TNA Returning To Orlando For Impact Tapings, December Taping Canceled

TNA Impact Wrestling officials held a talent meeting this afternoon in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Maverik Center—site of tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings—announcing that the company will cease touring Impact Wrestling on a continuous basis in the United States on Nov. 7 in Cincinnati, Ohio in Cincinnati Gardens.

Press Release: TNA Launches 24/7 Social Media Initiative, Announces Return To Orlando

The company will return to its former base, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, for television tapings on Nov. 21, 22 and 23. Dates at the venue in December, which will carry the Spike program through January, are currently being finalized.

While the television tapings will be held at Universal Studios Florida, it is said that the events will not emanate from the same sound stage that housed the Impact Zone. The sound stage is smaller length-wise, but features wider space.

The Dec. 27 taping scheduled for the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been canceled, according to At the moment, an event listing currently remains on

After taking Impact Wrestling on the road in March, TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter stated in an interview that the organization had no intention on returning to Orlando, Florida. However, financial concerns and lackluster attendance has forced TNA to return to its longtime home.


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • OnECenTX

    TNA should accept the fact that it is what it is and that it will never be WCW or even ECW. It’s going to take someone like John Cena or The Rock to come over to get them over the hump to get viewers.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      And Vince will never make the mistake of letting someone like Cena go like he did with Hogan in the 90’s.

      • OnECenTX

        But give some credit to Vince, he nor did anyone else really, saw Hogan, Hall and Nash coming together and creating the greatest group ever in N.W.O. If that never happened, WCW would had never competed against WWE/F and Hogan would never had a second life in wrestling, not saying he would of been irrelevant, but N.W.O. revitalized Hogan’s brand. And plus who would you rather have; Hogan, Flair, Sting and Goldberg or Austin, Rock, Undertaker and Triple H???

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Why would I give Vince credit for dropping the ball with Hogan and giving WCW a fighting chance? It was a bonehead move on Vince’s part, not some act of kindness.

          Like I said, after the fact, Vince will never drop that ball again. He will turn Cena heel before he ever lets the competition get their hands on him.

          • OnECenTX

            Because he didn’t drop the ball, you telling me that if Hogan stayed in WWF, he would of formed NWO in WWF???

          • Forceton Banfodder

            That has nothing to do with Vince. Why would I give Vince credit when he had nothing to do with forming NWO? That was Bischoff stealing ideas from Japan.

            Vince let Hogan go because Hogan was given immunity in court to testify against Vince McMahon over the rampant steroid abuse in the WWF. It was Hogan who got Savage, Nash, Hall and all the rest to follow him to WCW when their contracts were up. The NWO and Hogan almost buried the WWF, so why would you even think that’s a proud moment for Vince? Any of that?

            Why would Vince want or even take credit for practically handing over the tools to make WCW strong enough to almost run him out of business? Everything leading up to Hogan’s departure in 1994 helped WCW almost destroy the WWF. Hence the reason I say he dropped the ball and it almost cost him everything.

            Now WWE has a very strict wellness policy (Because Vince wants to cover his a55 over any doping charges that could ever be brought against him)and he will never let a star with the draw that Hogan had go over to the competition and put him at risk again.

            I’m talking about how Vince would never let that situation happen again and your fawning over Hogan and the NWO like a 13 year old girl.

          • OnECenTX

            Lol, because NWO was the reason for the success of WCW you idiot!? And Hall, Nash and others didn’t go to WCW because of Hogan, they went over because of MONEY! And I never said Vince had anything to do with NWO so don’t put words in my mouth.

            Hogan was in WCW for TWO YEARS before the NWO was formed but WWF was STILL king! Am I wrong?! It wasn’t until the NWO storyline happen that WCW started winning the ratings war. So you’re going to discount the two years of Hogan being in the WCW pre NWO and act like those years doesn’t exist??? WWF was winning those two year, it’s when Vince let Hall and Nash go over to WCW where he drop the ball, not with Hogan. When Hall and Nash went over, THAT’S when Bischoff had the ingredients to form NWO. If Vince didn’t let Hall and Nash go to WCW, NWO would had never been formed, Hogan would of been sporting the yellow and red instead of the black and white, Nitro would have stayed at 3p.m. and not moved to prime time, and WCW would of probably died sooner.

            My point was Vince thought that Hogan was just going to be another big name wrestler in WCW like Flair and Sting and that’s it! And that’s how it was for TWO YEARS!? Hogan being in WCW did nothing for WCW against WWF for the first two years and you’re not going to give Vince some credit for that!? And that’s how Vince thought it was going to be, but then he let Hall and Nash go to WCW, let them team up with Hogan and then the rest is history. So you are damn right I’m giving Vince some credit because for the first two years he was right to let Hogan go to WCW and let him rot. For two years Hogan did nothing for WCW. And If Vince didn’t let Hall and Nash join him two years later, rejuvenated his brand, WCW making Hogan a heel and revolutionize the sports industry with NWO, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Amazing, you’re still fawning like a 13 year old girl and didn’t comprehend any of my points. English wasn’t your best subject, was it?

          • Mike Farris

            nitro was never on at 3pm in the states.unless you have a TV guide showing Monday nitro on at 3pm in the afternoon stop with that be

            what wretling federation would run a live wrestling show at 3pm in the afternoons they would practically have an empty arena and no ratings

  • JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnow

    Total nonstop ABSURDITY!

  • JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnow

    Total nonstop ABSURDITY!

  • joe dittmore

    Tna needs to bring Jhon Cena on soon has is wwe contract expires

    • AngelFlow

      Do you really think that they can afford him? Or that the WWE would let him go? -.-

  • joe dittmore

    Tna needs to bring Jhon Cena on soon has is wwe contract expires

  • Andrew Campbell

    It’s really sad what has happened to TNA. Remember back in the days when they were starting to get hot and there were “TNA” chants during Raw? Fast-forward all these years later and now the company is slowly dying. Tragic.

    • OnECenTX

      And to add to that; They just signed Kurt Angle and that really did get me hyped for TNA…. Wtf happened??? If they would of just kept going with great underground wrestlers putting on some great matches instead of trying to recreate NWO and signing wrestlers past their prime and trying to recreate WCW, they would of kept building a loyal fan base of fans who love watching good wrestling.

      At this point the only way they can salvage the company is by;

      1. Do whatever they can to get Paul Heyman and Steve Austin to run the company (Paul actually running the company and Austin as a figurehead.) Merchandise of Austin alone would probably save the company

      2. Bring in and build a roster of hardcore, lucha libre/japenese and underground technical wrestlers

      3. Get rid of all wrestlers who are not an original TNAer with the exception of Angle and Sting

      4. Get rid of all PPVs with the exception for Slammiversary and Bound For Glory

      5. Merge with ROH already!?

      • Johrdann Miller

        Steve Austin? are you mental?

        • OnECenTX

          Yeah I’m so mental for thinking TNA wants Steve Austin working for them?!

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Why would Austin ever even consider literally risking his neck to wrestle for a company that might or might not deliver a check to him on time when he has TV shows and Movies to make and could get a giant payday just for showing up at Wrestlemania?

            If Austin ever wrestles again, it would never be for TNA.

            Whatever you’re smoking, pass it on.

          • OnECenTX

            Did I say WRESTLE!? Stop putting words in my mouth you TROLL! I said Figurehead/Mentor as in he plays a figurehead roll like a “COO” role on TNA and then mentors the young wrestlers into becoming good wrestlers during the week. I didn’t say anything about Austin wrestling you moron.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Okay, not a wrestler. Even less incentive for him considering THEY STILL CAN’T PAY THEIR BILLS. He makes more money doing Redneck Island than they could offer him to p!ss his legacy away.

      • JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnow

        Good luck getting sponsors at a …NC 17 rating KAPOW!

        • OnECenTX

          They were able to get sponsors with the name TNA……… T and A!?

          • JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnow

            Yea and be on TV…’s amazing ik…..

          • Forceton Banfodder

            On a channel that’s in fewer homes than Lifetime. Wow.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        1. Heyman is a great promoter but he actually sucked at running a promotion. Hence the reason ECW went under as fast as it went up.

        2. Why would any self-respecting lucha libre or Japanese wrestler go to TNA when they have AAA, CMLL, NJWP, Noah, etc..

        3, Sting is one of those old WCW wrestlers past their prime that you were just complaining about.

        4. Did you see their attendance for BFG? Why even bother with PPVs at all?

        5. Why would ROH want to absorb TNA’s debt and problems?

        6. NC17 Wrestling? Other than a premium channel, who would touch that? And why would any Premium channel take a show that barely gets a million viewers a week on the premise that it’s going to be NC17? They’re already TV14 and that’s not helping them.

        Stick to smoking bongloads dude.

        • OnECenTX

          1. Heyman has a great knack of finding/developing talent. TNA NEEDS that. He won’t be completely running TNA, that’s stupid, but in terms of signing/developing talent, input on story ideas, wrestling ideas in general… Heyman is the best at it besides Vince. You don’t think he learned from the failures of ECW and that he hasn’t learned a few new things from being in WWE??? And now that he is bigger than ever, it’s is perfect timing for any organization to use him.
          2. Absolutely true but if the money is better why not? Sin Cara made the jump. Tensai came back from Japan.
          3. Unlike the others (Steiner, Booker T, Mick Foley, etc…) people would still pay money to see Sting wrestle (via the only reason I went to the TNA show here in Vegas) and he’s become the Undertaker-like wrestler for TNA. TNA is going to need Sting and Angle to help push the younger talent.
          4. Because TNA needs their version of Wrestlemania/SummerSlam
          5. Because ROH is an establish wrestling brand with a fan base and TNA is an establish wrestling brand with a fan base and in business in general, when two smaller companies want to compete with the bigger company, they sometimes come together to compete against the bigger company…. it’s called a ‘merger’ And if ROH and TNA came together, they can actually have a true brand feud unlike that so-called Raw and Smackdown brand.
          6. It’s just a name! Holy ishhh!?… there isn’t literally going to be live sex on air and people’s heads getting smashed in with sledges hammers. It’s to help with the brand of TNA and to counter act with the whole ‘PG’ WWE. They could of done a whole marketing thing of “WWE is for kids…. NC17 Wrestling is for adults.” It’s for branding purposes. If Spike is going to allow them to be called T and Fuh….en A, how the hell is NC17 Wrestling worse!? It’s just a name, it is not literal.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            1. Too bad he’s under contract with a company that can pay the bills. You think Heyman would work with Bischoff, you’re really smoking something.

            2. Excellent point. TNA doesn’t have any money, that’s why they’re not touring anymore and going back to a smaller Impact Zone. That’s why no one would leave the more successful companies for TNA.

            3. Too bad Sting’s probably going to sign with WWE by the end of the year so he can retire in style.

            4. Why? They aren’t remotely close to the same level as WWE which is proven weekly.

            5. Again, why would ROH want to? ROH would be better served merging with a company that is not hemorrhaging money like Dragongate or Chikara.

            6. No duh. No network would carry a NC17 show. Why? Because no sponsors. No sponsors = No money. Do you even understand how advertising works? No premium channel would pick it up because a show that barely garners a million viewers as a TV14 show and on a free channel would not help a premium channel in any way. And if you think TNA is hurting now, imagine if they up the violence. They’re going to injure more wrestlers than help and since they won’t pay medical bills no wrestler would risk their life for TNA.

            The best thing TNA could do for itself is go back to being a small independent promotion, fire Bischoff, lose Dixie, bring in a money man who doesn’t want to be famous and someone like Cornette to get them back to being a real promotion again.

  • WWEFan

    Did anyone see the empty seats in the Arena during BFG that shows you TNA is definitely on it’s last leg Dixie should better cut her losses before it’s too late.

  • Ishfaq

    How about Nashville? that would have been cool?

  • Johrdann Miller

    Please save yourself TNA.

  • Marshall Mathers

    bleed beech bleed tna sucks

  • Randy

    TNA really needs to fire Hogan and Bishoff , bring back JJ and stay in the Impact Zone for at least a year.