Ultimate Warrior Comments On His WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

WWE Hall of Famer tweeted the following on Wednesday in response to the buzz surrounding his upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction on April 5th:


ULTIMATE WARRIOR Says Him Wrestling Again “Could Be Arranged” (From This Week)

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  • brad

    It’s good to see him finally get inducted. He is well overdue.

  • Negro Warrior

    I think it is rather obvious that the selling point of this year’s Hall of Fame is “what will Warrior say”. Will he deliver? Probably not. And by that I mean he will behave well and talk about the character creation rather than rant about Hogan and Vince.

    • Michael Carter

      Oh, we’ll get a classic style Warrior promo at some time during the speech, snorts included. But yeah, I don’t think he’ll cause any problems.

      • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

        Agreed. The party line is that Warrior is a nutjob, but I disagree. His past issues aside (the ones from 20 years ago), I think he comes across as a very intelligent, principled man that has much stronger grasp on reality than many people in the business.

  • Aperture

    Savage next!