TNA Lockdown PPV Results – March 9, 2014

TNA Lockdown 2014

TNA Lockdown opens with a shot from earlier in the day of World Champion Magnus making his way into the building in Miami, Florida, the site of tonight’s show. That’s followed up by Samoa Joe entering the arena earlier in the day. We then get the usual kick-ass opening video package, with highlights of all the history leading into the top feuds, all of which culmninate in steel cage matches tonight.

After the video package, Mike Tenay welcomes us to the 2014 edition of TNA’s Lockdown pay-per-view. We then quickly head to the ring, with Christy Hemme introducing the first match.

Bad Influence & Chris Sabin vs. Sanada, Yasu & The Great Muta

Out first are Bad Influence, the tag-team of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Both guys come out in Japanese-style outfits, complete with masks. Their tag-team partner for tonight, Chris Sabin, is out next. Their opponents, X-Division Champion Sanada, along with Yasu and The Great Muta make their way to the ring. Highlights are shown of Sanada winning the X-Division Championship during his entrance.

The bell rings and Chris Sabin and Sanada start things off for their respective teams. Sanada goes to work on the arm of Sabin straight out of the gate. Sabin reverses the tide and is putting the boots to Sanada on the mat. The crowd are already getting going with the chants as the pace picks up between Sanada and Sabin. Lots of quick reversals and pin attempts from both guys as Mike Tenay puts over Sanada as a big deal.

Sanada makes the tag to Yasu and Sabin tags in Kazarian. The fans break out in a “we want Muta” chant as Kazarian establishes control over his Japanese opposition. Yasu gets Kazarian in a headlock and makes the tag to The Great Muta. Muta comes in firing away with quick kicks as the crowd explodes for the Japanese legend. Kazarian makes the tag to Daniels. Muta quickly goes to work on Daniels. Muta sprays the mist in the air and the crowd pops.

Muta makes the tag to Yasu and Kazarian is brought back into the contest. Yasu blasts Kazarian with some kicks. Daniels distracts Yasu, allowing his Bad Influence teammate to regain control of the offense. Kazarian tags in Daniels. Daniels, along with Sabin, come in and the trio triple-teams Yasu briefly. Daniels tags in Sabin after only being the legal man for a few seconds. Sabin chokes Yasu with his boot in the corner. Muta tries to come to his partner’s aid, which ties the referee up long enough to allow Bad Influence and Sabin to triple-team Yasu once again.

Daniels hits a big moonsault on Yasu for a near fall. Taz puts over Muta being one of the innovators of the moonsault, questioning what Muta thinks of Daniels’ version of the move he helped make popular in America. Bad Influence and Sabin hit a three-way dropkick on Yasu. Both teams make a tag and now Sanada and Daniels are the legal men. Sanada takes the hot tag and is flying all over the place, blasting each member of the Bad Influence/Sabin team with high-paced offense. The crowd comes alive as Sanada continues to fly all over the place. After some double-team action from the heels, Muta is tagged in. The crowd explodes once again for Muta.

Muta comes in, as well as everyone else in the match. There are bodies everywhere. Muta goes for a figure four leglock, but Bad Influence run in to break it up. Muta sprays the mist out of nowhere and then tags Sanada back in. Muta hits a shining wizard as Sanada goes to the top rope. Sanada hits a big moonsault on Daniels and pins him. 1-2-3. Muta sprays a different colored mist to celebrate the victory. The crowd broke out into a brief “this is awesome” chant, by the way, as the match was finishing up.

Winners: Sanada, Yasu & The Great Muta

Rockstar Spud & Dixie Carter Promo

Rockstar Spud comes out, to the surprise of Mike Tenay and Taz. Spud enters the ring and hops on the mic. The crowd boo’s him. Spud says as our Chief of Staff he’s here to introduce his queen, and all of ours, Madam Dixie Carter.

Dixie comes out to the top of the stage and the crowd boo’s and chants something. Dixie talks trash about James Storm a bit as the crowd drowns her out with loud boo’s. Dixie talks about MVP and the angle for surrounding tonight’s main event as the crowd chants “you suck Dixie.” She concludes by talking about how she went to New York to get something or someone to ensure her team will get the victory later tonight. Awful, awful promo segment.

Backstage With Jeremy Borash

Backstage, Jeremy Borash talks with one of the Knockouts, as well as Eric Young. They run down some of the interactive Twitter stuff they’re doing for the show.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

The video package highlighting the history of the Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw feud, with the Christy Hemme involvement, etc., is shown to hype up the next match here at Lockdown.

Jeremy Borash, stepping in for Christy Hemme, introduces Samuel Shaw first. Mike Tenay talks about how this is an escape the cage match. Shaw makes his way to the ring as Taz talks about how creepy and dangerous Shaw is. Shaw grabs a mic before heading into the ring. Shaw climbs up to the top of the cage and sits down. He starts by saying “Christy where are you?” The fans in Miami get on Shaw’s case with chants. Shaw says if Christy doesn’t come out here he’s going to “end it all.” Shaw stands on top of the cage and then Mr. Anderson’s music plays.

Anderson comes out saying “whoa, whoa whoa.” He tells Shaw to hang on a second. Anderson reaches up and the mic drops from the ceiling. Anderson does his usual self-introduction stuff. Anderson tells Shaw he doesn’t wanna jump off that thing, referring to the cage that he’s standing on. He says it’s not high enough, he won’t be ending it all he’ll just twist his ankle or something. He says he needs at least four or five stories to pull it off. He tells him to come down from there so he can beat him up a little bit. Anderson asks the fans if they want him to beat him up a little bit. The crowd breaks out into a “Yes!” chant. Anderson gets the fans to chant “creepy bastard” at Shaw.

Anderson’s music starts playing again, he takes his shirt off and he heads to the ring. Shaw is standing on the top rope now as the bell rings to make this one official. Tenay again points out that this is an escape the cage rules match. Anderson goes to work on Shaw as Christy Hemme makes her way down to ringside. Shaw catches Anderson running into the corner with a big boot to slow his momentum down. Anderson goes for the Mic Check but Shaw blocks it. Anderson hits a gut-wrench suplex on Shaw as Taz points out that it’s a Billy Robinson original move. He then talks about the unfortunate passing of Robinson. Shaw knocks Anderson down and begins to climb the cage.

We see a shot of Hemme looking on as Shaw continues his climb. Shaw gets one leg over the top of the cage, but then Anderson makes it up to stop him from escaping. The two trade punches. Shaw smashes Anderson’s face into the cage. And again. And a third time, which drops him down to the mat. Shaw climbs back over the top of the cage again, but again Anderson stops him. This time Anderson smashes Shaw’s face into the cage repatedly. This time both guys knock each other off the cage. Both guys are laid out in the middle of the ring. The “creepy bastard” chants start up again as Shaw gets back to his feet. Shaw asks the referee to open the door. Anderson rams into Shaw from behind, which blasts Shaw into the cage door, knocking Earl Hebner to the floor.

Anderson hits Shaw with his Mic Check finisher. The announcers point out that because Hebner was knocked out, and since he had the key, the only way these guys can escape now is by going over the top of the cage and out to the floor. Anderson hits Shaw with his finisher again. Christy is shown smiling and cheering Anderson on. Anderson climbs out to the floor, but Shaw grabs Hemme through the cage. Tenay says Anderson has this match won but now he’s got to save Hemme. Shaw pulls Hemme into the ring through the cage. He slowly closes in on Christy. Christy slaps him. Anderson finally makes it into the ring. He turns Shaw around and blasts him with a big punch. Hemme runs out of the cage. Shaw low-blows Anderson from behind. Shaw locks Anderson in his choke finisher. Shaw chokes out Anderson as we see Christy running to the back. Shaw walks out of the cage door and hits the floor. Hebner calls for the bell. I guess Hebner didn’t see Anderson climb out of the cage earlier. So, Shaw wins.

Winner: Samuel Shaw

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  • fan4ever

    Come on TNA, for the love of everything holy please have a good show.

    • gdaddy1971

      Sounded like a pretty solid show to me. Better than a lot of the WWE pay-per-views lately.

  • elguapo79

    Wow. Is it me, or does the NYC stuff telegraph that Bully Ray is the “surprise”?

    Wish I could have seen the Muta match, though.

    • Tom Wing

      I think by making the New York reference (WWE) that she was hoping that people would think Punk

      • Bryan

        CM Punk is from Chicago!! Idiot!! and WWE headquarters are in Conn..

        • Tom Wing

          Inside the wrestling buisness WWE is actually referred to as New York you dunce. Major League Promotions are giving nicknames to as the home market. Since you’re probably too slow I’ll give you some examples

          WWE = New York
          WCW = Atlanta
          ECW = Philedelphia
          TNA = Nashvile/Orlando

          If you are gonna act like you know the insider terms….do your freaking research idiot.

          Dixie much like Russo likes to use insider terms on their show. They think everyone knows them when in reality very few do and a lot of the ones that do think they know what they mean but don’t. I said there was a chance that she was hoping people would think that someone was coming from WWE (Punk)

  • Dcain

    U officially denounce myself as a tna wrestling fan the worst booking in a match doesn’t even make sense

    • fan4ever

      I didn’t like it at first but once Abyss was revealed I can accept it if this leads somewhere good. Big If.

  • Bad Influence

    Remember how Kane interfered in the Elimination Chamber. Same thing happened on TNA with Abyss at Lockdown.

    • Charles Dewayne Bell

      Oh, come on stop saying that TNA rips off the WWE. Abyss ain’t Triple H henchman, and losing matches via roll ups.

      • GodsLoyalSon

        But the storyline is that same with Abyss being a hired hand from the person in an authority position.

        • Charles Dewayne Bell

          Yeah; but Dixie is not running the wrestling operations of TNA anymore, plus his alliance is with Magnus.

  • Matt Gallagher

    Face Bully Ray?


    Not a fan of Bromans being in the Main Event. Should have been Bad Influence as The Heel Tag Team in that match.

  • Lone Wolf

    This sounds like it was good, for them. Honestly I think this is what they should be doing and by that i mean focus on what they have and these rising stars. I remember when WWE was putting out the same boring product and TNA was actually more entertaining to watch. Like the X Division was super exciting then you bring in fossils and killed it’s vibe. So then you revamp the Tag Team Division and it became awesome, bring in more fossils that actually hurt the company along with bad booking, killed it’s vibe. They need to start from scratch and stop copying WWE come on now, The evil boss gimmick Triple H/Stephanie-Dixie Carter, Brad Maddox-Rockstar Spud, at the time AJ Styles leaving the company but wins tittle hmmm sounds familiar oh yeah CM Punk. Go back to the drawing board and go back to what was making you on the rise to be close to competing against WWE.

  • LaParkaXV

    PPV was pretty much awful TNA manages to overbook cage matches with ease! Yes matches as in more than 1….ON THE SAME SHOW!

    • Reality

      Not a tna fan but… That’s what a themed ppv should be. Having a ppv called Hell in a Cell to have only one cell match is dumb (Punk vs Ryback I). But fair enough, the last one had 2.

      • LaParkaXV

        You totally misunderstood what i said…are you sure you’re not a tna fan? Yes IK all the matches were in a cage LOL im not talking about them watering down the cage gimmick which they did. I am talking about how 3 of the cage matches had interference ref bumps people punching holes in the ring etc etc etc Last Man Standing match (in a cage seriously?) etc etc stuff that is not needed in a cage match. That’s what i meant by overbooked.

        • Reality

          I indeed didn’t understand it that way, I’m sorry. The show overall was ok I think. Didn’t watch it all. The only real bad thing that made me cringe was the Abyss interference. However bad the show might have really been, seeing Muta and the mist made up for it.

  • yrabadi

    Not the best Lockdown… I’m usually optimistic about TNA, but last night wasn’t a very good showing. Crowd was pretty much dead for most of the night. Joe winning would have at least injected some life in to the crowd prior to the main event… Here’s hoping they figure something out, and soon.

  • Guest

    Reading theses comments makes me think none of you even watched the show, I was thoroughly entertained by lockdown and thought it was better than anything wwe has done lately.

    • LaParkaXV

      What did you enjoy the randomness of some of the matches? The interference in the cage matches? The surprises that were bad but hey they were surprises? …..

    • Bryan

      Are you retarded?? Seriously are you mentally retarded!?!? Just the first hour of last week’s Raw was better than anything TNA has done this whole year!! That’s why there were only hundreds of people at the PPV

  • Buzzard Follower

    wow really wtf. I had hope for this ppv but tna let me down again. cant believe daniel bry….. i mean samoa joe got screwed by kane…… i mean abyss by steph…. i mean dixie’s orders so that randy…… i mean magnus could keep the title. also wtf is with all the heel/face turns. man tna what a letdown

  • Jamie

    The PPV was pretty damn good!