The Undertaker Returns At WWE Live Event (Pictures & Video)

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The Undertaker made a surprised return to WWE on Saturday night at a Smackdown house show in Waco, Texas, teaming with Sheamus to defeat Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett.

This was the first time Undertaker has appeared in a WWE ring since RAW 1000 back in July. This is a good sign that he’ll be wrestling at WrestleMania 29.

WWE posted the following video on Tout of his return:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • lunchbox87

    YES YES YES YES YES YES ! ! ! ! WM 29 may be saved yet

  • Brian Bird

    you know by him coming back we get Rock/Cena 2

    • Dan Kincaid

      We were going to get that anyway

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    the real question is, how active was he in that match?

  • 7 year old boy

    THE TUBBY TAKER!!!!!!!!
    I still love him even with the bit of weight he gained :p

    • Tubby Taker

      I want your 7 year old soul!…and your kid’s meal…

      • 7 year old boy

        Wow I really must be over since you just made an account of a name that I just made up :p

        • Tubby Taker

          Over like my weight mwahahahaha!

          • 7 year old boy

            Oh then you definitely must be the next Big Show :o

          • Deante320

            Well you’re more entertaining than the person you idolize, that’s for sure lol

    • TakerWillReturn

      Thank you. This is what real Texas BBQ will do to you. Just ask JR.

  • fatneal

    no taker stay missing…wwe doesntg have any worthy opponents that are free’d up to build a decent storyline…take a year off and heal up

    • Marvin B.

      Worthy opponents I think are are a few just noon worthy to kill the streak even tho I doubt it’ll be broken but I agree take a year off relax and wwe needs to build a decent storyline; regardless who he face this year just wouldn’t be right with no build up.

      • fatneal

        meh…i mean punk vs taker would alright i guess but who else? theres literally no one else…cena would have to be heel to face taker so count that out and ryback isnt a good enough wrestler…sheamus isnt a big enough star…and if you put a guy like the rock or y2j it doesnt help at all because they are already legends…so it really isnt anyone…i say taker rest up and wwe build some legit stars

  • Smith

    and all Punk fans around the world say a simultaneous “Fuck.”

    • lunchbox87

      Im a huge Punk Fan win or lose i cant wait to see Taker

      • Smith

        I agree, I mean that if Taker and Punk is what WWE is going with we get twice in a lifetime. Which is mostly what the “fuck” is for.

        • Junaid Bokhari

          Thought you’d be over the “twice in a lifetime” already? It has to happen just accept it already. Or would you want to whine about it a 1000 more times before it takes place? gosh

          • Stranger

            Why does it need to happen though? I doubt it would draw as strongly as it did last year anyways. And I won’t get over it myself because it’s a match I don’t want to see main eventing the “biggest show of the year”, simple.

  • SOBI

    Lolx Taker has developed quite a Pot Belly

  • Roger Penland

    well, WWE just forgone great ratings after this. non-televised return? fucking dumb.

    • Steven Harris

      There doesnt always have to be a suprise return. Poeple no hes most oikely back now and will tune to see him.

      • Roger Penland

        good point, but why wouldn’t WWE try to capitalize on a potential ratings jump, having him return “surprisingly” on tv. i guess it makes sense since he lives in Dallas, i believe. oh well. i’m sure they’ll explain it somehow.

        • Drunk On NyQuil

          How would they get a ratings bump with a surprise return? Now, people know he’s back, they’ll tune in to see him.

    • Randy James Crawford

      People will watch Raw now just to try and see Undertaker so ratings will be better.

  • yaay !!!


    • IJJU

      I mean YAAY !!! :P

  • Dream of Green

    Its time for him to hang it up. Everyone has to go sometime

  • Y2J

    So Punk Vs. Taker looks more possible that’s good, didn’t really care to see a triple threat match anyway.

    • roo

      im sayin taker vs brock

      • TakerWillReturn

        You don’t know what you’re sayin’.

  • Dream of Green

    I hope he’s on raw this week tho ^_^

    • TakerWillReturn

      YOU BETTER WATCH RAW EITHER WAY!! Vince doesn’t care when I return. This little Tout ordeal will make you watch!

  • Matt Ramsden

    Can’t really understand why he’d appear looking this out of shape.

    • Peer Pressure

      I know right. Taker looks like shit. Glad he’s back though.

      • TakerWillReturn

        Got a self shot you want to share with us all Mr Best Looking Most In Shape In The World wrestling fan?>

        • Marvin B.

          Yeah we all do

    • morrisonfanone

      Just so we all know he has no plans to retire any time soon.

  • tyrannize365

    Undertaker looks like Uncle Fester.

    • GrimReaper

      You blow Uncle Fester until he unloads in your mouth you fucking faggot

      • Progress_Now

        hmmmm oooooh you really seem to know all about unloading in your own mouth huh?

  • Benjamin

    ITS – oh wait, that’s not Vader. Damn, son, the Deadman’s looking a little full.

  • Progress_Now

    I’ve had enough of his bald head, he looks like the Angry Grandpa. if he wasn’t the Undertaker, he wouldn’t be married. or at least he would be to some pot-bellied redneck toothless woman

    • TakerWillReturn

      If I wasn’t The Undertaker I wouldn’t be married? Interesting theory that you cannot back up.
      And Michelle has more teeth in her mouth than you have brain cells in your brain.
      And she’s a lot prettier. And loves having sex with me. A lot.

  • Kris Mystery

    Would love to see Taker vs Jericho!!!!

    • Jolsonjunt

      Who cares about Jericho. Why would u want to see a mid card lifer take on the undertaker anyways? That would be a waste of the underakers few matches he has left.

      • Randy James Crawford

        Chris Jericho is not a Mid Carder he is a Main Eventer that puts people over ok.

      • Chris Johnston

        Jericho has not been a midcard since his debut … Or are you forgetting Jericho is the first ever Undisputed champion. Jericho is an amazing wrestler. Hell, Jericho has defeated Taker before, not at WM, but still.

  • EdwartF

    Taker has wrestle more house shows than the wwe champ

    • Junaid Bokhari

      Get over it and move on already

  • Shaun Perez

    The Undertaker looks more like Tubby Kane now!!

  • Reality

    If he looks that bad, wait for his hair to grow a bit before using him on RAW. This week they can just have his bell’s “gong” and the lights going out to distract Punk during his match against Cena.

  • WWEFan4Life

    Black and White, that should be their tag team name! xD

  • Pozessed

    Just that song. NOTHING beats that song… Everyone knows how epic The Undertaker is when you hear that song then see the lights go dark, the smoke appear, the thunder on the tron behind him. Undertaker is epic, but I hope he don’t hurt himself big time in one of these crazy matches.

    • 3Tears


    • morrisonfanone

      Maybe he should steal some of Swagger’s pot before he wrestles. That way if he gets hurt, he won’t feel it right away.

  • 3Tears

    Does this mean it’ll take him double the time to get to the ring?

  • Chris Pirolo

    Glad Taker is back in whatever condition. Its not Mania without the Deadman. Punk and Taker is pretty good. They had a nice feud in 2009. But who wants Taker Jericho for WreatleMania 30? The other self proclaimed best in the world trying to prove it to Punk yet again that Y2J can do what Punk can not!

    • TakerWillReturn

      You get my vote for comment of the day. Very thoughtful and I will make sure I take your soul last.

      • Chris Pirolo

        comment of the day 2 months ago! And well you can’t take my soul at all if you dont neuter dean ambrose first!

  • qwertyboy619

    He’s starting to look like Vader

    • TakerWillReturn

      Don’t Vader wish he look like me??
      Or however that song goes.

  • PLG

    Idk I would prefer a triple threat between rock/cena/punk and then have taker team with sheamus/ryback to face the shield.

  • My arms hurt

    William Shatner will set him up with a decent girdle.

  • cm drunk

    What strange irony. CM Punk’s signature is called the “Go to Sleep”, yet the massive bags underneath? his eyes tell me that the man probably hasn’t slept in years

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    I don’t know what everybody is saying, but Undertaker looks good for a man his age, and looking at these pictures(wishing that person would have filmed the whole match,) The Undertaker looks like he has been training. I’m looking forward to seeing Big Evil at WrestleMania.

    As to the reports about Undertaker’s physical health, only Big Evil knows the truth to these rumors.

  • fan

    He is not that tubby! The one shot looks worse than it is becuase of the angle of the camera!! Besides, at his age and being as tall as he is, and seeing how he isnt probably able to do a real rough work out, of course his stomach isnt going to look like it did 10 years ago!! You think people would be glad he is back and that they get to see him at least a few more times instead of having to comment about his weight.

  • Scott Sanchez

    looks like shit….. i don’t want to see him like that

  • Stranger

    meh…. I’m still hoping Taker goes after Brock Lesnar instead, while Punk/Cena/Rock face each other in a triple threat for the title.

  • Nightmare

    is the man bald?

  • backblack25

    Why is Kane wearing takers gear?….

    • Progress_Now

      wwe tv does add 20-30 pounds. ask Khali

  • dpmjam2005

    wow great tout video

  • TakerWillReturn

    Hey now. I returned and all you wrestling critics and know it alls are unhappy with how I look?
    Well lemme tell ya somethin(copyrighted)wrestling fans, I am too damn old for this shit.
    Michelle has me doing yard work, re-painting the bathroom, taking the snow tires off, bad things for my aching hip and shoulder.
    My shoulder hurts so I can’t rehab it. My hip hurts so I can’t rehab it. What you see is what you get! Where’s Punk? I need a softie for 21-0
    This is my triumphant return to WWE for 2013. Deal with it.

  • Nate

    The “Taker Tease” continues! Other than the usual, “Is Undertaker going to Wrestlemania?” speculations, we have been teased twice now in the last few weeks. First Undertaker was spotted the night before at a hockey game in Nashville. The same location Raw was to be held the following night. But Raw came & went & no Undertaker. Then Undertaker makes a surprise return at a live event in Waco, TX prior to Raw which took place in Houston, TX. Alot of people predicted an Undertaker return during the Cena vs. Punk match, but Raw came & went again & no Undertaker. Will we be teased a third time? A forth? Or was this the plan all along? To get us to not expect Undertaker & then POW, he returns when unexpected. Again next week we will expect Undertaker to confront CM Punk. Will it happen next week? I guess we will have to wait again to find out.

  • Craig DeBoard

    What a total waste. WWE is really make some steps to improve their product lately, but wasting an Undertaker return on a house show was just stupid stupid booking.

  • morrisonfanone

    Poor UT looks all chubby. Hope he can get in shape before WM. He has every other year