TNA British Bootcamp Winner, Highest Rated Segments From Last Week’s Impact

Rockstar Spud

– Rockstar Spud defeated Marty Scurll and The Blossom Twins to win TNA’s British Boot Camp reality show and earn a TNA contract. Here are some congratulatory tweets for Spud:

TNA: Congrats to @RockstarSpud – winner of #TNABritishBootcamp. You’ll see him very soon on @IMPACTWRESTLING

Matt Morgan: Told y’all! @RockstarSpud deservedly so, is now an official wrestler of @IMPACTWRESTLING! Congrats my friend, cream ALWAYS rises to the top

Doug Williams: Looking forward to scurfing @RockstarSpud hard when he comes back to USA. Make him understand what representing the UK means ;-)

Al Snow: Big congratulations to Rockstar Spud on winning #tnabritishbootcamp and dont give up Marty Scrull & @TheBlossomTwins U R stars too

– As noted earlier, last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling featuring the wedding of Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan drew a 1.16 (1.2) and averaged 1.6 million viewers. The show peaked in the final segment (the wedding) with a 1.34 quarter hour.

The 5th quarter hour (Taz backstage with Bully Ray, Brother Runt and Tommy Dreamer, Sting and Hogan’s in-ring promo, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell backstage, Bully Ray’s bachelor party footage) drew a 1.24 while the 6th quarter hour (Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky, Brooke Hogan segment with Dixie Carter) did a 1.23.


Brad Davis

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  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    Looking at the rating system, it seems that Knockouts and Legends do draw.

    • Steve

      in TNA knockouts always draw, because they have really good matches and TNA are not afraid that male talent could not follow a good women match.

      As for brittish bootcamp – if Rockstar Spud can keep his temper and attitude in check and be a pro outside the ring, he will be a great addition to X division

      • Gino176

        I’m pretty sure a lot of that was for the cameras. They did the entire show with him in character as his heel persona. We don’t know how he is behind the scenes.

        • BM

          He really is a hot-head. I saw him perform a few times when he was at K-star wrestling.

      • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

        I’m not saying the Knockouts are bad; in fact, I enjoy watching them put on a ten minute or more match, then watching divas put on a six minute or below match. The Knockouts bring something different to the table, but sadly, people watch them for their “sex appeal” instead of wrestling ability.

  • RKOViper2600

    Well done, TNA. Try to keep these results going, perhaps maybe a bit higher every once in a while.
    Good luck Thursday. You’re gonna need it for a taped showing.

  • Dennis Kristensen

    It’s sad that a wrestling wedding (that we all know will be interrupted somehow) outshines the actual wrestling part of the show in ratings.

  • JamieEvsxx

    I’m actually really shocked Rockstar Spud won tbh…I mean don’t get me wrong his charisma and ring skills are pretty good, but his attitude was just horrendous, I thought he was a right tosser (i.e. when he had that strop after wrestling Marty in the 2nd episode I think it was, plus when he’s had a few drinks he tends to start shit)…but yeah like Steve said if he gets all that sorted then he’d be a great X Division wrestler…=P