Tough Enough Diva Ivelisse Velez Joins FCW (Pictures)

Ivelisse Velez, who signed a developmental contract with WWE last month after competing on Tough Enough, has been added to the Divas roster on Florida Championship Wrestling’s official website.

Cortez is a 23 year old blonde beauty from Ponce, Puerto Rico and will be wrestling at FCW under the ring name “Sofia Cortez.”

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Team Awesome

    Well it’s about damn Time You Get in FCW ; this woman is the Real deal, every time i see you update on Facebook, always posting something amazing. I mind as well say that to her right now. Shaul Guerrero and You need to Come on the Main Roster, and Naomi too because they sure ain’t doing much with Kaitlyn, Still have Hope for AJ although she’s small. 

  • Forceton Banfodder

    I wonder if her fire crotch tattoo has any significant meaning?

  • Carlos Ruiz

    She’s hot and better then k2 #fact. I bet they will make her look like a rookie even though she really has more expirence in the ring.

  • Anonymous

    im glad she healed since the injury during TE
    i wanted her to win cuz unlike the other female contestants
    she actually knows what she is doing in the ring
    plus she looks like a goddess
    def diva champ material
    PUERTO RICO!!!!!

  • Drpepper

    There is no Point In adding New  “Divas” Until they Actually change there Policy and Let them Go Out And Actually Perform Without Stupid restrictions

    • Anonymous

      2 minute matches…no more sexy skits anymore…no more bra and panties. Divas are a waste of time. They don’t even have sexy attire. Last female with sexy ring gear was mickie james. I always drooled looking at her ass jiggle and bounce :D

  • Cena Sucks

    About time that they pull their balls out of their pockets and sign a real women

    • Alex Caesar

      They have Shaul & Naomi, what the hell are you crying about? 

  • joey

    if she can wrestle then fine but if this bitch is princess then get her the hell out!!!

  • Anonymous

    PUERTO RICO!!!! :’) And she will be using my last name Cortes!!! lol…I have seen her wrestling and she is good in the ring. I hope that the WWE don’t drop the ball with her.

  • Anonymous


  • Justmyopinion

    good, she’s got the look wwe look for, she seemed to impress on tough enough & considering divas come & go in wwe every couple of years she could be a fill in.

  • Anonymous

    What a way to devalue your reality series there WWE. What’s the point of having a contest, when your grand prize means nothing? This shouldn’t surprise me though, they did the exact same thing with NXT.

    • Anonymous

      yup.even tough enough didnt do shit. Where is andy…luke..jeremiha. Doing shit,rioting. WWE just isnt the same anymore.

  • Siddharth G.

    Thank God Christina wasn’t signed. But, Luke, Jeremiah and Matt could be great in the WWE.
    Those guys should be hired.

    • Seany

      Christina Crawford aka Caylee Turner was signed. She was in FCW before TE and went straight back afterwards! Not surprised as she’s Alicia Fox’s sister 

  • John Cusimano

    She’s a man baby!

  • charliewolff81

    I think it came down tto sofia cortez not being “prissy” enough shes a latina and dont mean she had a bad tude,just mean she dont take no shit!,and in order to be employed in the wwe you have to stripe your self of your pride and respect,hush your mouth and kiss ass,some can do it some have a boiling point.