TNA Sacrifice Results – April 27, 2014

TNA Sacrifice 2014

The 2014 edition of TNA Sacrifice opens with an extensive video package previewing some of the top matches scheduled for tonight’s show, focusing primarily on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship rematch between current champion Eric Young and former champion Magnus.

After the video package concludes, we shoot live in the arena in Orlando, Florida, where Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show and delivers some final hype for some of the bigger matches on tonight’s show. From there, we go straight to the ring.

TNA Tag-Team Championship
– DJ Z & The Bro Mans (c) vs. The Wolves

DJ Z comes out and cuts a promo on his way to the ring. He talks about how he and the Bro Mans, the current TNA Tag-Team Champions, are going to take out The Wolves in a three-on-two handicap match. With that said, out come Robbie E. and Jessie Godderz, The Bro Mans.

Out next are the challengers, the team of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards — The Wolves. All five guys are in the ring now, but before the bell rings, The Wolves cut a quick in-ring promo. They ask Christy Hemme to read something. Hemme says per orders of MVP, this is a no disqualification match.

With that said, the bell rings and here we go. The Wolves and The Bro Mans all mix things up in the ring. The Wolves knock both of the Bro Mans out to the floor. They hit a double-dive through the ropes and splash onto the tag-champs. They have DJ Z alone in the ring now and do a lot of high-impact double-team spots on him.

DJ Z ends up blasting The Wolves from behind with the lap top, and now all three guys are triple-teaming both of The Wolves, with the fans chanting “you suck” all-the-while. When the smoke clears, it’s just Jessie in the ring with Edwards. Jessie chokes Eddie with some tape from around his wrist and then tags in DJ Z.

DJ chops the hell out of Eddie. He hits a stun-gun on the top rope and follows it up with a back-breaker. All three guys sandwhich Eddie in the corner and blast him. Robbie tags in and picks up where DJ left off, taking it to Eddie in the center of the ring as the fans rally behind The Wolves team member, chanting “Eddie Edwards.”

Jessie tags back in and lands a beautiful dropkick on Eddie. Eddie starts fighting back, landing a big back suplex to buy himself some time. The Bro Mans try and double team Eddie to keep control of the offense, but Eddie hits a move on both guys and make the tag to a fresh Davey Richards.

Richards takes the hot tag and is flying all over the place, hitting anything that moves. Both of The Wolves go on the top rope on opposite ends of the ring. They each hit a double foot-stomp. They make the pin and three slaps on the mat later, we have new TNA World Tag-Team Champions.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag-Team Champions: The Wolves

Jeremy Borash Interviews Samuel Shaw

Backstage, Jeremy Borash encourages everyone to interact tonight via social media. After that, we see Samuel Shaw creepily standing behind a padded wagon. Borash asks Shaw if he realizes that tonight he may be thrown inside the padded van and be committed. He talks about how everyone calls him a creepy bastard. He says he won’t let himself lose tonight. Borash asks for his thoughts on Mr. Anderson recently visiting his home. He says tonight he’s dedicating this match to his mom, and then says “Christy, this one is for you.” He slams the padded van door shut and walks off.

Committed Match
– Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson

The video package detailing the history of the Samuel Shaw and Mr. Anderson feud airs. After the video package concludes, out comes Samuel Shaw to the ring. Mike Tenay notes that Christy Hemme, their ring announcer, is not at ringside for this match. He says considering all that has gone down, that’s probably a good thing. Next up, Mr. Anderson’s music hits. He stands at the top of the stage, but declines the mic drop. Instead, he looks to be all business tonight, as he runs down to the ring. Shaw backs out and slides out to the floor.

Anderson goes out after him, but Shaw runs back into the ring. Anderson rolls back into the ring and the bell sounds, but as soon as it does, Shaw backs out to the floor again. It turns out Christy Hemme is at ringside. Shaw runs over and grabs her. Anderson blasts him with a punch and Hemme breaks free. Anderson continues to beat up Shaw outside the ring.

The match gets into the ring and now Shaw has the upper-hand. He goes to dive into Anderson with a spear, but Anderson side-steps him and Shaw flies through the ropes and out to the floor. Anderson goes out after him and works him over on the floor again. Out of nowhere, Shaw locks in his trademark choke on Anderson on the floor. Anderson tries to break free but can’t. Shaw ends up choking Anderson out. He chokes him until he drops to the floor, but doesn’t let go. He keeps choking Anderson on the ground. He finally lets go and turns his attention to Hemme.

Hemme runs into the ring. Shaw grabs her by the hand. He keeps trying to pull her towards him, but Hemme won’t come. Hemme eventually slaps him. The distraction allows Anderson to recover. He re-enters the ring and blasts Shaw from behind. The two spill out to the floor again and Anderson continues to beat him all over the place.

Anderson kicks Shaw’s butt all the way up the entrance ramp. He goes to hit Shaw with a Mic Check on the ramp, but Shaw breaks free. Anderson ends up slamming Shaw onto the solid ramp. Anderson tells Shaw that they’re going for a little ride. Anderson grabs a steel chair and blasts Shaw with it twice.

Anderson slams Shaw into the guard rail. Anderson drags Shaw backstage and sees Jeremy Borash. Anderson holds Shaw in a headlock and asks Borash to interview them. Borash asks them how the match is going. Anderson mimmicks Shaw’s voice and says, “not very good right now, J.B.!” Anderson loads Shaw up on a cart and throws it into a bunch of boxes.

Anderson turns his back on Shaw long enough to look at the padded van. Shaw blasts Anderson from behind. Shaw goes to load Anderson up on the van, but Christy Hemme enters the scene. Hemme distracts Shaw and blasts him with a nut shot. Anderson grabs him from behind and hits him with a Mic Check into the van. He slams the door shut and wins. He and Hemme celebrate as his music plays back inside the arena.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

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  • Buzzard Follower


    • Buzzard Follower


    • thatguy


    • Black Adam

      you forgot to add crappy

  • Phanto

    Awesome opening match. Good finish also. Excited for the “Committed” match!

  • MachoViper

    Can someone explain this Jeff Hardy umbrella thing to me?

    • Nick Ivey

      He’s Mary Poppin’s!!!

    • Castle

      Never mind the umbrella, I’m still waiting for someone to explain TNA to me.

  • Reality

    The crowd chanting Goku and laughing during the Senada match sums the company up perfectly.

  • LaParkaXV

    I will give them credit for EY winning clean but other than Storm vs Gunner the ppv was a glorified Impact.

  • gdaddy1971

    Sounds like a decent show.

  • ronjon1000

    am I the only one who chuckled at the “Cena Sucks” chant?

  • thatguy

    I would have watched it if i knew it was on!!! lol

  • MachoViper

    LOL, Cena is the face of TNA

  • yrabadi

    It was a mediocre TNA ppv as per the norm. Gunner/Storm was alright – old-school vibe there with colour and all. Both dudes worked hard, but it still wasn’t stellar by any means. Happy to see Young retain clean, and Magnus lose clean – that was a breath of fresh air.

    Everything else was kind of lame. Dixie Carter dressing up as a dude was hilarious though… For all the wrong reasons I mean… I wish she would just get off TV. She gets go away heat, not much else.

  • Castle

    I was thinking of watching this, but then watched “there’s something about Mary” on some other channel instead. I read the results on the wiki…. What the hell is a “committed” match? Why do they make up this BS for? And the momma’s boy storyline with the basement? You can tell cornball nerdy type writers are coming up with this garbage, because only nerdy types find “in your mom’s basement” jokes interesting. In reality, nobody else gives a flying Fock about the joke. When I saw that awful segment on Impact, I wanted to change the channel. This corny garbage is what I’m talking about. That odd nerdy vibe wrestling has today, that today’s fans accept as the norm.

    I didn’t change the channel, because I was curious to see how far the segments would go. I cringed when I saw that Sam Shaw’s supposed “room” , so small it might as well be a damn closet. First thing I thought to myself was how this guy doesn’t even have any space to sit let alone sleep. The monkeys at TNA are getting careless, they’re not even trying. :::::::::Samuel’s bedroom:::::: plastered all over the wall.. Lmao… These writers are hacks. Why do these people still have work?
    Judging by how his “mom” is named Christy, and he has an infatuation with Christy Hemme… it’s pretty obvious they are promoting incest. Real nice TNA… real nice. That’s not the kind of garbage I want to watch. I’m not interested in this oddball nonsense. Again..why do these writers still have work?

    Now on the tag team championships. Does it really matter at all? I can count only two legitimate tag teams on that roster, and they were both wrestling for the titles. What’s wrong with this picture? Tag team champions of what? Of a division of two? How am I supposed to take this seriously?
    The women’s championship is not that far off. What division? All I see is Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Gail Kim. Is that new girl Brittany supposed to make a difference? I don’t understand what they’re going with this. Maybe it’s me… maybe I’m not seeing it right. Maybe the division limit is just that.. a division of five. (LOL) It would be nice if they were just honest and stated that from the very beginning though instead of having people guessing.

    When I saw Kurt Angle yell “I’m back” on Impact… I just thought to myself… back to what exactly? What did the writers/producers do to Jeff Hardy? What is this Willow garbage? I’m sorry, but I’m not buying into him giving backstage soliloquies and doing that stupid laugh. It’s one of the worst gimmicks he’s ever had. Why didn’t they just leave him alone. There was nothing wrong with his original style at all. Now he’s wrestling some goof that likes to flat iron his curly hair. (WTF does he even do that?!) I’m not feeling these guys, I’m not feeling where TNA is going at all.
    I can’t tell you how much I cringed watching Abyss talk on Impact last week. About feeling rejected and having his feelings hurt etc…. Is he a “monster” or is a regular guy with attachment problems?

    That’s why I can’t take TNA seriously. They jump all over the board with no direction whatsoever. I stopped caring about Abyss after his stint with James Mitchell to be honest, but still… this guy today is a joke. From that stupid mask, to the garbage they make him say on the mic. He’s a monster one day, a regular guy the next. Talking about hurting people one day, then talking about what the fans think. He’s a “monster” why should he care what anyone thinks about anything. They ruined this man a long time ago. At this point, I don’t even care about TNA anymore. I also thought it was funny how Eric Young kept calling Magnus a paper champion. What does that make him then? The dialogue is atrocious. Nothing makes sense there. Hopefully Jeff Jarrett’s new company brings some kind of competence back to the game. But I’m still skeptical.

    • Hellaluyeah

      They are obviously not promoting incest……it’s called an Elektra Complex. The writers were making a pun towards a psychological stage, which Sam Shaw should be way past at his age. I guess it just went over your head since you took it for incest…..

    • gdaddy1971

      If you don’t like it, then actually change the channel and watch something else. Don’t try to ruin it for the people who actually enjoy watching an alternative to WWE.

      • askbillmitchell

        There is an alternative to WWE? What channel? I mean I know that Mav Network picked up Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, the only problem it is on late at night. Traditional Championship Wrestling while on the Pursuit Channel on DirecTV has the same problem. So if you can recommend an alternative WWE that is on at a reasonable time I am open to suggestions.

  • askbillmitchell

    Let’s see what we had. Sacrifice was TNA’s way of getting fans to pay for a 3 hour Impact, which they did a sub par (at best) job to promote the show on Spike. We have the formation of a knock off Wyatt Family gimmick in the works with Knux, his sister and two family members – let’s not try to be original let’s just blatantly rip off ideas from the competition. The committed match had so much promise if done right, why not straight jacket? That would have been far more entertaining. I did enjoy the I Quit match, had shades of Tully / Magnum TA at the end. The main event, shouldn’t have been the main event, how do you have an average World Title match after having other matches steal the show. Whoever booked the show should be ashamed.

    • Hellaluyeah

      TNA is not WWE competition. WWE has no competition…knock offs are just the way the world works. Here in Europe you drive to Turkey and while you’re there you buy a cheaply made jersey from your favorite soccer team and pay a lot less for it. TNA is WWE’s cheaper cousin, there is no denying that. The production value is far less than that of the WWE. But compared to the WWE I get what I want from TNA every week, since I don’t expect that much from them. With the production value of the WWE on the other hand, I would expect a lot more every week. They produce mostly crappy shows while employing a far greater number of people than TNA. The company that really disappoints almost every week is: WWE. Also: The main event was a good match, but it was overshadowed by the Gunner vs. Storm match. This is not the first time in wrestling history, that this has happened. The Undertaker matches at WM overshadow the main event almost every year. So is that crappy booking? No. The heavyweight title match still should be the main event, even if it isn’t the best match on the card, because it is still the most important match.

      • askbillmitchell

        Eric Young vs Magnus, is crappy booking period and if you are done trying to defend TNA (one day you will learn that will get you no where), I am going to watch some independent wresting now with far lower production value with better athletes and better booking than your precious TNA.

        • gdaddy1971

          You have no idea what you are talking about.

          • askbillmitchell

            Right, because I had never seen the prototypical match between Magnus and EY prior to the pay per view. Oh wait, I did it was on Impact the Thursday before. If TNA was insistent on putting the strap on EY, It would have made more booking sense for a flub finish in which Magnus retained the title on Thursday and dropped it to EY on Sunday, but your right I have no idea what I am talking about.

  • Hellaluyeah

    Either only WWE fans visit this site or you guys are just really hard to impress. Sacrifice was leagues better than the lame show they put on for Wrestlemania this year. To be honest Sacrifice only had one blemish: Roode vs. Bully Ray. I didn’t expect that match to be as terrible as it was. All other matches though were good or great. The fans were behind the matches and called for blood and more blood during the Gunner vs. Storm match. The main event was just straight up wrestling, which was really nice for a change, no BS, just a good clean wrestling match. You can’t really blame TNA for copying off of a successful company like WWE once in a while or even more often. We wouldn’t have Coca Cola and Pepsi today if those two companies hadn’t rolled with the same idea. TNA is just searching for the success that WWE already has. You guys really complain about everything TNA does. TNA makes a new character in Sam Shaw, a take that hasn’t been done before to my knowledge, you complain. TNA rehashes stuff, you complain….. you complain about a “committed match” (which most of you probably didn’t watch, which was also pretty good) and say a straight jacket match would have been better…. 1. they just had that a week ago. 2. straight jacket matches just plain suck. It takes forever to get the opponent into a straight jacket, so for lengthy periods of the match you have two guys hugging and rolling around on each other. Who wants to see that? You cry about Sacrifice, while I had to sit through another terrible Cena win at WM and had to see Daniel Bryan (Cena 2.0) win the belt. Why Cena 2.0? Just look at the stupid smirk on his face, like nothing can phase him.

    • gdaddy1971

      I agree 100%.