Triple H Explains What Was On Him During His WrestleMania 29 Entrance

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Kayne Corey


  • IKeepsit100

    I made a joke on a stream about it being semen and i feel bad. Can someone explain why he had dry ice on him anyway?

  • Mr. Honesty

    Out of curiosity how did he get dry ice stuck on him? When and where did he come in contact with dry ice?

  • Darth


  • justice

    I see Antonio Cesaro in the backround. Anyone else catch that?

    • jccox01

      that’s a good sign.

    • Steve James

      Yeah, I see his man-garter.

    • Newport Report

      The Game has his pants unzipped too.
      Do what you gotta do Antonio.

      • raven

        He’s waiting for the Game to play a game with him



  • rated_maxxxx

    You gotta give the guy some credit. He fought Lesnar for half an hour with those burns. May not be one of the best matches, but the two guys were awesome.



  • Simba

    It was during his entrance through the skull gate thing. They were fogging him with it.

  • Dustin Love

    i actually enjoyed the match


    My friends and I were making the same jokes when we saw it. We were saying stuff like “You think HBK would’ve been nice enough to get him a towel.” But seriously, glad to hear that Triple H isn’t burned too badly.

  • Oliver_Twisted

    For those wondering, dry ice is used in fog machines, he must have been standing to close to it. Oh well, a little karma for Captain Ego who felt he needed a special enterance while no one else got one.

    • lunchbox87

      FANDANGO got one and im sure if Cena and Rock wanted one they could have gotten it CM had one also why is everyone always so ready to jump on HHHs case

      • Bigbadguns02

        Cause that Oliver_Twisted in a retard.

        • Oliver_Twisted

          If you’re gonna call me a retard at least get your sentence correct you mongoloid.

      • Cujo999

        Don’t forget Y2J with the full on outdoor fireworks display and ‘taker with ghoulish people coming up through the stage. It’s ‘mania, and special entrances are part of the show, anymore. Sucks that HHH got burned, but he still went out there and put on a pretty good match.

      • Marko

        Yeah, I was actually surprised Cena didn’t have a special entrance like he used to do. He just ran to the ring with a chorus of boos.

        • GodsLoyalSon

          I actually got a little upset at that since he generally makes good entrances at Mania, my personal favorite being 25

          • God’s Diamond

            thats oneof my favorites of his too. I thought it was ill the way he smashed through the glass with the hammer and walked out. simple yet satisfying lulz

    • Seth Bob

      Implying Undertaker, CM Punk, Jericho or Fandango didn’t have special entrances. Get off his balls, IWCTard.

      • Oliver_Twisted

        They pale in comparison to Triple H having his own special set constructed. Get of his shaft nerd. He’s an egomaniac, you know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

        • Mr_DJ

          he used that set a couple WrestleMania’s ago, it’s not new.

        • Seth Bob

          Yeah, having a live band is no big deal. He deserves to have a big ego, lol. It wasn’t even a new entrance, it was the same as last years. Didn’t even use the throne. You’re just another bandwagoner who heard a couple “smarks” trash HHH based on a factless rumor of burial backstage and now you’re taking a random shot to make yourself feel better, I guess.

          Get over yourself.

          • Oliver_Twisted

            Smarks, for sure not. I base it on seeing a mediocre wrestler continuously put himself in high profile situations. He’s a very average wrestler with a minimal skill set who benefits from having married the boss’ daughter. Truth hurts kiddo.

          • Seth Bob

            If you think HHH is mediocre, you’re no better than the smarks. I always hear “HE” puts himself in those situations. He was high profile before he had the pull, but people like to forget that. Does marrying Stephanie help? Does practically running the company help? Hell yeah and I would do the same fucking thing. But he deserves it and had it before.

            The truth would hurt if anyone told me the truth.

  • BlazeKing

    See, now that I understand why him & brock were wrestling the way they were, I’ll give him a well deserved pass for that match. That’s up there with Taker being se on fire during his entrance and still working the match. That is the main reason the “fire column” pyro doesn’t go off until he is clear of the stage now.

  • Feelmemore

    Everyone was saying it was love juice, but shit that looks painful.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    i work at an ice cream truck company, dry ice is a bitch. You think WWE would just spring for a fog machine if they want the dry ice smoke look.

  • holy shit

    i wonder what that was watching mania live on my 62 inch

  • Derringer Duo

    So basically, a burn victim and a knocked out guy wrestled a match. And it was about as good as you could expect under the circumstances.

    • Jesse Johnston


  • Seth Bob


  • Jesse Johnston

    Lol obviously we werent the only ones to think it was semen for him to have to explain what it was

    • Progress_Now

      hmmmmm sounds like you got first hand experience wit dat

      • Jesse

        Well, actually, I get laid as much as or more than anyone else on this site – so yes, I know a thing or two about what my semen looks like – and ANY guy would.

        As opposed to you, right? Ever seen it? Unless you’re a lesbian, you’d have to live in your parents basement in 2013 with no internet to not know what it looks like…

        You ignorant prick ;)

        • X

          “Well, actually, I get laid as much as or more than anyone else on this site – so yes, I know a thing or two about what my semen looks like – and ANY guy would.”

          – For all anyone knows, you could be a liar that is full of shit. Don’t brag on the internet boy. Rule #1 And you need to relax a bit there too…

    • Brody

      The only ones thinking it was semen or joking that it looked like semen were a bunch of clowns. Because why would that be the first thing that pops in their head? Maybe those clowns should stop wacking off to pornos and find themselves a chick.

      • Jesse Johnston

        Lmao – indeed. Not sure who you’re talking to because I live with an absolutely amazing woman.

  • Peter Griffin

    woah hunter sure is one tough son of a gun

    • The Real Peter

      Shut up, Meg.

      • Peter Griffin

        Dammit Buzz Killington!

  • riyadviper

    The cerebral assassin Triiiippppleeeeee H

  • valo

    no holds barred. anything goes. including anthax.

    • valo


  • JamieEvsxx

    ouch!…I actually didn’t even see this tbh (fell asleep and when I watched the repeat I didn’t watch the entrances)…I’ll give props to Triple H for wrestling throughout with those burns because that must’ve stung like a real bitch!…=P

  • Dave Smith

    Damn what a beast

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    The WTF look on Lesnar’s face when he saw it during Hunter’s entrance was priceless.

    Btw, I love how many are saying Hunter is a tough sob in this topic but claim Rock’s injuries are made up in others. Perfect definition of what the IWC is all about.

    • guest

      Exactly what I was thinking…!!!

  • Steven Pandopulos

    Looks like cottage cheese.

  • Eric Adams

    How did dry ice do that to Triple H? Lots of wrestlers use the fog entrance and I have never scence that happen before.