Tribute To The Troops Rating Bombs On NBC, Latest “Are You Serious?” Video

– Saturday night’s 1-hour WWE Tribute To The Troops special on NBC drew only 1.3 million viewers, a sharp decline from what the show has drawn in recent years. The show put NBC in last place among the major networks for the 9pm (EST) hour, well behind CBS, ABC & FOX.

To get an idea of how bad the viewership has declined from previous years, here are the ratings for WWE’s Tribute to the Troops NBC special since 2009:

2012: 1.3 million
2011: 2.1 million
2010: 2.3 million
2009: 2.4 million

– Here’s the latest installment of WWE’s “Are You Serious?” YouTube series, featuring Holiday #garbagejuice:

Why is Goldust dressed like a Christmas tree? Watch the painful clip in this week’s edition of “Are You Serious?” Plus, find out what Road Dogg got Josh Mathews this holiday season, only on WWE on YouTube!

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Puppet H

    Poorly advertised, everyone getting ready for the holidays. What did WWE expect?We already killed Osama

    • Josh Foley

      not to mention people must not be into it since they stopped goin to afghanistan and iraq for the troops show

  • fan

    it was only an hour just half of the regular show and was on at night a couple days before Christmas when poeple are running around shopping, parties, and things. No suprise. Still over a million viewers though. But using the word BOMBS when there were many reasons ratings were low? This site will never stop trying to blast WWE.

    • pwnez

      I agree but seeing as it went from a 2.1 last year to a 1.3 is pretty horrible.

    • dae

      Personally, with the show being States-side, and the matches not part of the regular storyline fare… I don’t find any reason to watch the show. I already support the troops and am greatful for what they do for us – I don’t need to see an hour of patriotic pandering to keep that going. This show should continue for the WWF/E but I don’t see a need for televising it anymore.

    • Guest

      Do you realize how horrible a 1.3 is for network TV? Cable TV is a totally different story. I don’t think you understand how ratings work.

  • pwnez

    It was only an hour long show, plus i’m sure a ton of people had already watched the full show that aired on wednesday. No sense in watching TTTT twice.

  • mtdewman

    do it as a live event then

  • JonzoNYC

    I think that not only the holiday season and the fact that it ran already but it’s also word of mouth. I saw it the first time it aired and the matches weren’t terrible. Thos performances were straight trash and I know alot of people who refused to sit thru Kid Rock and especially Flo Rida. Muppets too. I think that really hurt them. Flo Rida performed for tham already. No one wants to sit thru that again.

  • xavinho

    now that cm punk is out, I wonder who is going to be the blame for bad ratings…

  • mike c

    it was a re run, we already watched it on USA, WWE cant expect high ratings for a replay

  • Eo

    it was prerecorded and the main event was john cena vs. antonio cesaro nothing has changed at all plus i think ppl were watching lions vs falcons


    1.3… that’s TNA style right there. I watched the show, and enjoyed it. I had to take a huge dump during the show though unfortunately. Fortunately they had those Flo Rida singing segments, so I took the dump then. Decent show though overall! I also liked how Cesaro was US champ for the show, made it look more interesting.