TNA To Run Major NY Venue Soon, Team 3D Academy Event/Hogan Coverage

-Bay News 9 in Tampa, Florida covered the Team 3D Academy event from this weekend, which featured Hulk Hogan. You can check out their coverage online at

-There is a lot of talk internally in TNA right now that the company will soon be running a major venue in the New York City metropolitan area. Obviously Madison Square Garden is out of the question, so that leaves either the Barclays Center, Nassau Coliseum or the IZOD Center.

-TNA will be running live events in Texas and Arizona this weekend. On Friday, September 20th, the company will head to El Paso with Bully Ray vs. Samoa Joe, James Storm & Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez in a Texas Tornado Rules match, Manik vs. Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode, Eric Young vs. Kazarian and ODB vs. Gail Kim. The next night in Arizona, the same crew will be used, except Manik will defend against Kazarian, Storm will face Hernandez and Young will face Daniels.

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Matt Boone

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  • pwnez

    I wonder what their definition of “major” is. It can’t be that big.

    • GN-0015

      As much as how “huge” the signings of Rampage Jackson & Tito Ortiz, I guess.

  • no butt plugs

    The Manhattan center! That’s huge!

    • yrabadi

      Yeah, but what is the point of booking huge venues and only being able to fill half of them? These guys will never learn.

  • raven

    remember when, for about two weeks, TNA was putting on a much better show than wwe.. just shows how bad wwe can be at times

  • The Troll is Here

    TNA already ran a house show in the Manhattan Center. I forgot what year it was.

  • dae

    Well, all I can say is, no matter where TNA is, it’s shows have been better than the WWF/E… But, unfortunately, they can’t put themselves over against the WWF/E with everybody else… Too bad some of these other promotions can’t step up against the WWF/E, either…

  • Buzzard Follower

    i would see a tna event just to see how it is (and how big/small the crowd is) but i cant see them go anywhere but the izod center or the coliseum. the izod center only can run shows with no teams and the coliseum is well to put it lightly a piece of $#!+ that not even disney on ice can make look good

  • Johnson

    The NY region is WWE territory. Vince will not allow TNA to air jack sh*t there. So this is likely a horse sh*t rumor.