaving a continuation of the feud at the palm of WWE’s hands if wanted and setting up a Paul Heyman group.

    • ttz

      i think ur right … brad madox will be involved somehow because why do u think they are keeping him around … and the shield too they will also be involved because they are correcting injustice (lies!) and they will call this match an injustice because its the same way ryback got his title shot by it given to him so the outcome the rock will not win but cena will win it a ec or wm to put the centerpiece back on top

      • wwetnadudez

        If the title changes at EC it has to be to the Rock. The Rock cannot lose two matches out of three ( RR, EC ) prior to WM where I do see him losing the match. If he will be champ again than it has to happen at EC thus having the title not defended at house shows for the shortest amount of time.

  • Just FYI

    Nobody should take “leaked plans” from WWE seriously.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    I’m hyped for the match it’self. I don’t mind who ever wins. I like both stars. If i wanted to choose i’d say Rock, just so we can have some edgy promos with the title. i’d like to see what creative has for him. If they do Cena vs Rock II SOMEONE HAS TO BE HEEL! I doubt Rock will turn unless fans turn on him at the RR or Raw after. Cena can easily turn, he just needs to snap and get mad at the boos. Think this. Cena wins the Rumble, Fans boo him, he looses it, and goes off on the fans. Classic heel turn right there. Regardless, i’m exited for the next 3 PPVs already. Even if WM29 looks like Rematch Mainia.

  • shitlogic

    The amount of times i saw The Rock “guarandamntee” a win back in the day and then lose…… this means shit!

  • Guest


  • Charles McFuckles

    Boy, if John Cena wins the Rumble, they’re gonna lose viewers, believe me. Ugh.
    It pisses me off how they have to fit John Cena into some of the good damn storylines.

  • Fister

    Ok, I have a solution. Have Punk defeat Rock at Royal Rumble. Have Cena win the Rumble. Rock wins at Elimination Chamber, but not clean. Set up Wrestlemania for a triple threat of Rock, Cena, and Punk. As much as I hate Cena, have him win, but have him turn heel by turning on Rock there.

  • Bradley Wheat

    You people don’t get it at all do you? The last promo Punk did was voicing his frustration at the shitty booking WWE still does. For example, holding back Tyson Kidd, making a joke of Daniel Bryan and Brodus Clay. Cena is still their golden boy and giving Punk a win one on one against the Rock after the Rock beat Cena makes Punk look better than Cena and they do not want that. I guarantee you they are doing it this way because golden boy Cena wants to beat the Rock one on one first.

  • Stijnosb

    The Rock + EC = EPIC and very interesting <3

  • Ryan Brentley Gately

    Okay listen. CM Punk has defeated Chris Jericho twice, first at Wrestlemania and then at Extreme Rules, completely shoving Chris Jericho out of the WWE Championship picture and back into the mid-card to lose to Dolph Ziggler and leave the company. Even though CM Punk was not as verbal and more physical as a face as he was as a heel (just watch the CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho feud segments), he has defeated who exactly Chris Jericho was. The first Undisputed Champion, defeating both the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one night, and most times as an Intercontinental Champion, or so I think. He also called himself, “Best in the World At Everything He Does,” so they battled over that moniker. So now you all think CM Punk wasn’t put over well as a professional wrestler? Give me a break. He has defeated plenty of wrestlers, not quite becoming “Best in the World” due to not being able to overrule the reign of Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino, but nobody could ever overrule those two reigns in my opinion. There are names like the Great Muta and Antonio Inoki who have never, in their whole careers, used the overused moniker “Best in the World” yet they were amazing professional wrestlers. If it has to be about “honesty,” then the counted years as 25 doesn’t matter, unless you overrule all WWE Championship reigns and become the first longest reign in this present era.
    Even though these comments don’t seem too prejudice, appearing like they would originate from CM Punk’s WWE Universe Facebook wall, everyone needs to stop worshipping the moniker and gimmick of CM Punk. If anything, it is gimmick infringement of past greatness, and who says CM Punk deserves any of this greatness after an interview he had stating, “just start up professional wrestling on your own, start a wrestling ring in your backyard.” He’s everything you SHOULD NOT worship for his lackadaisical attitude.

  • morrisonfanone

    Haven’t they been listening to us? No one wants Rock/Cena 2. Oh well. Vince will do what he wants.

  • try somethin New

    The Greatest thing that would happen is if Stone Cold came outta nowhere and Stunned the Rock before he had a chance to beat punk. I mean cmon….. the place would come Unglued!!! But with Hunter running things, itll be the same pg bulls#it as it always is… why the F* is wrestling pg??? They Need tobring back the Hardcore Title, keep wrestlers in their respective classes and knock off all the stupid crap matches…. like Big Show vs Rey Mysterio. Id rather see punk vs ziggler or Bryan vs kofi. Barrett vs Cesaro…. this isnt rocket science. And forget Dwayne. He was overrated in the 90’s and im glad he left, they got a good core of youngbloods now… they Need to promote THEM instead of bringing back old wrestlers to trump new ones…