The Wrestling World Remembers Paul Bearer

The wrestling world reacts to the tragic passing of legendary WWE manager Paul Bearer:

Jim Ross: Just informed via Paul Bearer aka Percy Pringle passed away earlier today. I have no other details. RIP old friend.

John Cena: I think most everyone in @WWE has a great story about Paul Bearer. I have many, and will always cherish them #RIPPaulBearer

Triple H: Rest in peace, Paul Bearer. You will never be forgotten. There will never be another.

Shawn Michaels: I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of Paul Bearer. Our prayers go out to him and his family. God Bless!!

Michael Cole: So sad. We lost a great person and a wonderful man today. Rest in peace paul bearer. God bless his family and Godspeed.

Jerry Lawler: This picture was taken 10 days ago…we lost a dear friend will be missed by many, Paul Bearer.

Howard Finkel: Saddened to learn of the passing of Paul Bearer (William Moody). He was a unique, one of a kind individual both in and out of the ring. RIP

Bret Hart: Goodbye to a good friend, Paul Bearer. Say hi to Owen for me.

Stephanie McMahon: #RIPPaulBearer

Hulk Hogan: Very sad about Paul Bearer,he was a great person and one of the original boys,he was what made wrestling great much love much respect HH

Todd Grisham: Just heard about the passing of Paul Bearer (William Moody) today. He was a very nice person and went out of his way to always chat w/me RIP

The Miz: Just found out Paul Bearer died tonight. He was always so nice when I talked to him. My thoughts n prayers are w/ his family #RIPPaulBearer

Ted DiBiase Jr.: Losing one of our own @WWE feels like losing a family member. Thank you for the memories Paul! God Bless #RIPPaulBearer

Justin Roberts: Very sad night. RIP Paul Bearer, a man I grew up watching on tv and was lucky enough to have later on, as a friend.

The Iron Sheik: The Paul Bearer my good friend forever he best gimmick for the manager. Respect to him forever and his family god bless them rest in peace

William Regal: Very sorry to hear of the passing of Paul Bearer.My best wishes to his family.A lovely man and my friend.RIP.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Paul Bearer/William Moody, you taught me so much. It truly saddens me to hear about this! I Love You, and I thank you eternally! RIP

Seth Rollins: #ohyes #RIPPaulBearer

Damien Sandow: Prayers go out to the family of Paul Bearer.

Kofi Kingston: Very saddened to hear about the passing of Paul Bearer. What a good dude. Condolences to his family.

Sean Waltman: Woke up thinking I had a bad dream. If you didn’t know Poo Bear (Paul Bearer) then you really missed out on someone special.

Mickie James: Very sad to hear that Paul Bearer has passed away tonight… My thoughts, prayers, & heart go out to his family, friends & loved ones… RIP

D-Lo Brown: I am heartbroken by the passing of Paul Bearer. Goodbye my friend I will miss you. #RIP

Eric Bischoff: Condolences to family, friends and fans of Paul Bearer. Never had the privilege of working with him. Much respect.

Frankie Kazarian: Man… Very, very sad to hear of the passing of William “Paul Bearer” Moody. What a true class act and all around good human being. RIP.

Michael McGuillicutty: Sad to hear the loss of Paul Bearer. He was always very friendly to me and very passionate about this business. He will be missed.

DDP: Sad to hear of the passing of Bill Moody (Paul Bearer)… Not a nicer man in the biz. RIP bro

Jay Lethal: RIP Paul Bearer.

Tara: I am deeply saddened to hear that Paul Bearer has passed away. He will be deeply missed. May he rest In peace

Ezekiel Jackson: #RIPPaulBearer didn’t get to spend much time with him but the one day at lunch in Calgary will go in my book if I ever wrote one. #Godspeed

Natalya: My thoughts go out to Paul Bearer and his family. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him many times and he was such a genuine person.

Taz: Sad to hear of the passing of William Moody (Paul Bearer). A super guy, always helpful, complimentury & his talents were underrated. RIP

Lance Storm: I think I only met Paul Bearer briefly once, but obviously saw a ton of his work. He will certainly be missed #RIP

Titus O’Neil: Prayers&Condolences to the Family&Friends Of Paul Bearer. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to meet&Chat with him. Very Nice Guy 2meet

Wade Barrett: RIP Paul Bearer. A legendary performer and a very nice chap.

Devon: My condolences go out to the family of a very good friend Paul Bearer. Thank you for all the good times we shared. you will be missed

Matt Hardy: It’s very sad to hear about the passing of a great & unique performer, Bill Moody-Paul Bearer. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family.

Tyson Kidd: Sad to hear about the passing of Paul Bearer. One of the best managers of all time. Pretty sure EVERYONE has tried imitating his voice

Zack Ryder: RIP Paul Bearer

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • SolomonGrundy

    The tweet from Bret Hart brought a tear to my eye.
    RIP Paul Bearer the greatest wrestling manager of all time.

  • ?????? ??????????

    Man…. I wonder how Glenn Jacobs (Kane) and Marc Callaway (Undertaker) will feel about William Moody. I mean without Paul Bearer, there would be no Undertaker and Kane…. :/

    • Bryan

      I’m sure they’re devastated

    • SOBI

      They MUST MUST induct him in the HOF this year
      and Taker should Induct him

      • ?????? ??????????

        Not only Taker man… Don’t forget that Paul Bearer was also working with Kane… just remember when Kane returned in 2000, the pop he got with Paul Bearer was absolutely awesome!

        • SOBI

          Yes that would be even better

    • MalaysianInvasion

      i could only imagine man!! i am just a fan and i am really sad. like i woke up and read the story and i was just like wow.. damn this sucks.. i could only imagine what caused his death at 58!!!

    • Franz Poppe

      i wonder if they’ll later Taker break character so he can say how he really feels

      • Frank

        They could have Undertaker come out and talk about but still have him be in Gimmick formed by him coming with his own muisc and then the light are off but the spot that Taker is in and a photo of Paul Bearer. And then just say what he need say but still in character.

  • arcade_arson

    it shows how much people thought of him and rightfully so, so many people tweeting about him RIP paul bearer

  • Erman Bozgeyik

    Bret Hart’s tweet brought a tear to my eye.

  • raVen

    OooOOooh YeeEEEssSSSS

  • ahndaewoong

    Another legend who won’t be on hand for his hall of fame induction. He should have been the person to induct Kane and Taker in the hall of fame. Too sad.

  • Brian Bird

    do to the fact that Undertaker and Kane don’t a twitter we may not hear from them until Monday

  • Cristina

    I am reading the names who’ve commented…where is the ONE name that should be on here? Where is Undertaker? That feels very wrong…screw kayfabe Undertaker should be allowed to give us his memories of Paul. And I agree Taker should induct Paul into the HOF.