TNA Announces Details Of X-Traveganza & Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament

TNA sent out the following:


Nashville, Tenn. – (Jan. 4, 2012) – TNA IMPACT WRESTLING announces additional information for two (2) 3-hour special programming tapings to take place next Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013. Fans will get the chance to experience “TNA Wrestling: X-Travaganza” featuring current and former stars of the X Division and “TNA Wrestling: Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament” featuring tag team action.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy will make an appearance and will be available for in-ring photos following the evening event.  All activities will be at the IMPACT Zone at Universal Studios Orlando.

“TNA Wrestling: X-Travaganza” will feature an Ultimate X Match, an X-Scape Cage Match, and the return of former X Division stars including Petey Williams, Amazing Red, Matt Bentley and Jimmy Rave.  Jerry Lynn will also be making a return as part of his farewell tour before his retirement later this year and will be facing long time rival Rob Van Dam.

“TNA Wrestling: Jokers Wild Tag Team Tournament” will feature teams selected at random competing with winning teams advancing to a 12-man Gauntlet Match with the winner receiving $100,000.  Among those scheduled to take part in the tournament are Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Rob Van Dam, James Storm, Samoa Joe, Joey Ryan, Jessie Godderz, Matt Morgan, Robbie E, Mr. Anderson, Robbie T, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Hernandez, Zema Ion and Doug Williams.

Both events will feature TNA Superstars and additional surprise guests.

TNA IMPACT Weekend of events (All in IMPACT Zone at Universal Studios):
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013

Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013
1:00pm ET – 3-hour Special Programming taping presented by TNA Wrestling
7:00pm ET – 3-hour Special Programming taping presented by TNA Wrestling

Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013
8:00pm ET – “Genesis” Pay-Per-View Live

Fans can purchase a VIP Weekend package, which will include early admission to all shows, a VIP Reception and a complementary photograph in the ring with “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy.  Tickets cost $99.99 per person and can be purchased at  Full list of events are below.

VIP Weekend holders will receive:
Thursday, Jan. 10 – Early admission to IMPACT WRESTLING LIVE
Friday, Jan. 11 – VIP Reception in the IMPACT Zone
Saturday, Jan. 12 – Early admission to two (2) 3-hour Special Programming and
photograph in the ring with Hardy after 7pm taping.
Sunday, Jan. 13 – Early admission to “Genesis” Pay-Per-View

For more information, visit

To purchase, visit:

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  • Vice

    Bischoff and Hogan play too much online poker

  • Bro88

    Only thing that TNA can do right occasionally is lower card entertainment. The X division is what made TNA and their Tag division at one time made WWE’s Tag division look like a joke(not that it took much though)

  • Robert

    The tag team division is weak in TNA, they only have three legit teams. Bad Influence, Chavo and Hernandez, and Matt Morgan / Joey Ryan. And Morgan and Ryan don’t exactly compete together that much. There is no division at all, only good thing I see coming out of this jokers tag thing is that they will form a bunch of new random teams. The X division belt, that belt doesn’t mean much of anything now that Aries is out of that division. Aries was the guy to beat..and no one ever beat him for it. It simply went to Zema Ion who sucks imo, and then to RVD who is extremely unimpressive. The way TNA pushed him to the TNA world title, never had him lose it but took it away from him and then just disappeared from the title picture made him look like shit. Now he’s in the midcard? Why? And Ken Anderson.. TNA really doesn’t know what to do with this guy and you can tell. Not saying that there IS anything to do with him anyway lol Ken Anderson leaves way too much to be desired, and nothing against Anderson.. but he’s extremely a non-factor and useless in the wrestling biz. Not his fault, but things just aren’t playing well for him at all. Ever since WWE canned him, it’s been “Ken who?” One thing I can be sure of though. And Ken Anderson is a perfect example of this, people are right when they say WWE can shine up and polish shit and make it look good. Because in WWE they made him look like the next big thing. Out of WWE, he’s really uninspiring and boring and BLAND!

    • gog

      Cause wwe are doing so well atm a. I bet if you got a bunch of 20 kids that had never watched wrestling before and got them to watch tna and wwe that there wouldn’t be anything in it. Cause they wouldn’t of been feed so much bull about wwe being the be all and end all. There both doing poorly about the only good thing is the sheild in wwe and the fact that tna haven’t done a normal couple of months thing with aces and 8s

      • Robert

        I’m not talking about WWE in my comment. So all this stuff you’re saying about kids and WWE and what not is irrelevant. It seems like you’re trying to defend TNA, but at the same time you agree that TNA has not done a “normal couple of months”. I don’t get your point… It seems we both agree TNA stinks so…..

  • Kid Kannabis

    And on that day, no fucks were given.