TNA Impact Rating Drops, Kevin Nash Knocks The Aces & Eights Storyline

– Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling drew a 1.0 rating with 1,412,000 viewers, down from 1,580,000 the week before.

– Kevin Nash recently tweeted the following about the Aces and 8s storyline:

“Taz has an iron clad contract,that allows him to interact in felony acts and keep his job.Why don’t they raise 4 fingers on each hand? Ouch!”

“That’s all I wanted to comment about, story line is getting weak buy adding sub mid card players, history always repeats itself.”

“I love watching pro wrestling, not trying to s–t on the product.Just feel the show should revolve around Angle.who would kill the crew”

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • cappa37

    Nash is right… this has Bischoff written all over it.

  • nightmare from hell

    for the first time Nash is right Aces and 8s is getting to stale. The difference between the Shield and Aces & 8s is that every single member of the shield actually can have a great promo and also put up a great match as well.the only guy from Aces and 8s who has any talent is Devon the rest of them suck.

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      i like the shield just as much as the next guy, but Roman Reigns cutting a great promo. Come on cuh’

  • Andrew Outlaw

    They should have a few main eventers in the group and turn them heel like Jeff Hardy even tho I’m a fan of his and get rid of Joseph Park we want Abyss not that lawyer its funny in a way but if u want better storylines that’s what u have to do

    • MrJimmy

      Get rid of Joseph Park? Hell no, he’s awesome! A great character that’s been built up perfectly. Abyss’ gimmick got really stale and Joe Park is a breath of fresh air. Besides, didn’t you just describe “Immortal”? Is that your idea of a good storyline?

  • Spike_Spiegle

    Can’t believe i agree with Nash on something. Aces and eights at times look ridiculous. Holding knives and such as if we’re supposed to believe they’re actually gonna kill someone. Taz joining was surprising but makes no sense seeing as he can’t do anything physically. The beginning of this storyline was great but now not so much.

  • Kev12135

    I used to like tna in the early days and getting back in to, they have some good things with Daniels, roode and Aries , Christian York isgood to watch however does look wreckless at the same time, I enjoyed taz being a part of aces and eights but it does seem pointless if he can’t get physical with it and they look week as a group apart from Devon who is only a solid mid carder, I can see this revolving around hogan and hope either Brooke or bully are apart of it and we see hogan who can barely move well get in the ring but they need a main eventer in there, samoa joe would be good

  • Jeff

    I agree with nash,next thing you know the entire TNA roster is part of Aces & Eights..

  • 2muchfire

    Nash is saying the exact same thing I said about the Taz turn… its stupid. Wes Brisco sucks.

    • olae

      like the shield beat ryback & team hell no

  • Deante320

    Not to mention a group that loses 90% of their matches the ones they won was won by Devon. They should be renamed Aces & Geeks because that’s what they are: a bunch of geeks.

  • Scott Sanchez

    The main problem with the Aces & Eights is they keep fucking losing when they should be winning more matches….If they would stop losing every match then maybe people would take them serious

    • dirty sanchez

      you should be a new member of aces ad 8’s then considering you are such a big loser.

    • Cujo999

      Problem is, there are no main event caliber wrestlers in the faction, and they keep trying to push them as a major player in the main event scene. Either people will complain that they lose all the time, or people will complain when they job guys like Angle and Sting out to guys like D-Von and Festus. At the end of the day, it’s still nothing more than a 3rd rate NWO rip off, and they should just kill the entire angle off.

  • WCWPunk

    The Aces & Eights storyline is getting old. It reminds me back in the late 90’s in WCW, people grew tired of the nWo, especially on Nitro when they showed up in three limos

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    What i think they should do is say drop 2 or 3 of the weak members in there, and add a super power like AJ Styles or Somoa Joe someone on that level. I like Anderson in their, Devon should be dropped later with Garrett. and either Knox or D.O.C one of the 2 and the one that stays be left as an enforcer. My point is there is already to many members in that faction with 6 wrestlers and the the mouthpiece, Taz which equals out to 7. They should stay at 4 or 5 in my opinion.

  • WWEFan1995

    I was totally anxious when I was watching impact. I had a strange gut feeling that bully ray was going to turn on Sting. I’m glad he didn’t!

  • Nicolai