Tommy Dreamer Blogs On His Angle With Dixie Carter, TNA & House Of Hardcore

Tommy Dreamer wrote the following blog on his official Facebook page regarding Dixie Carter, TNA and House Of Hardcore:

“I want to follow up from my official statement of last week (my last post) . I don’t understand the confusion. I read things on the internet or people send me messages here or on Twitter. When I post something that’s it. When I respond to people that’s it. I have no agenda.

However when I am wrong I gladly admit it. The social media contoversy between myself & Dixie Carter got a lot of attention. Which as I found out on Sunday was unintentionally cause by me. Friday evening after my House of Hardcore 4 show I was thanking all the fans that were hitting me up on Twitter. I was favouring & RTing everything positive about the show(putting myself & the show over isn’t that what we do on there) a fan said what a great time he had and attached a picture of my crowd. It had her name attached w/a curse towards her. Thats ok she & I have thick skin however this came to my phone. I was informed Sunday the picture also included a photo of their show the same night. I checked my laptop & they were right. I have no clue how that happened but I would never do that intentionally. I wouldn’t gloat over my show over theirs.I would never throw it in somebodys face To be honest if she would have Tweeted Sundays PPV over 4000 attendence compared to my Sat West Coast House of Hardcore show I would have been pissed as well.

So here are the facts

1.Bully Ray was pulled from my show I was pissed. I feel petty politics played a part

2.I called her a b*tch at my show I was mad & feel the past business relationship we had it was bad for my & her buisness

3.I APOLOGIZE for the tweet. & when you hit me up on Twitter that Monday I didn’t know you were mad but when someone fires a shot at me I go back at them. That’s who I am.

4.I would have loved to telll her this to her face I asked to speak w/her on Sunday it didnt happen. Whether she was busy or didn’t want to it is what it is.

5.saw her later after the show in the restraunt. Wasn’t the place to talk. Hopefully everything is fine.

Bottom line I want WWE TNA ROH HOUSE OF HARDCORE NEW JAPAN & EVERY INDEPENDENT COMPANY TO DO WELL. I was as proud of Sundays PPV like it was my own show & my own money on the line. I love helping out there The people mean everything to me. The wrestling buisness is a better place without politics being a factor. If everyone strives the industry & most importantly the wrestlers & wrestling fans benefit. (And yes I’m doing this on a Monday because of the high level of wrestler traffic derr remember the Monday Night wars i had 2 VCRs rolling at once)

Social Media has definitely changed how we watch tv (hell it changed the Main Event of WrestleMania) Everyone can post their opinion. You need to be accountable for your actions & statements. So there is my accountabilty & statement.”

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Dixie Carter

      You make me sick Dreamer. Bulling a woman because she looks after her OWN COMPANY first…no need to trash me because I am better in every aspect. Your promotion was a train wreck just like WWEs ECW promotion!

      • Triple X

        shut the hell up!

      • Dale C Twigg

        Bulling a woman? Sounds kinky.

      • JP_West

        Ah my favorite low level troll is at it again! I’d take WWECW over the current state of TNA any day of the week. That is how bad the product is now. Used to love TNA. That all changed around the time Hogan showed up. Since then it has been all down hill.

    • Matt Gallagher

      Tommy dreamer is a pimp

      • brad

        Dam straight.

        • Matt Gallagher

          Dudes a great man in person

          • brad

            I’ve never met him but have always wanted too, every interview I’ve seen of him he always seems really cool and down to earth.

            • Matt Gallagher

              I met him a few times most recently at house of hardcore in northeast philly. He’s really down to earth and was giving me and my friend pointers before the show when he didn’t have to.

            • brad

              That’s awesome but now that I think of it I may have seen him at a smackdown-ecw back in 07 but I can’t really remember but I have never actually gotten the chance to talk to the man but I’ve always wanted to there’s a couple of guys in wrestling that I think would be cool to hang out with and Dreamer is definitely one of them.

    • dae

      Very lackluster Impact show. This angle went down as expected: Dixie ignoring what he had to say (truth hurts) and ECIII attacking. MVP angle is old and tired now (especially since it’s basically copying the old and tired Authority angle) and having Lashley walk out with the belt is not best for business. What TNA needs, when it needs the most help, is a paper champion – smart move.
      Glad I will be DVRing TNA the next three weeks to watch baseball!

    • Undertaker316

      tommy dreamer sold out