TNA Genesis 2014 No Longer Airing On PPV: Details On Upcoming Impact Tapings

TNA has announced that “Genesis” will not be airing on pay-per-view in January, as previously promoted.

Instead, TNA will tape a live “Genesis” edition of Impact Wrestling on January 16th from Huntsville, Alabama. After the taping, TNA will tape an additional episode of Impact, which will air on January

Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, Magnus and Mr. Anderson among the TNA stars advertised for the taping.

After the shows in Huntsville, TNA heads to Europe for the Maximum Impact tour, which will include another set of Impact tapings from the UK.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Adam-Michael

    Looks like things are going from bad to worse… Genesis is their starting year PPV, as Royal Rumble is to WWE… With the way things are going I won’t be surprised if TNA make every PPV a special free edition of impact, before closing its doors for good… Sad times for TNA.

  • Dennis Kristensen

    TNA only have 3 important ppv’s (Lockdown, Slammiversary & Bound For Glory) so this is not really a surprise and doesn’t matter at all if it’s free or ppv.

  • Bryan

    This is how TNA has gone to the dirts as ever since Bound for Glory which nobody bought or attended and they give away the Impact tickets free so they either need to put out a better product [also hire a better camera man] or close up shop hell even WCW 2000 had better ratings/PPV buys and WCW 2000 was some of the worst crap ever.

  • Evelyn L. Ford

    TNA is absolute crap- how do they expect to make any money when they take all their PPVs and air them for free? Then, they only charge for VIP admission at Universal Studios Orlando and then admission to Universal is the general admission into the events? PUT IT BACK IN THE HANDS OF A WRESTLER AND A WRESTLING FAMILY! No wonder McMahons are having way more success- Stephanie and Shane, kids of Vince, are both WRESTLERS! They know how to run things! Yes, I’ve watched some WWE and a little TNA- but Dixie is more of an announcer than Pres- there are no wrestling Carters! ECIII is gimmick! Put it back in the hands of wrestlers who know how to run things! Shane and Stephanie will one day have WWE! And don’t forget that WWE Network is coming to take out TNA- 2/24/2014!

    • Evelyn L. Ford

      Dixie is too generous too much- the wrestlers are supposed to work hard to get to somewhere- not lay around on their @$$!

      • Evelyn L. Ford

        I have been mad at therm in the past- but now, I am no longer mad at Rip Rogers- I am sorry – if he reads this, forgive me; I now know the point- it’s what he preached all along- women who are not wrestlers have ruined the wrestling biz; Dixie, for wrestling’s sake, please step down- running TNA into the ground and ruining the biz little by little- put it back into the hands of the wrestlers- OVW is doing better than TNA because it’s owned and operated by both retired and current wrestlers! Let wrestlers be president of TNA! It’s the only way to save it!

        • Evelyn L. Ford

          The only reason why Dixie’s daddy bought the company for her is because she’s just a fan who wanted to get up close to the action; TNA needs to be back in the hands of Jarrett, or maybe Jesse Ventura, or even, a current TNA Superstar! Bully Ray or someone could run it right quick!

      • Evelyn L. Ford

        Sure, Wheel Of Dixie might have made some good matches, but think about TNA in the long run- the reason for WWE’s success is because that whole McMahon Family is in the wrestling biz, with Stephanie and Shane as wrestlers and possible future heads of the company; they have 3 kids each – possibly 3 new Divas and 3 new Superstars there; yes, Dixie has 2 kids, but I read that Dixieland article, and, when asked if they wanted to be wrestlers, her kids said NO! This is NOT good for the business of TNA; if they do NOT want to be wrestlers, then why be a part of a company that is all about wrestling? If you’re a backstager, filmer, ref, etc., creative, writer, that’s fine; but the wrestling company’s head should always have wrestlers in their family- good for the biz, good role models and leaders; please note that Dixie is trying to pass off ECIII as part of her family, and he’s a wrestler, but he’s a gimmick to draw more viewers and ratings- he’s NOT biological Carter, nor is he adopted Carter! Dixie can NOT fool me with this gimmick game; Vince is the one with a biological connection to 2 wrestlers; so, sorry; flat out truth, people; ECIII may be a good gimmick, but I’m not fooled or impressed!

  • WCWPunk

    TNA airing ‘Genesis’ for free is an example how their ‘pay-per-views’ no longer have any value, prestige, or importance. Look at Bound for Glory for example. Tons of empty seats in the arena. The fans will now be looking at TNA as “I can always catch their free stuff” type product. Sad.