Two Major Titles Change Hands During Post-WM29 Edition Of WWE Raw

Two major WWE title changes took place during tonight’s Raw in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The official post-WrestleMania 29 edition of WWE’s weekly flagship television property featured an Intercontinental Championship change when Wade Barrett defeated The Miz in a rematch from their bout during the pay-per-view pre-show on Sunday.

Additionally, Dolph Ziggler finally cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Ziggler cashed in immediately following Alberto Del Rio’s victory over Jack Swagger and Zeb Coltar in a handicap match on Raw.

Check back here at SESCOOPS.COM later this evening for a detailed recap of the post-WrestleMania 29 edition of WWE Raw.

Matt Boone

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  • gkickperry

    I haven’t marked out as much as I did for Ziggler’s cash in since CM Punk won the title at Money in the Bank. I even threw my hands in the air and everything. Really glad to see his hard work finally pay off.

  • JamieEvsxx

    The Show Off Era begins…and I am fucking excited!…=D…congratulations to Dolph Ziggler for FINALLY cashing in and becoming the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMFG!…(sorry guys, it’s like 2:40 in the morning here so I’m taking all my excitement out on the internet)…xD…oh and congratulations to Wade Barrett for his win too…xD

  • AngelFlow

    :’) I marked out like a kid when Ziggler cashed in his MitB briefcase. Glad he is the champion. The pop he received was huge!!!

    What was the point in giving Miz the title if the night after he was going to lose it to the same guy he beat the night before? Barrett is a great wrestler, but after WWE having him jobbing a lot he doesn’t make a credible champion. Hope this time they make him looks a champion.

  • Ninjastar

    wheres the chatroom?

  • Rashad Jackson

    for starters…the CROWD! tonight is AMAZING!!! this is how crowds should ALWAYS! be but that wont happen….second…miz n barret was a good freaking match!!!….third…i called it from the beginning of the show when they said undertaker is here…then later the shield tweeted…i put 2 n 2 together said to myself watch them come out when undertaker is talking..and they did….next!…THE CROWD!!! went nuts!! when zigglers music hit!! congrats to him i am glad he cashed it in FINALLY!!!

  • Ninjastar

    Heel turn for Orton coming up!!!!!!!!!!

  • #heel420

    Is it just me or was Ziggler cashing in better than WM?

    • JamieEvsxx

      I think everyone’s thinking that bro…xD


        virtual high-5!!!!!!!!

        • JamieEvsxx

          plus a virtual 5 second pose!…=D

    • pharmxy

      crowd reaction was awesome and made it even better…long time since ive seen a response like that. hope ziggler keeps the title for a while

      • #heel420

        And people say he isn’t over… Legit gave me goosebumps. Great crowd tonight wish we would have been able to hear them last night, could of added a lot to a lack luster show.

        • Reality

          This crowd was exceptional. It was a post WM crowd, with lots of smart fans. Wait for the next “normal” crowd, with lots of kids with their parents, and the reaction won’t be as good as tonight for Ziggler.
          Nevertheless, I marked out when he finally cashed in.

    • Kjhaltz

      Yeah but I wish he could cashed it in on top two titles.

  • Emenike

    Moment of the night has to be the Mike Chioda chants during Orton vs Sheamus match. No cashing in can compare to that!

    • tiran66

      Oh I don’t know. I was laughing hard when the Michael Cole chants started. Mark it on the calendar folks that will never ever happen again.

  • Emenike

    Oh and tonight’s show is the living proof that the crowd can make a show look great. I love it.

  • Rashad Jackson

    THIS CROWD!! baby!!

  • Ninjastar

    The whole crowd is Drunk, even the kids

  • Rashad Jackson

    where the hell is the chat room when u need one…

  • Rodrigo Ceballos

    The Crowd was amazing I’m from NJ and I knew they were mostly going to be smart fans and I simply laughed my ass off hearing them sing along to the Fandango theme Simply priceless

  • Peter Griffin

    Congrats to both Wade and Ziggler! Finally Ziggler gets his opportunity to become a star!

  • John Michael Hall

    People who paid for WM have to be a little pissed though, given all the surprises are on a show you didn’t have to pay 60-70 bucks to see.

  • Rashad Jackson

    BEST raw of 2013 so far…FACT!

  • G.I.R.L.

    The fans were a bit irrational last night at the stadium. One guy i thought was gonna strike me. If only Zigg cashed in last night after Cena won. :(


    Dolph Ziggler deserved the title! He received the biggest pop that I have ever heard!

  • Jaydon

    I marked out when he cashed in. Super excited for his title reign.

  • Jaydon

    I marked out when he cashed in. Super excited for his title reign.

  • Xpac’s Anus

    The IC is not a major title anymore… If it was it wouldn’t be on the Wrestlemania pre show crap!

  • Jeremy Gordon

    Nothing exciting to see here, both titles changed from one bore to another. No forward progress made.

    • Jacob Rael


  • Jeremy Gordon

    Smark twats will be gone next week.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Im not ashamed to say i Marked Out whe Ziggler cashed in.


    In related news, did anyone else see Big E backhand A.J. in the throat on the way to his match? Lol. She’s one tough chick to just laugh it off like that.

  • Ziggles

    so did anyone see AJ get backhanded in the throat by Big E on the way to the ring for his match? Lol. Nice ” My Bad” arm tap bro.

    • JamieEvsxx

      I spotted that when I watched Raw again earlier, I was wondering what AJ’s “Ow.” tweet was about last night…xD