Triple H, Daniel Bryan & Seth Rollins Talk About KENTA Signing With WWE

Triple H, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins all recently took part in a new article that looks at the company’s signing of Japanese star KENTA.

Triple H offered the following comments: “He just signed with us. I was there when he had his tryout at the Performance Center and I met with him there. We’ve been working on this for a while. His training will start when he gets here. The thing is, you can be a big star anyplace else in the world. That gets you in the door. What you do once you get here is a whole different ballgame. He’s no different than anybody else once he walks through the door of the Performance Center.”

Daniel Bryan said: “Kenta has wrestled in the United States, Europe and Mexico. He knows how to switch his styles up with what WWE is doing, so the sky is the limit for him. He has worked hard at speaking English. I don’t necessarily think he should be doing long interviews, but if you told him to, he would be able to do it within a year or two because he’s so smart. And the big thing is, he’s cool. It’s like when you meet The Rock, he’s cool. Kenta’s just cool, and somehow it translates in the United States. When people see him and meet him, they’re just like, ‘Man, this guy’s cool.'”

Seth Rollins said: “The sky’s the limit for him. He’s got unlimited potential based on his skill set. He’s not the prototypical WWE Superstar. He’s not Hulk Hogan and he’s not John Cena, but he has a certain charisma about him that’s completely different than what anybody else has in the company right now. He’s got an opportunity to bring a different style to the game in an era when MMA is very prominent. Guys his size who hit as hard as he does are very popular and can connect with an audience.”

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    • pwnez

      KENTA will surly do his best to be noticed; I just hope Vince and HHH actually give him the chance to shine. The difference between KENTA and some of the other performers in WWE is that he has talent. Give him the chance to show it off.

      • Jomo

        Show it off vs Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Dolph even Sin Cara and have him avoid wrestlers like ryboring or great khali

        • raVen

          sadly we will see KENTA vs Khali at least 3x in his first month

      • Aperture

        Most of the wrestlers in the WWE have talent…what are you talking about? If you are are talking about wrestlers with the amount of talent that KENTA has then look no further than Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and maybe Brock Lesnar (It has been a while since he was on the Japan scene). Hoping Vince will give him a shot is a little far off at this point. We all know Kenta doesn’t have the body type that Vince looks for. HHH, if he takes over soon, may give Kenta and other wrestlers like Kenta a shot at stardom.

        • pwnez

          You clearly missed me saying “SOME of the other performers in WWE.” I didn’t say everyone. Yes, I’m aware they have talent; I have seen them all wrestle on the indies, lmao. It’s nothing new to me. Lesnar isn’t as good as those you named. Just because he was in Japan doesn’t mean he was amazing. I never understood why fans think Japan = you’re automatically a great wrestler.

          A-Train/Albert/Tensai/any other alias wrestled in Japan and he wasn’t good at all.

          • brad

            Lesnar isn’t as good as some that you named even though he is probably the best pure athlete to have ever stepped foot inside the wwe. I mean there’s not many legitimate wrestlers who could hold their own with him besides maybe angle and Jack Brisco and even as a performer their is not many that can put on the caliber of matches that he brings to the table and that’s not to mention that he is one of the only legitimate tough guys in the business, heck he probably is the toughest.

          • Aperture

            Japan is the ultimate proving ground for wrestlers. It gives them a chance to showcase their skills and get noticed. Just because Albert sucks, doesn’t mean to devalue the importance of Japanese wrestling and how important it has been to wrestling in general. I realize that Lesnar isn’t as good as the other wrestlers that I named, but he is still a beast for a man of his sze. In Japan, he used to hit those Shooting Stars all of the time. Brock Lesnar is a freak of nature.

    • ajamesk

      This is the first I have heard of him speaking any English. Seeing that he knows how to speak some English makes me feel a little bit better, at least he knows something and won’t be completely useless when it come to interviews. But like Bryan said he shouldn’t be doing long interviews, which is understandable and something I think we all understand

      • raVen

        really I don’t think anybody should be doing long promos.

        • ajamesk

          For sure. 100% agree

    • Shades

      WWE please don’t stick this man in a kimono, dark suit with sunglasses, or any other stereotypical Asian attire. Now that Punk is gone, KENTA ‘s success is more important than ever.

    • yrabadi

      Haha, I love Bryan’s comments… can’t wait to see how ‘cool’ Kenta is. Lot’s of hype for this guy to live up to.

    • Merve the Swerve

      A Triple H project. Sin Cara Part 2?

      • B. T.

        Actually Sin Cara was signed before H took over. It was just contributed to him as a starting point.

    • Undertaker316

      triple h: he will get a big push and we will use his talent properly in nxt
      vince: yoshi tatsu 2.0

    • Justrockit

      Heres my beef with HHH comments…This whole what youve done before WWE dont mean anything once you get in the door comment. to say hes no different is kind of an oxymoron…he IS DIFFERENT! hence bringing in him with hogan and a press release etc. they didnt do that for the tyler breezes etc. why?? because hes different. He said the same thing about daniel bryan and look where he ended up. on top. All I hope is that WWE doesnt try so hard to filter him and then scratch their heads wondering why hes not “clicking with the fans” etc. NXT is a great place for him because if all goes well KENTA can be a game changer for future japanese talent.

    • Buzzard Follower

      kenta in 2 years i dont trust the wwe with foreign stars.

    • Undertaker316
      • bambam’s ghost

        LOL!!!! Vince will have him doing Karaoke and dancing soon enough!!!!

    • HuntersShovel

      I have a feeling that this is going to be Deja-yoshi-tat-Su

    • Stephen Wago

      Kung Fu Kenta is going to be awesome.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      I know people think that the WWE is going to screw this up but one thing to consider when was the last time or the first time they made so much of a big deal about signing someone and to their developmental at that? They did the trip to Japan to sign him. They will be bringing NXT to a Japanese channel soon. They have HHH talking about him, DB and Rollins and they had another article on WWE they seem to be taking this seriously so why would they not try to do all they can to make him a huge crossover star?

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      Can he talk? If not, he’s gunna be done before he gets started.

    • brad

      This guy has all the potential to be one of the best that ever did, the question is will they use him properly.

    • Scott

      The difference between this guy and Yoshi Tatsu is Yoshi Tatsu looks like a joke and this guy actually looks like a Wrestler.