TNA To Sign Former WWE Star?, More On TNA Pay Issues, Recent Cuts

-TNA Knockout Madison Rayne, whose contract expired this week, has been tweeting recently about how she will be back in TNA in the future, likely after she gives birth to her baby.

-As noted previously, Taeler Hendrix asked to be released from her TNA contract. Apparently she was offered the same deal she had been working under previously and chose to let it expire.

-Regarding recent reports that TNA talents are being paid late, apparently it’s office workers and not just actual wrestlers. According to one source, it would “surprise you greatly” to find out some of the talents in TNA that are being paid late.

-Bruce Prichard has reportedly been making a play to bring in former WWE Superstar MVP to TNA Impact Wrestling. If MVP does sign, he won’t be able to use the MVP name in TNA.

BACKSTAGE NEWS: More TNA Cuts Coming, Update On Sting To WWE

[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

Matt Boone

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  • wiz

    yes, get another ex-wwe wrestler goin nowhere

    • wiz

      altho he wasnt bad as a heel back in 08 i think it was

      • Johrdann Miller

        he was the most boring heel in the wwe mang

  • bri

    Lets cut a talented guy like Christian York that you aren’t doing anything with. Only to higher another guy for more money that you wont do anything with. Great business plan.

  • Pozessed

    Why wouldn’t MVP be able to use his name?

    • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

      Copyright issues, most likely. MVP used his name in the WWE, so if he went to TNA with the “MVP” name, TNA could get sued. TNA could change his name to “VIP,” even thought TNA needs to come up with a gimmick to describe what the acronyms “VIP” should stand for.

      • Pozessed

        Yes but I thought he competed in Japan under the MVP name?

        • Steve

          TNA cant use Montell Vontavious Porter name, but they can rename him with the same initials (like Montgomery Vicious Psomething). yes, there would probably be a lawsuit from WWE but i really doubt you can patent MVP as Most Valuable Player, because it is widely used in sports.

          • Pozessed

            I know but I thought MVP used the MVP name in Japan? If he used it in Japan then I thought he could use it in TNA?

          • askbillmitchell

            I believe he did use MVP in Japan, but it was under the radar. New Japan is not in active competition with the WWE, where as in the United States TNA is in active competition. Also given that the two companies have gone back in forth in court over various things, WWE wouldn’t hesitate to file a suit against TNA if given the opportunity.

          • sheree

            tna active competiton seriously? don’t they have to get actual ratings first? if spike was smart the would’ve cancelled them a long, long time ago due to no ratings. and another thing they should stop copying them.

          • askbillmitchell

            I was merely pointing out that they (WWE and TNA) are two competing companies within the same market area. I never testified as to how much competition one was to the other. :)

          • Pozessed

            Sounds possible. I find that stuff confusing most of the time to be honest.

    • GodsLoyalSon

      Because he doesn’t own it, it was a given name from WWE.

  • Jesse

    He will be FMVP instead (Former Most Valuable Player)

  • Guest

    “TNA to sign former WWE star”

    How is this news?

  • Zack Stinson

    -Recent Budget Cuts.
    -Not paying Wrestlers.
    -Not flying Wrestlers to save money.
    -All time low ratings
    I think we are slowly starting to see the demise of TNA.

  • JamieEvsxx

    firing other TNA employees, paying your current employees late and what does TNA do?…seek out another former WWE star to sign…not being funny, if it’s hard for them to pay their current employees on time then what’s the point in hiring another person they’re most likely going to have the same problem with?…sort out the cash problems first then hire people once it’s all sorted…=/

    • Cujo999

      Probably because TNA is delusional and thinks landing MVP will help their ratings and live gate. He’s not, obviously, and any slim chance of that happening would have been years ago when he was first released from WWE and still relatively hot.
      Right now, I honestly think that TNA has sunk too low to recover. They’ve overextended themselves financially by booking large arenas that they can’t come close to filling, paying travel costs for their overblown set and crew, and cutting their revenue stream by only doing 4 live PPV’s a year. Somewhere, they got the idea in their heads that if they try to look like WWE with their TV tapings, then they’ll draw ratings and gate like WWE.
      The only way they will sort out their cash problems is if they accept reality, scale back their production costs, cut ties with their high priced talent, and accept the fact that while they can survive in their niche, they cannot compete with WWE and there’s no point in even trying.

      • JamieEvsxx

        yeah true…their huge surprises with the “new” Superstars aren’t really that huge tbh…and like you said if this were a few years ago when he first got released and actually cared then yeah maybe it would’ve created a slight buzz…and yeah exactly because WWE has been around for decades and they have bigger and newer upcoming stars that we all want to see whereas TNA does have a few stars but they keep bringing in former WWE Superstars that we aren’t as interested in anymore and plus I wouldn’t even call it TNA anymore, they might as well rename it the new verison of Hogan Knows Best since the show is pretty much mostly about Hogan and his daughter now…=/

  • Louis Wilson

    The thing of it is, WWE didn’t come up with the MVP gimmick he did himself, and if it was owned by WWE he wouldn’t be able to use it in New Japan or anywhere else that he has been

  • -Exotic-

    Half of TNA’s roster for ex-WWE/F, WCW and ECW guys. TNA thinks they can compete with World Wrestling Entertainment by signing up washed up talent? I can’t stand TNA. I wish TNA just dies already.

  • theEDGE

    Just let MVP use the name he already used in TNA.
    Forgot what is was, but I do know that he was in TNA for a little while.

  • John Styles

    TNA will go out of business in next few years