Triple H’s Rumored WrestleMania Opponent, Details On WWE’s “Unified Champion” & More

– Paul Heyman’s Heyman Hustle website has a new feature up with exclusive photos from Barbie Blank’s (former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly) new 2014 calendar.

– On Monday’s RAW, the WWE Universe voted for the winner of John Cena vs. Randy Orton at TLC to be called the “Unified Champion.” Despite the poll results, the feeling is that the top WWE champion will eventually be called the “Undisputed WWE Champion.”

– As we reported yesterday, WWE has still not settled on the top matches for WrestleMania XXX. As of this week, there is now talk of building to a CM Punk vs. Triple H match on the show.

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Initializing….

    How about HHH has no opponent at WM 30

    • Jay Strongbow

      30 thumbs up for a good WM 30 without Hunter Hurtin’ Helmethead

    • Y2J

      If Punk wins this one, then I have no problem with this but otherwise I agree with you

    • Johrdann Miller

      hell yea!

    • Bro88

      agreed 1000 times over

    • AVPredator4985

      Why not? I seriously don’t understand why people wouldn’t wanna see Triple H wrestle. He’s definitely got star power, and it would be a draw. I’m not talking main event, but why not have him fight?

    • Adam-Michael

      wow. over 100 people have no clue what they are talking about

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok


  • pwnez

    Since HHH refused to lose to Punk in 2011 it would be great if Punk won at WrestleMania but I won’t count on it.

    • Chris Savage

      Punk for COO? we can Dream.

      • ac1d

        or at least ‘GM’ Punk still needs to happen.

        • Bro88

          That actually sounds like a legit good idea. He’d troll everyone and screw with the wrestlers for fun.

    • Cujo999

      HHH has put a lot of guys over at ‘mania, so I don’t think that’s an issue. I think who would win that matchup would be based on whether they want to kill the Coorporate angle, or strengthen it. Honestly, I think they will have milked it for all it’s worth by the time ‘mania comes around, so the best ending would be Punk beating The Game to put the power structure down. Still, saying that HHH somehow owes Punk is a little silly. How many guys has Punk beaten multiple times in high profile matches, but yet never returned the favor and put them over? He basically turned Chris Jericho into his own personal jobber, for pete’s sake.

      • MrEggoWaffles

        It’s still real to you isn’t it?

  • Bam Bam

    Why have the vote if WWE is not even gonna go by it. Just another reason I won’t download the WWE App.

  • Ares

    I actually wouldn’t mind this if the storyline is right. CM Punk is a great anti authority figure, and HHH is a great douchebag in his authority position. As long as Punk wins, I’m fine with it.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber


  • Jordan Meeks

    How about they let Punk get his damn Title Match main event and win at Mania already?

  • yrabadi

    Ugh. HHH. Go away.

    • Scott Kinnard

      Well said, my friend. Well said.

    • Chris Savage

      i dont mind him in the role of COO but it’s when he takes up screentime that would be better used on talent.

  • jeffnitro6

    Terrible idea. Punk deserves the last match, the main event.
    Not this.
    If Trips has to fight someone at Mania–and I really hope he doesn’t–let it be Daniel Bryan or, I don’t know, Big Show or someone. But not Punk; after proving himself against Taker at Mania and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, Punk has earned the right to get the last match on the Wrestlemania card. Preferably for the WWE title.

    • Cujo999

      I dunno about that. Punk isn’t the top babyface in WWE, and is in fact arguably 3rd behind Cena and Bryan. Bryan has honestly been outperforming Punk lately, and I really feel that Bryan deserves to win the Rumble and go over at ‘mania. Punk-Triple H would be a good a match, though, and definitely add a lot of value to the card.

      • Bro88

        Punk hasn’t been performing as well lately due to the injuries that have been stacking up on him. I mean someone else already mentioned it but his flying elbow drop hasnt been nearly as awesome as it once was. Not making excuses just plausible possibilities for his less than usual performance.

        • Cujo999

          Not saying Punk isn’t great on the whole, but that Macho Man elbow drop has always been cringeworthy bad to me. He’s not the most athletic guy in the world, and it almost always looks very sloppy. Even Magnus’s top rope elbow drop looks better than Punk’s, but I digress. Punk deserves a top match against a top guy at ‘mania, and HHH would certainly fit the bill, but I think Bryan deserves the strap in the main event. He’s had his title reigns cut short to further storylines. He got squashed by Sheamus for the WHC a couple of years ago. Plus, Punk had his WM title win during his 434 days as champ.

          • Bro88

            I wasnt making a claim that Punk should be in the title match at mania by no means, but I also dont want to see him against HHH. HHH needs to quit wrestling if he’s gonna play up this COO bit. And I wasn’t saying Punk’s elbow drop was perfect either but it could be better than what it is currently, plus I enjoy it fully even if its not perfect (preferences). I agree that he deserves a top match at Mania but theres really not much left for him to do other than face Austin (dream match for me personally) and main event Mania. I could def see him being the anti authority guy but Id rather that go to Bryan even if they already screwed the pooch with that currently. If I had my way Bryan would have faced HHH at SS but lost due to outside interference. Bryan would have continued his fight against power at TLC in a hard fought win over Ryback, who HHH enlisted as some muscle to stop Bryan. He goes into the Rumble as some early number due to HHH screwing him again have him make it all the way to the end of the Rumble and barely win it. He gets the Main event match at Mania and his well deserved win for the title over Orton in a definitive victory with no bs title stripping or cash ins etc.

          • Cujo999

            I’ll believe they get Austin when I see it. I really wouldn’t care for the match, honestly. It would mean Punk takes a heel turn and jobs, because Austin never puts guys over, and the match probably wouldn’t be that good. Austin wasn’t a great in-ring performer after he hit main event status, and when you throw in all that ring rust, Punk would have to put him on his back and carry him. If I was booking for WWE, Cena turns heel and wins the Undisputed title at TLC due to help from HHH and company. Bryan wins the Royal Rumble. Punk wins the strap at Elimination Chamber after a bunch of fed up talent gang beats Cena, setting up a Triple Threat between Punk, Bryan, and Cena for the strap as the main event, with Bryan going over. Vince brings back The Rock to take on Triple H for control of the company, with Rock going over. Rock and HHH have great chemistry together, so we can be pretty assured that will be a great match. You book Undertaker vs. Goldberg. You can do a good build for that by billing the guy with the longest undefeated streak in wrestling history trying to break The Streak. Then, you throw in Golddust vs. Cody and The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family, and maybe even Brock Lesnar vs. Orton.

          • Bro88

            I wasnt saying the Austin match will happen but it should. And as for Austin not being that good in ring thats mainly due to the injuries he sustained, namely his broken neck and messed up knees. He was dam good prior to the main event. Also I wouldnt be so sure he wouldnt put Punk over in this case. Austin has been a vocal supporter of Punk and said himself he would liked to have faced him. The big thing would be the promos between the two as they are both gold on the mic when given the freedom to do so. As for your plans I dislike the idea of having a part timer coming in to defend the company from HHH. It makes it seem like none of the superstars of today can hack it. Also I would dislike the Goldberg vs Taker match cause itd be a train wreck of a match since Golderg isnt that good in ring and Taker is really wearing down. taker needs someone who can work with him thru the match and not someone he’d have to carry.

  • JimRoss_Wwe

    Bryan, cena, orton, and punk for the unified wwe title at wm:30. Im calling it.

    • Bryan

      I hope to god you are right but I am afraid it won’t be.

      • JimRoss_Wwe

        Here’s how I see it, this storyline with punk and bryan is somewhat setting up a fatal four way. And we still have the mitb ppv as well, so we can see both punk and bryan winning and cashing in at wm:30.

        • Bryan

          Eh Money in the Bank was in July it’s December.

        • Bryan

          Money in the Bank was July it’s now December.

  • All Success J Perez

    He needs to bring back Batista to help CM PUNK WIN !!! That would have a great story line to follow after Wrestle Mania.

  • Bryan

    No Punk must win WWE Champion match at Wrestlemania it’s his moment. A more realistic match for Triple H would be against Cena. God how hard is it.

    WWE Champion
    Randy Orton [c] vs CM Punk [with Daniel Bryan possibly added to the mix]

    Triple H vs John Cena

    • Cujo999

      Because we’ve already seen HHH-Cena at ‘mania before?

      • Bryan

        Nobody complained when Undertaker and Triple H had back to back Mania matches.

      • Bryan

        Plus the Cena-HHH match at Mania 22 was great and they could easily do it again.

  • Maltodextrin

    “Unified Champion” sounds stupid

  • Scott Kinnard

    HHH does realize him wrestling isn’t going to make WM 30, right? If he did wrestle, Daniel Bryan or Big Show make more sense as opponents. Of course this ‘dumb’ wrestling fan would love to see Punk vs Bryan at WM. But I guess we can’t have great matches at WM

    • yrabadi

      HHH knows what is best for business.

  • Reality

    If Punk doesn’t get his win back, there’s not point in this match. And I expect HHH to win at Mania, for the control of the company. So I don’t think it’s a good idea. But why not at another ppv?

    • yrabadi

      Well, from a logical standpoint if it was for the company, the more interesting direction would be for Punk to win the match… But of course, this is HHH and this is WWE, which means logic goes out the window… And yes, we’d likely have HHH beat Punk.

  • Fandango’s Worshipper

    Rather see Stone Cold vs HHH for the company or how about just CM Punk vs the Rattlesnake PLEASE!!!

  • elizabeth

    Yes please I don’t even care who wins as long as Tripe H has a match. WM without HHH is like WM without Undertaker it will suck !!!!

    • Bro88


  • Marko

    CM Punk needs to face a guy like John Cena or Daniel Bryan or our biggest dream Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event of Wrestlemania, not waste probably the biggest match of his career in a match with HHH. I would think the most logical choices for The Shoveler is to have a match with Either The Rock or Bryan or HBK but that remains up in the air.

  • MajorHeel

    How we want it: A good, entertaining WM worth celbrating 30 years
    What Triple H sees: An opportunity to headline another event and walk away with 4 titles

  • Bad News Buzzard Follower

    hhh vs cm punk rematchamania 2

  • Progressed_Now

    Punk HHH again?

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    I preferred Undisputed World Champion. Sounds more legit to me.

    Also, Haitch vs Punk? Really? It wasn’t that great in 2011 and it won’t be this time either. Plus, Punk recovered from that loss and doesn’t need his win back. Give him a better opponent. HHH shouldn’t even be wrestling anymore, but if he just HAS to, the only person who should be getting his shot at him is Bryan.

  • Ninjastar

    Just think of the pipebombs from cm punk to the build up to WM30 he would drop. would be pretty good i bet

  • brad

    Sounds good to me but I would personally rather see punk or hhh vs Austin of course that might not happen.

  • Louis Salera

    HHH stealing another pay day from someone. Like he needs it.

  • YES

    If Triple H doesnt face Y2J ill be quite dissapointed .

  • Fez437

    I think triple H should fight himself. His ego is large enough for two

  • Salamander1017

    Why not have Punk beat hhh at royal rumble and then have punk move on to wm30 with a better match?

  • cm2013

    Personally, my choice for WrestleMania: [email protected] tell me if you agree. I’ve left a couple guys out… like Big Show, Henry, Wade Barrett and Sheamus. Wasn’t sure what to do with them maybe you have dfferent ideas.

    Guest Host – Hulk Hogan – There are 9 matches on the card and Hogan will make appearances and whatnot.

    IC Champ Big E. Langston vs. US Champ Dean Ambrose – to unify the titles. I’m up for either man winning… let’s pick Ambrose, to give the heels a win.

    Tag Team Title match – Tag Team Gauntlet style match to showcase WWE’s tag team division. Personally, no matter how you do this, I think I’d have the Uses go over. TEAMS: Usos, PTPs, Wyatt Family, Rollins and Reigns, Matadores, 3MB, Kingston and Miz, Kidd and Gabriel, Truth and Woods, Tons of Funk. Ryback and Axel.

    Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter) vs. Antonio Cesaro – Cesaro gets the win, Swagger and Colter stomp him down, Hulk Hogan comes to the ring and throws punches to Colter as Cesaro fends off Swagger. End segment with the two posing, and Hogan citing Cesaro as a Real American.

    Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara – Cara picks up the win… place it in the middle of the card, give the fans time to pick up masks. :)

    Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust – Heel Goldust vs. babyface Cody. Cody wins.
    The Undertaker def. Brock Lesnar – 22-0.

    CM Punk (w/ Vince McMahon) vs. HHH – Vince reluctantly aligns with Punk to overthrow HHH.

    John Cena vs.Bray Wyatt – I’d have Wyatt go over Cena with help from the Family.

    Divas Champion AJ vs. ____ – I want to say AJ to win, because I <3 AJ… but really I think at this point you'll want a new champion… perhaps? Or maybe not. AJ to win.

    WWE Champ Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan – Bryan wins the Rumble, is somehow forced by The Authority to compete in the Elimination Chamber to retain his title shot, does so, and defeats a dominant Orton. Guest Host Hogan awards the title to Bryan

  • Thomas Boling

    I want either CM Punk vs Triple H at Wrestlemania OR……. Triple H vs Big Show

  • MrSplakaveli

    If any of you think we will see WM30 without a HHH match you are dreaming and apparently missing the bigger picture here. This is a milestone Mania. I foresee as many big names from at least the past 15 years as the WWE can manage to get coming back for this one. This needs to be a showcase of the big names, even if the young bucks could use the rub a milestone mania match would give them.
    I say we’ll see Batista back. If I had my way I’d put him against Lesnar. Two beasts going at it, both claiming to bring their “MMA influence” to the table. I put that in quotes because Batista cant really lay claim to anything in that department, and Lesnar was far more successful than his MMA skills really account for. The only reason I’m torn on this is because I really want Taker/Lesnar as well, I just think this one would work out better.
    Rock really does need to be at this Mania, and being Vince’s pick to gain back control of the company against HHH would be a perfect fit. Since I dont really see that happening, I think that spot should go to Bryan, though it wouldn’t make sense at all after Vince called him a midget and would probably never pick such an underdog in that situation. But it would make for the perfect underdog story.
    Cena will be in the main event no matter what, thats just the way it is. I think it should be against Punk. Yes, we’ve seen it a million times, but it has proven almost every time that it can justify ending the show. Plus, this really is the moment Punk deserves. Bryan is hot right now and deserves his time soon, but his name just doesn’t fit in with any of those big names I anticipate this show is going to want to highlight. Not yet at least. If Orton is added as a third I’m not mad at that, but only because he needs a high profile spot on the card too and I can’t place him anywhere else.
    On a closing note, I’m at a loss for Taker’s match if it’s not Lensar. Cant think of one damn person.
    Oh yeah, and Cody vs. Dustin… duh

  • ____

    CM Punk better win.

  • JuanCabrera

    Yup! Unified Champion sounds dumb. Why not just call him Married Champion? Means the same thing and sounds just as ridiculous.