Tonight’s NXT & SmackDown Tapings, Jericho-Triple H To Feud?

– WWE will tape this week’s NXT and SmackDown tonight from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Friday’s SmackDown will feature the return of Christian,  Michael Cole interviewing Randy Orton and a non-title main event of Sheamus vs. Mark Henry.

The advertised dark match main event is a six-man Street Fight tag match featuring Sheamus, Randy Orton & Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry & Cody Rhodes.

– WWE plugged a article on RAW speculating whether Chris Jericho is the company’s new “Cerebral Assassin” – a nickname Triple H has been using for years. While it appears that WWE might be setting up a Jericho vs. Triple H feud, there are currently no plans to bring Triple H back to television on a regular basis.

– Wade Barrett’s Twitter account has apparently been taken over by his lawyer. Barrett’s account tweeted on Monday night:

“Due to a number of factors, Mr. Barrett has signed the administration of this account over to his attorney for the foreseeable future. Mr. Barrett will be making no further comment at this stage. Regards, Peter Lazarou, Esq.”

Barrett is still injured and is expected to be out of action until around Summerslam.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Drizzydrake

    a rivalry between y2j and triple h will be pretty cool. So, will chris jericho move to smackdown this year. I read that he would in an earlier article.

  • pwnez

     I wouldn’t mind seeing Jericho vs HHH again. They had a good feud during WrestleMania 18. Come to think of it, their aren’t many faces Jericho can feud with after CM Punk. WWE should think about turning some guys face; right now they’re overloaded on heels.

    • Spiledrive Crawford

      yeah because Undertaker and Triple H don’t wrestle that much, HBK and Edge are gone and Jericho could face Cena.

    • Black_chain_gang4cd

      that was a good feud? are you out of your mind? did you even watch back then? How horrible the feud was, it was more of stephanie vs hhh feud… even a writer said that mcmahon said “jericho was the worst champion” or sth along the lines… that feud brought an end to jericho’s maint event status for the timr.. he was getting good with his feud with the rock during invasion and post invasion but this ruined it for him…

      • pwnez

        Jericho brought in Stephanie to make it more personal. The feud was still HHH vs Jericho and the match itself was also good. That was the writers opinion, that’s not a fact though. I’ve been watching WWE since 1996, just so you are aware.

        • R.I.P. WM28

          also there HIAC match was good

  • GreatRedBeard

    The Barrett twitter thing is somewhat intriguing..perhaps they’re setting up a ‘lawsuit’ angle to bring him back? 

    • Systematic

      i thought he was still out on injury?

      • GreatRedBeard

         He is. If they went this route, it would be a slow-boil storyline, likely culminating at Summerslam.

  • Team Awesome

    A Rekindle of a WM 18 moment. Interesting, and also can’t wait for Wade to Return.

  • Brian Clark

    Honestly, when is Sheamus losing the world title? I don’t like him as champion he didn’t even sell DBry’s “Yes Lock”.

  • Jamie

    Lawyer? It’s a bloody Twitter account, the home of Bieber trends, gimme a break.

    • GreatRedBeard

      WWE has recently demonstrated with the whole Moxley/Foley thing that twitter can be used to launch wrestling feuds.

  • wwetnadudez

    As good as HHH and Jericho were, it’s not the same, it would have been much more with Steph in it, anyway I’d much rather see HHH and Jericho feud with new stars and not bury them and help there careers start up.

  • Jeremy Stanton

    Sheamus sucks and he’s the reason I don’t watch SD anymore. The only reason I’ll tune in is for Christian’s returns literally the only reason.

  • Y2J

    I realy liked Sheamus… WHEN HE WAS HEEL!! most of the things wwe does should be the complete opposet.. Miz Rhodes and Ziggler should be “faces” Cena Sheamus Ry-Back and CM Punk should be heel. Jericho should stay heel and team up with Punk Barrett and Ry-Back and make the new four horseman