The Shield Getting Rave Reviews, WWE Diva Search In LA This Week & More

– WWE is holding a Diva Search in Los Angeles, California this week. The event is not open to the public, as WWE is having modeling agencies bring in attractive, athletic young ladies to be evaluated. Being a wrestling fan is a plus, but wrestling training is not required.

– The Shield is getting rave reviews behind the scenes in WWE, which should not be a surprise. All three members are seen as having breakout potential, with Roman Reigns having the look and intensity of a top tier guy, Rollins being a great worker and Dean Ambrose having the “it” factor that sets him apart from everybody. Ambrose has been compared to a modern day Terry Funk, which is a strong compliment.

* Video: AMBROSE vs. ROLLINS vs. REIGNS at Developmental

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I hope they don’t break these guys up anytime soon. There is so much more WWE can do with this group. But could the group use another member or 2 to build that monster heel group? Or are all fine the way they are?

    • 7 year old boy

      They can certainly use John Cena as their leader if he ever turns heel.

      • mrchopper


      • Andrew Campbell

        The Shield are doing great on their own. They don’t need Cena.

      • Darren King

        bad Jimmy!

    • mrchopper

      With people comparing them to the Freebirds recently, they could do a whole lot worse than have them win the tag titles. Nobody would be able to take the title off the three of them under Freebird rules, cos they’d be far too strong. Then we can get the tag team picture building up again, building up to a tag team-specific PPV.

      • muhahahaha

        The should get one more member, win the tag titles, IC championship and WWE championship. I don’t mean that they should be pushed into the main event so soon but with a slow build.

    • Jeremy Gordon

      I hope they do so Dean Ambrose isn’t held back by the other two.

    • MisterE

      I agree

    • MissyH316

      I think they’re fine the way they are right now. I’m liking these guys a lot; I think The Shield is one of the best new gimmick and talents I’ve seen in WWE in a long time!

  • bayarea08

    I want the Shield to fight another 3 man stable… Maybe a face NXT stable to contrast their style.

    • guest


  • bayarea08

    I want the Shield to fight another 3 man stable… Maybe a face NXT stable to contrast their style.

  • Andrew Campbell

    Every match The Shield has been a part of recently has been a kick ass match.

    • Jeremy Gordon

      More like a lame ass kick, punch, resthold fest

      • Stranger

        You weren’t watching the same matches, obviously.

    • dae

      Everytime theose guys “wrestle,” it turns into a three-on-one beating and if it’s one-on-one, they run like scolded dogs. Makes me want to flip channels to see what else is on for the next 10 minutes.

  • Shucky Ducky Quack Quack

    hope by Summerslam they will be still 3 and going strong, we always see this with groups if they breakout some ppl will start joining and before u know it its a group of 7-10 ppl…

    • Jeremy Gordon

      Yes, rip off NWO yet again, just what the wrestling business needs >>.>>

  • Jeremy Gordon

    Reigns sucks, kick, punch, clothesline, spear, resthold, triple powerbomb.

    • xavinho85

      thats way more tha cena lol

    • Reality

      I was sceptical in the beginning about him, but I changed my mind when I saw him work. Your opinion is surprising

  • MisterE

    I’m luvin The Shield right now, all three are dishing out some exciting moments. Seth Rollins is the biggest surprise for me because until TEC I had no idea what he really could do in the ring and was I totally surprise by his in ring work during the match, which by the way was without a doubt the best match of that night.

  • heyju

    The SHield vs. 3MB at WM 30 with a year long build up… hahaha

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    Great….more Faux-Hoes in the WWE!

    • MissyH316

      LOL! Oh, how I miss the days of Sensational Sherri, Luna Vachon, Madusa, Ivory, Jacqueline, Victoria, Trish, and now Beth Phoenix has bailed and Natalya’s been buried. There’s Tamina Snuka, but she still is under the banner of “Diva” and not “wrestler”, just like the male “superstars”. Bring back the WRESTLERS!!

  • jackhandy

    I keep rambling about them over and over, but I’ll say it again I’m a Bigtime fan of The Shield, and all three guys involved, with the way things are working as a unit and separately. Rollins and Reigns are solid, and I’m defflinetly a mark for Dean Ambrose, comparing him to Terry Funk is cool, but you can also add in Piper, Pillman and Raven, like those guys Ambrose is a good storyteller and solid worker in the ring, and personallity wise I freakin think this guy is one cool and twisted motherf$$ker :) I hope all three can make it big, especially Ambrose :D

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    I think they should keep these guys together and let them win every piece of gold that the WWE has to offer all while still being a group.