TNA Promises To Reveal “#August1Warning” Clue At 250,000 YouTube Views

The official twitter page of TNA Impact Wrestling recently announced that they will reveal a hint as to who is behind the “#August1Warning” teaser video, which has sparked numerous debates on the internet since surfacing on YouTube on Friday evening.

The Impact Wrestling Twitter page promises to reveal a “clue” once the “#August1Warning” teaser-video on their official YouTube channel reaches 250,000 views. The tweet reads:

Do you have a guess who is behind #August1Warning?

@August1Warning promises a clue at 250,000 YouTube views.

As of approximately 1:30pm E.T., the YouTube video has received just over 121,000 views, leaving 129,000 views to go from now until Friday, August 1st.

Check out the “#August1Warning” video below:

POSSIBLE SPOILER: “#August1Warning” Mystery-Man REVEALED?

Matt Boone

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  • Johrdann Miller

    well who has wwe released recently? that who it will be lol

  • Johrdann Miller

    well who has wwe released recently? that who it will be lol

    • GN-0015

      It’s Del Rio’s brother.

      • Johrdann Miller

        haha that’s the only guy i could think of too

        • GN-0015

          Expect him to promote himself as the nephew of Mil Mascaras.

    • iceman4

      yea; it’s not like WWE would pick up old wrestlers like RVD, Nash and others. WWE still begging for sting.

      • Johrdann Miller


      • Johrdann Miller

        the wwe aint begging for sting. they don’t need him and never did…the fans are begging for sting in the wwe, not the wwe itself.

  • Stew-ED!

    At least TNA are not copying WWE’s vigilantees. It sounds interesting and I hope it has the shock factor that it needs.

    • Andres0082

      3.3.11 Sting promo…Same font and same feel as the one they did for Undertaker.

      Just saying…

      • Stew-ED!

        That what I was on about in my original comment “At least they are not copying WWE’s promos”. I know that they copied Taker’s return promo, I just done a typo haha. I should have said “now” at the end of my sentence LOL.

      • BlitzPact

        They only copied that Undertaker promo to make fun of WWE because the original trailer was suppose to be for sting coming to wwe, but instead he went to TNA.

  • Stew-ED!

    At least TNA are not copying WWE’s vigilantees. It sounds interesting and I hope it has the shock factor that it needs.

  • VJGraziano

    Whoever it is, Im sure it’ll be a huge let down. I tired to like TNA, but after they started that whole Immortal group I gave up. That was so boring to me tna became intolerable to watch. Dixie and Hogan have to go. While they’re still around, theres almost nothing tna can do to impress me again. Also, why does everyone of their main storylines have to focus on a huge group trying to take over tna? MEM, Immortal, A&8… Thats been the theme since about 2010.

  • Alex Minshull

    Roy Jones Jr

  • DarkWolf

    i wound what will happen if no one else views this video

  • NoNonsense

    Honestly could not care less about this #August1stWarning with any luck its TNA’s accountant being shadowed out and August 1st is the day Dixie get’s notified TNA has 30days until it goes under.

  • Andres0082

    Maybe that is when Shane will come and say he just bought TNA…

    • Juan Diego Gomez Sanchez Perez

      That’s pretty much one of the only things it could be in order to gain my interest again. I forget who posted it a few months back, when Dixie promised some hot new signing, but someone posted something like, “Marty Jannetty or Berzerker must be coming out of retirement!” or something like that, and it was soooooo funny I laughed out loud then, and I’m laughing out loud again now as I type it! I just can’t seem to forget that line. Priceless!

    • Shane McMahon

      TNA is barely making ends meet, It’d be a risky buy at this point. One of the first orders of business if I bought the company would be to fire Hogan & friends, I don’t need my dads 50-60 year old leftovers to run a company.

  • SeanDogg

    Another let down by Dixie carter. Probably another recycled wwe guy.

  • yrabadi

    I’ll click on that link 250,000 times to NOT know who it is. Damn you TNA. We all know you’re going to disappoint us again… Why try?

  • fireworks Ts

    This has let down written all over it. I am no longer a TNA fan

  • Kuntry2TheCore

    So much for an anonymous reveal…

  • brad

    Way if they don’t get enough views lol

  • asf

    low ki

  • Anders

    It’s probably Adam Pearce.

  • Ninjastar

    shelton benjamin!!!

  • Ninjastar

    After i think about it, with ears pointing out, its Ryback!!

  • PxLxGx

    Jeff Jarrett? Im only guessing as I didn’t bother watching the video.

  • 6rysjykjtykty

    Obviously Bob Holly,

  • iceman4

    ALL wrestling stinks. I tried to watch WWE the other night and it was for kids. Promo’s, dumb story lines; they even had a girl that looks 12 who is the female champion. And if you got lucky a wrestling match. Guys dancing, OMG. The days of Rick Rude, Macho Man, Jake the Snake, Mr. Perfect, The undertaker in his prime, Sid Vicious, and so many other greats are definitely over. TNA has no direction either. I’m glad kids like WWE but ALL wrestling is pretty rough