The Shield Compared To The Freebids, Vickie Welcomes Maddox To Her Administration

– The Shield has been impressing a lot of people in WWE with their recent work, including WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and WWE announcer JBL. Both JR and JBL compared the 3-man group to the legendary Fabulous Freebirds. They tweeted:

JR: “The Shield brings a refreshing, intense dynamic to @WWE. The three distinct styles operating as a unit reminds me of The Fabulous Freebirds”

JBL: “I’ve never seen a group step up faster and do better quicker on a top level then The Shield. Reminds me of Freebirds-who I knew well.”

As noted earlier, Chris Jericho also called The Shield the future of WWE after wrestling them last night on RAW.

– Vickie Guerrero tweeted the following about Brad Maddox joining her “administration”:

“Expanding my administration, welcome Mr. Maddox. Ready to share my wisdom with @bradmaddoxisthewwe”

Maddox, who was trending on Tweeted during RAW, tweeted:

“I’m trending. And I’m Assistant Managing Supervisor. One is for money and one is cause I’m cool”

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Brad Davis

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  • Chris Carter

    Wwe please dont drop the ball with the shield they definitely have monster potential.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Hopefully they have big Wrestlemania plans, in store.

  • Spike_Spiegel

    Really liking how the wwe is booking The Shield. I really thought they were going to get fed to Cena and friends at EC. These guys work really well together in the ring. They have chemistry and it shows. And that flying knee out of nowhere by Rollins was pretty sick.

    • Pozessed

      I have to admit. The camera cuts are what makes them look a lot better too. The way the camera goes from one to the other and then Rollins out of nowhere is pretty crazy. These guys have INSANE skill and will all be future world champions for definite.

      • Spike_Spiegel

        Yeah. If the camera was on Rollins the whole time it may not have looked as crazy as it did but still a bad ass move. I actually let out a “Oh shit!” When it happened cuz it was so unexpected.

  • dubh3124

    I think what would be great for the shield is if they randomly beat up wrestlers, heel or face, to give them that tweener feel. Kind of like the APA.

    • Dan Kincaid

      I’ve been thinking that too, makes them a little more unpredictable

  • dae

    Shield: Just another group of dogs who can’t win a match cleanly and run like scolded dogs when they have to go one-on-one…
    Maddox: Will probably make me dislike Raw’s leadership even more…
    Can’t wonder why TNA is putting out a better product right now, in my opinion.

    • TNA=Bollox

      Dont say stupid things mate. TNA is second rate

    • Spike_Spiegel

      As opposed to aces and eights another group of dogs who cant win a match at all and run like scolded dogs when confronted by two 80 year olds in Sting and Hogan.

    • Stephen Wadelin

      Shield went over clean in each other their matches over the biggest faces in the company. Stfu.

    • Y2J

      What the hell have you been watching?

  • Clark

    I was very impressed with the match at EC, I enjoyed every minute of the match with the shield, I figured with the superfriends facing them they would either lose or one of the 3 superfriends would turn heel, which from the looks of the ending of the match, that could still happen Ryback could be turning heel.