Triple H & Cena At Post-WM29 SmackDown Taping, Main Event Preview, Fozzy

Published On February 6, 2013 by (Wrestling News)

- WWE is advertising both John Cena and Triple H for the April 9th SmackDown taping from Boston, MA. Triple H appearing at a taping just 2 days after 29 could be another indication that he’ll be wrestling at WM29.

– The following matches will take place on tonight’s episode of WWE :

* Cameron and vs. and .

* Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus.

* Damien Sandow vs. Daniel Bryan.

– Chris Jericho is headed down under to Australia from 2/23-3/4 to tour with his metal band, . After Jericho gets back, he’s scheduled for almost all RAW and through WrestleManai. He then heads overseas to Europe for another tour that begins on April 11th and runs through the end of the month.