TNA Announces Hardcore Justice For August 5th In New York City

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BREAKING NEWS: Hardcore Justice Announced To Take Place August 5th In NYC!

After rave reviews of last night’s edition of IMPACT from New York City’s Manhattan Center, we are elated that TNA is set to return to the Manhattan Center from August 5th – 7th. We are now able to announce that the first night, August 5th, will be a fan-favorite special event: HARDCORE JUSTICE!

Hardcore Justice is an annual event full of hardcore, hard-hitting wrestling. Extreme matches full of weapons, violence and carnage is to be expected. can confirm the return of the dangerous Six Sides of Steel on August 5th. More matches and participants will be announced soon for our August return to the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom.

If you cannot be in New York City to join us, Hardcore Justice will be broadcast FREE on Spike TV in the weeks to follow.

Who do you want to see at the big show? Tell us NOW on Twitter by using the hashtag #HardcoreJustice!

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Pappy

      Can we just let “hardcore” die already

      • Patrick

        TNA presents SOFTCORE SATURDAY NIGHT! Exclusively on Spike TV!

    • Jomo

      What is TNA?

      • Lord British

        I’m not entirely sure..m

    • No Gimmick Needed

      Enough’s enough with the ECW nostalgia already. Impact is just an unwatchable show. Any promotion that has Bubba Dudley as their top heel is a joke. That guy very well may be the most overrated guy in the business.

      • Patrick


      • RadicalRhys

        Someone doesn’t watch the product I see since Ray hasn’t been a heel in a good few months, as well as the most recent show actually being watchable.
        If you feel the need to ungraceously bash TNA, please get your facts right.

        • Deuces Gigalo

          Awwww did someone get their feeling hurt? Just face it, TNA is crap. It use to be awesome before being on Spike TV

          • RadicalRhys

            No my feelings weren’t hurt in the slightest, it’s not like TNA is my favourite promotion in wrestling after all, it never has been. I’m just stating facts right now and saying TNA lately has been putting on good shows, not perfect, not great, but they have become watchable as of late.

          • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

            So when someone provides facts to someone who comments out of his a** their feelings are hurt? Please explain to me how that works

            • gdaddy1971

              That happens on here way too much lately. You provide facts to someone who makes a ridiculous comment and suddenly you get chastised and called names.

          • ibeBrave

            You made yourself look like an a$$ just saying

            • Deuces Gigalo

              Am I suppose to be offended? Get in your room and stick to your DBZ movies

            • ibeBrave

              You must be. You mad?

        • Cujo999

          Being fair, however, the OP does have a valid point in TNA continuing to try and cash in on what ECW loyalty there is still left out there. They cannot consistently put out a good product of their own, so they drag out a few of the old ECW guys that look like they still have something left to try and make some money that way.

          • brad

            So true I mean I use to love the old ECW days but it’s time to move on the company is long gone and they are not going to resurrect it again.

    • RadicalRhys

      Not a fan of Hardcore stuff, but hopefully this show/taping will be okay for TNA. Hopefully they can get a better crowd, or rather a crowd with more common sense. The fact that they were chanting ‘this side’s awesome’ and ‘this side sucks’, it’s like New York is trying too hard to get noticed or something.

    • Dixie Carter

      So excited for this great event. TNA is by far the best wrestling company around. That’s not an opinion, that is an actual fact.

    • Buzzard Follower

      ill check it out why not

    • Timo Eckert

      I dont understand this hate on TNA. They respect japanese Wrestling, they have an awesome Knockout Division, the X-Divison is getting better and just because they have a better show now they are “ecw wannabe´s “? Come on ….