TNA Impact Rating, Impact Ticket Sales Doing Well, Possible BFG Location

– Thursday’s post-Lockdown episode of Impact Wrestling from Chicago drew a 1.07 cable rating with 1.41 million viewers. These numbers are actually down from from the previous week, which did a 1.13 with 1.43 million viewers.

Despite the first live Impact on the road not drawing a better rating, TNA’s management and talent were said to be thrilled with the overall show, from the upgraded production to the hot crowd.

– Speaking of Impact on the road, advance sales for other upcoming tapings have been strong.

– While it’s not yet confirmed, there has been talk of holding this year’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view in Chicago.


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Rhawk

    Hopefully things can only go up for TNA at this point.

  • justrockit

    I believe if they win over the audience from town to town it will be a better benefit than the ratings at this point. Brand awareness is TNA’s issue and more traveling and live events is key. I remember HHH saying nitro was killing them in ratings but then wwe was still doing better in the live shows…its all a process and im sure with good enough momentum TNA will have a solid presence from state to state

    • MrJimmy

      Completely agree. People have been pretty over zealous in predicting that TNA will become a serious contender to WWE any time in the past years. Fact is that without brand awareness they never stood a chance. Touring will no doubt increase business and I hope the company will grow as much as possible. Competition is always good, and it’s about time WWE got a competitor that’s at least a little bit credible.

  • wwetnadudez

    I somewhat expected this, it’s spring break so a lot of people are going to be out partying, or at least I was, instead of watching TV. I watched IW late Thursday and I gotta admit it was one of the better shows they have put on recently with a really good ending hopefully things get better in the coming weeks.

  • Kevin Lazar
  • fan

    Spring Break counts for the lower ratings? So only young people in their teens and twentys watch wrestling? Tickets sells strong? I thought the last Impact, the arena was only half full? When are people going to get that saying TNA is gettibg stronger isnt going to make it so?

    • wwetnadudez

      Well I dunno if you were referring to me or not but yes, SB does count, i’m sure theres other teens except for me who watch IW (I know quite a few) that are going to be out. I’m not saying that break is the only reason that ratings are down but it is part of the reason.

  • fan

    The fact is more people want to watch the wrestlers WWE has than the ones TNA have. Plain and simple. That’s why WWE gets better ratings and more people at their shows. The only reason WCW was able to beat them in the ratings for so long was because WCW got a bunch of WWE top stars to come to their company.People can keep complaining about TNA having better wrestlers with more moves in their company but clearly that is not what the majority of people want to see. The prrof is in the pudding so to speak.

  • The p.r gangsta

    The only reason that tna will not get a spike in there ratings is people my age have seen this story before im 39 years old same thing as the nwo dont get me wrong i love in but not everyone does and people some people that was watching during with hatera dont watch anymore or dont wanna see a replay of 16 years ago i know how this story is gonna end and sting wont be the hero to save tna like he did wcw it will be aj styles playing the savior

  • AVPredator4985

    I really hope TNA sees positive progression. They have the potential to be a great product, they just need to figure out how to make it more successful. I don’t believe they could catch up to the WWE anytime soon, but they could definitely get much bigger within the next few years. Also, think about this, WWE isn’t going to get better until they get some motivation, e.g. COMPETITION.

  • Kevin Lazar

    Dixie Carter personally told me “No way” to bound for glory coming to Chicago. She said she would try to get another PPV in Chicago though next year

  • stormman300

    I was in the crown Thursday, the crowd was dead for a Chicago crowd, it was a boring live show cause of the dead time during commercial breaks and all the backstage segments. The show actually came alive after they went off the air and started taping next weeks shows cause there were no breaks, One segment went into the next and no dead time.

    • thaanimal03

      Stormman300, you must have been way up top because I had a way different experience down second row, from what I seen for the first 30mins of the show no one sat down (and that includes the Knock Outs match) I can tell you after being to so many WWE events lately TNA did something right… Btw.. Sting vs Austin Aries had the crowd on fire..

  • Daniel Fundora

    What about TNA Bound of glory in miami!