TNA Announces New Rules For X Divsion Matches

For years, TNA has billed the X Division as a “no limits” division, but that never really meant anything.

On Thursday’s Impact Wrestling, TNA announced the rule changes to X Division matches that Dixie Carter hinted at last week on Twitter. Moving forward:

  1. The X Division now has a weight limit of 230 lbs.
  2. All X Division matches will now be 3-man matches

Hit up the comments below and tell us what you think about the new rules.

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  • Cryptic Kudos

    they always change their damn weight limit

  • askbillmitchell

    So they are reinstating one old rule and adding a new one. Consistency – A word that TNA hasn’t used properly since 2009.

  • doloafo

    3-man Triple Threat = redundant

  • Mr 561

    How long before these rules are forgotten by TNA?

    • Kefka

      Thanks for keeping your comments here and not in the article. Much appreciated.

  • Hudson

    Just call it the triple threat championship title..

  • theERICrichmond

    I think the three way match rules is stupid. is incredible stupid and as dolafo mentions below, redundant! As far as the weight limits it ruins the original idea of the X Division, I believe Mike Tenay used to say “there are no weight limits, there is no limits”

  • Deante320

    Ignoring the fact that TNA currently has only 3. X division wrestlers active so far. I don’t think it’s a good idea unless they do something very heart stopping which is kind hard to believe.

    • Stijnosb

      that would be fun since all the matches are triple threat. seeing the same guys fight each other again and again and again :’)

  • Kings of Wrestling

    New rules fit right in the hands of Aces and Eights. Mark my words Wes Brisco or Garrett Bischoff will win the X Division title in the near future.

    • Pozessed

      I think Wes will. He seems to be the better out of the 2.

      • Kings of Wrestling

        Yeah that’s what I thought two. That’s why the weight limit went up.

  • No Nonsense

    So is it safe to say Samoa Joe & RVD are no longer X-Division stars, Gone are the days of the greatest Triple Threat matches in TNA such as Daniels/Joe/Styles instead of the division being based on No Limits we get this tripe. TNA could have just gone back to the Old school of what made the X Division successful but No lets change it stupidly…TNA has taken a staple and destroyed a legacy. X-Division title is now just like every other title in TNA.

  • newgeneration

    TNA will more than likely have one wrestler go through a weekly weight-loss montage just for him to lose enough weight to challenge the X-Division champion. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even a weigh in and the wrestler strips naked just to end up weighing 229.9 pounds.

  • Chris Savage

    so basically before it was tna’s version of the harcore title and now it’s become their version of the cruiserweight title

  • bilbo baggins

    Its not about weight limits, its about no limits….huh?

  • wrestlingminute

    I like the idea and the rules but like so many are saying…how long until they ditch those.

  • jdbrown

    The weight limit isn’t that big of an issue, because the X-Division, with a few exceptions, has for the most part been TNA’s cruiserweight division. I don’t like making the all matches to be triple threat matches. I’d rather see one on one.

  • Andres0082

    So now this is a Cruiserweight-esque championship combined with 3 men? RVD better stop the munchies if he wants to still be on the title hunt.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    So it’s basically a triple-threat belt?

  • wwetnadudez

    Anyone else think the hype package for the X Division was actually pretty cool?

  • Quilter

    i thought X division was about No Limits No at all DA Fuck is this