TNA Loses $269,000+ Nonpayment Lawsuit to American Express

When we last left the matter of American Express’s lawsuit against TNA a month ago, the hearing in the case to determine if the credit card company would win by default was delayed a few weeks. With TNA never having officially recognized the lawsuit in any way, it was only natural that American Express would move for a default judgment which is standard when the defendant never acknowledges the case. It turns out that the judge issued a decision on December 22nd, but it wasn’t filed with the online court system until Tuesday. As expected, TNA lost the default judgment, and is now officially on the hook for $269,049.50 through the court system.

American Express had first sued TNA back in July, but the case didn’t get any press until October, when everyone started searching public records databases for TNA-related cases. The vast majority of the unpaid bill was incurred by Shane Emerson, TNA’s Director of International Content Distribution and Live Events.  The account was closed in May, but American Express did not submit any documentation to indicate how long TNA had been delinquent up to that point. TNA travel was being charged to the personal cards of employees after the corporate accounts were cancelled.