The Undertaker and the Streak

The Most Impressive Accomplishment in Sports Entertainment History?

At 21-0, The Undertaker is undoubtedly the most successful performer in WrestleMania history. To even compete in 21 separate WrestleManias is an accomplishment itself, but to come out victorious on all occasions cements his status as one of the all-time greats.

Is the streak the most impressive accomplishment in sports entertainment history, however? In my opinion, only one accomplishment is more impressive, with that being Bruno Sammartino’s 2,803-day reign as champion.

With that said, it leads one to wonder if the streak should be preserved, and also how it will be possible to send The Undertaker off in a fitting manner if he does end his WrestleMania career undefeated.

Should the Streak Be Ended?

Many have suggested that it would be selfish for The Undertaker to end his career with an undefeated WrestleMania record. Instead, some feel he should put over a young star in his final match to pass the torch, so to speak, to the next generation.

While there is certainly some validity to the argument, I am not necessarily buying into it. The primary reason the streak should be maintained is that it has become synonymous with his character. As one of the most iconic superstars of his generation, the streak is an important part of his legacy.

The Undertaker's two contests with Shawn Michaels are both widely considered to be some of the best matches in WrestleMania history.

The Undertaker’s contests with Shawn Michaels are widely considered to be two of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history.

Think about it: Shawn Michaels is known as Mr. WrestleMania, Steve Austin is the face of the Attitude Era, Hulk Hogan transformed the WWE from a regional promotion into a nationally televised sport, John Cena has the most WWE title reigns of all-time. What will fans think of when they remember The Undertaker in 20 years?

Other than his unique character and being perhaps the only superstar to maintain a kayfabe persona in a social media era, the streak is one of the defining characteristics of his career. Therefore, I think it is important for him to retire with an undefeated record at WrestleMania.

How Should the WWE Send Off The Undertaker?

Assuming he retires undefeated, writers would have to come up with an interesting way to send him off in his final match. Simply having him win and walk out of the arena seems like a lame way to send off one of the most fascinating characters in the company’s history.

It seems highly unlikely that he will lose to Brock Lesnar this year, leaving maybe one or two years left before he is forced to retire. After all, he is approaching 50 years old and it is only a matter of time before his body can no longer hold up.

My guess is that he will compete at two more WrestleManias following this year’s event. That would allow for him to face someone such as John Cena or possibly Sting next year (assuming Sting decides to sign, of course).

In his final match, it would be possible to put over a new star while still preserving the streak. Imagine The Undertaker facing a young heel such as Bray Wyatt. The two could possibly face off in something like a casket match (I’d suggest a buried alive match but don’t see that happening in the PG era).

The Dead Man Returns! YES!

Brock Lesnar will be the latest in a long line of WrestleMania challengers.

After The Undertaker wins the match, Wyatt and his family could decimate Taker and bury or set the casket on fire. Unlike previous contests where he usually does something like put his hand through the casket, however, this could be the true end to his career and the last time he ever appears. Voilà, Taker gone, the streak is preserved, and you put over someone like Wyatt by having him be the man who finally took out The Deadman.

Facts Related to the Streak:

Average Match Time: 16:29

Total Time Spent Competing: 5 hours, 46 minutes, 26 seconds

Longest Match: 30:50 (WrestleMania 28 vs. Triple H)

Shortest Match: 4:20 (WrestleMania 7 vs. Jimmy Snuka)

Most Frequent Opponent: Triple H (3 times)

Number of Headlining Appearances: 3 (WrestleMania 13, WrestleMania 24, WrestleMania 26)

Numbers of Titles Won: 3 (WWE Championship vs. Sycho Sid at WrestleMania 13, WHC vs. Batista at WrestleMania 23, WHC vs. Edge at WrestleMania 24)


So how do you feel about the streak? Do you think The Undertaker should go out on top, or should he lose in his final match? What is your all-time favorite Taker WrestleMania match? Let us know in the comments.


Michael Hicks

  • astronautbutter

    It’s wrestling tradition for a wrestler to lose at his final match to put somebody over. I believe Taker should do the same. However, there’s no reason that it has to be at Mania. Taker’s last match could headline Summerslam, make that PPV truly special, and a star will be born in his defeat.

    • RUSSO

      Yeah, or maybe in a Hell in a Cell ppv, or bringing back Judgment Day or Armageddon for that year only, that was Undertaker’s gimnick ppv

      • rashad jackson

        undertaker debut on survivor series so he should end on survivor series
        and butter is right doesnt have to be at WM and i hope to god it never will end at WM wwe will suck if they end it

    • Michael Hicks

      Very true. I guess I’m just kind of assuming he will only compete at WrestleMania for the rest of his career because that’s what he’s been doing the past few years.

  • Cadolots

    I remember Undertaker told Triple H. He will die when someone break the Streak… meaning He’ll retire when someone end it

  • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

    The streak should never end. The Undertaker should keep his WM streak.

    • ibeBrave

      I agree it wouldn’t even be called the streak if he lost….so it shouldnt be broken so his legacy stands as The Undertaker The Being Who Was Never Beaten At WrestleMania!

      • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

        You’re right on point.


        the man who defeat forgot

      • Cujo999

        Cal Rypkin is still baseball’s Ironman even though his streak ended. Same with Brett Favre and the NFL. The Streak will always be revered, because nobody is even going to come close to it. Taker will always have the record for the longest undefeated streak at ‘mania, as well as the most ‘mania wins. For him to not put somebody else over and allow them to end it in his final match would be extremely selfish.

        • Bodacious Bob

          I don’t think it would be that selfish. Undertaker has earned the right to go undefeated at Mania. He has put over countless people throughout his career. The Wrestlemania undefeated streak is his legacy.

          • Cujo999

            To me, Undertaker’s legacy is being the best big man in the history of the business. I would be more receptive to The Streak remaining intact if Undertaker put more people over during his career. However, most of the guys he is credited with getting over did so despite jobbing repeatedly to him, while he would never give them a clean win over him. Foley went over dirty in the Boiler Room Brawl when Paul Bearer hit ‘taker with the urn and in a Buried Alive match when a bunch of guys interfered to bury Undertaker, but then he beat Foley clean at Survivor Series and in HitC. Basically, his entire run centered around the fact that he hardly ever jobbed clean. When your character and career is based around other wrestlers being fed to you to get you over and keep you over, to not lay down in your final match is the height of selfishness, IMO.

          • ibeBrave

            i dont think you get undertakers character……thats who his character is…his character wouldnt make sence if he put a bunch of people over just facing someone at wrestlemania is putting them over…..Imagine undertaker losing to daniel bryan to triple h or to cena….it just wouldnt make sence or a good ending…The streak shouldnt be broken dude……………… topic i want to see Angle And Taker Go At Mania 31

          • Cujo999

            I’m not saying he should’ve been jobbing all the time, but in well over 20 years, there has been plenty of time for him to put more guys over than he has. Laying down to ‘taker at ‘mania is not putting them over. It did zip for Kane, Mark Henry, Big Show, Albert, Boss Man, etc, etc. Besides, lately they only pick guys who are already legitimate main eventers to job to him, like HBK, HHH, Punk, Lesnar, etc., and it did nothing for them, as well.

    • Guardian Star Lord

      You say something intelligent for once.

      • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

        Thanks I am not stupid as people may think. And I do post intelligent comments.

        • Guardian Star Lord

          I’m yet to see one.

          • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

            You will see one day.

          • cm2014

            Wait… so you said that this person posted something intelligent for once… and immediately followed it with “I’m yet to see one.”?

            First off… WHAT? LOGIC!?!?!
            Second… I’ve yet to see one. Not I’m.

          • Guardian Star Lord

            Ok, my fault – I should’ve said “apart from this one time, I’ve yet to see one”. Thank you for pointing out my mistake.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Undertaker will never stop unless he dies or unless The Streak Ends, it has to end.

  • God’s Diamond

    It should never be broken. The only person who should have broken it was rko at wm21. Now there’s no one imo that would have the longevity. Scratch that. Maybe Roman Reigns. He looks like he will he around for a while.

  • Handled1411

    There is no passing the torch when it comes to the streak. The streak is its own title, exclusive to the Undertaker. It is organic, not manufactured. It cannot, should not ever be duplicated.

    • john

      Youre right it is organic. I wonder at what point did they realize he was undefeated at wrestlemania and decided to make it a “streak”.

      • Tom Wing

        I think the first time it was acknowledged was WrestleMania X8 vs. Flair. The first time they used it in a angle was WrestleMania 21 vs. Randy Orton

        • Handled1411

          I think that’s right. I remember Taker rolling out of the ring after beating Flair and counting it off on his fingers.

          • SOBI

            Yes that moment was epic :D

  • rbbazza

    Good streak, great accomplishment but calling the most legendary is absolutely wrong because 173 consecutive victories that took place on WCW television, pay-per-views and at house shows. During his streak he defeated Raven for the WCW US Heavyweight Championship on April 20th 1998. The Title was vacated by Goldberg in order to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which has happened when he defeated Hollywood Hogan on July 6th 1998.
    WWE missed an opportunity WM streak vs WCW streak, What should have been.

    • Wolf Haley

      how did wwe miss the opportunity when it was wcw who had Goldberg’s streak ended. it had nothing to do with wwe

    • Michael Hicks

      Goldberg being fed jobbers 90% of the time doesn’t even compare to the Undertaker going undefeated at the biggest event in wrestling. Not to mention it’s pretty much assumed that they inflated Goldberg’s streak anyway by counting house shows and adding wins that never happened.

  • Mr. Backlund

    Sign Sting to a 1 year deal. Sting beats Taker at Summerslam. Taker get revenge at Royal Rumble. Rubber match at Wrestlemania with it being known that both were retiring after Mania. Taker wins, Sting goes into the HOF and they walk off into the sunset together.

    • Michael Hicks

      This would work well and would allow for a proper build-up for the WM match.

    • BDS

      I like it

  • rashad jackson

    i agree finally some1 agrees with me about the streak
    it would be nonsense for the wwe to end a streak to the likes of a ziggler…or daniel bryan or wyatt…he should def. put one over to end it and i agree it should be wyatt
    i say he has 3 WM to go…if he can go on that long…cena…maybe bryan (he requested to work with bryan this year for WM but lesnar) maybe sting? and none of them should end the streak. the streak should live forever!! the day they end the streak is the day i quit watching wrestling lol
    wyatt def. the guy to do it maybe after WM they can work up a big story

  • dae

    Best way to end ‘Taker’s career?

    I would have him win and continue the streak. After getting the win, ‘Taker kneels down in his usual stance, flips his head back, sticks out his tongue, and rolls his eyes, lights goes down with the blue spotlight. Bell tolls, lights go out. Bell toll, blue flames from ringposts, blue lights come back and all that’s left in the ring is the urn and the burning T ignites over the stage. (WM then goes off the air as it was the final match.)

    • ShadyStyles

      Why r u not on WWE creative team?!…………
      that sounds perfect!!!!

      • Bodacious Bob

        Because WWE creative team has no knowledge of professional wrestling lol

    • Flying Hippo

      BOOM!! That’s it! There’s nothing else to add, there you go! That’s absolutely perfect; so much so that I’m going to be annoyed if they don’t decide to send him off that way

    • scott

      That’s awesome dude. That would work like hell. No speech saying goodbye, make it its own unique thing. Who knows though

    • ibeBrave


    • BDS

      Bloody brilliant idea! Love it

  • MrsFoleysOtherBabyBoy

    Bruno’s title reign isn’t quite as impressive as it sounds. The champion today probably wrestles 100 times more matches in a year than they did in Bruno’s day.

    • Michael Hicks

      Definitely a fair point.

    • Curtis Axel FACE of WWE

      Didn’t Punk say that his 1 year is equal to the old days 20 years ?

  • ^S^??WhySoSerious??^S^

    No one should break the streak and if anyone should it should be Kane. Because he has been in Takers shadow for years he deserves it more than anyone. And to be honest if one of the newer guys beat it thats a spit into every other stars face who went up against him the only cenarrio i see the streak being beat is if they wanted Cena to face the streak cause lord knows cena has to conquer all or it didnt happen

  • Buzzard Follower

    the only time i would think the streak would be appropriate to end is if he lost to a superstar on the rise say on the level of Steve Austin in 97-98 or Daniel Bryan now but other than that the streak should live forever

  • 123 maan

    end the streak through a cesaro or a roman reigns

    • MohammadAbulawi

      Oh god you smarks make me sick

  • Steve Williams

    Cena should end the streak…

    • Noah


  • Jason

    He CANNOT lose the streak now! The Deadman has to retire with that streak!

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    Yeah but taker need this match to happen look:
    1. Wrestlemania 31 – Sting
    2. Wrestlemania 32 – Goldberg
    3. Wrestlemania 33 – The Rock
    4. Wrestlemania 34 – Kurt Angle
    5. Wrestlemania 35 – John Cena – would be his last match then retire undefeated!

    • Michael Hicks

      I’d be very impressed if Taker can wrestle at 5 more WrestleManias. His age is starting to show. I can’t imagine having too much left in the tank.

      • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

        there is still! because that’s why WWE Is saving him once a year at Wrestlemania! for not being banged up his body!

  • Ajk Lewis

    does anyone ever remember that EDGE has his own wrestlemania streak? like 8 or 9 victories, before being defeated? EDGE v/s taker for Edge’s first loss, could have been a better idea, with the proper marketing for it, ofcourse.

  • satishwarne708

    NO,Undertaker should remain undefeated hopefully 25-0.The only guy I think can beat him in say a 2 out of 3 fall match is Bryan(to cement his own legacy as the only guy pin the dead man at Mania).His final 3 opponents should be Cena,Bray and Bryan.

  • Pozessed

    Read this and look at the pictures of Undertaker while listening to this

    So fitting.

    The streak should never end, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time deserves to finish with such an accomplishment.

  • Progressed_Now

    lol if you defended the title like once every 6 months or something, it’s easy to be champion for 10 years.

  • scott

    I would say the best way for him to go out would be to fight Bray Wyatt. Hes the closest thing character wise youll probably ever get to Undertaker ever again. I think he should get to 25-0 and then call it quits which means hes still got a long way to go. I am kind of scared of this Lesnar match because Lesnar is a different beast from most of the other guys hes wrestled recently

  • Bob Singer

    The Undertaker should win a match with Roman Reigns, then the lights go out and both disappear. Next Smackdown, the Undertaker’s music hits, but Roman Reigns comes out in deadman garb, the next generation of Undertaker…..

    • Michael Hicks

      I am seriously cracking up while visualizing this scene.

  • captaindaddy72

    All I will say is, flair last match was a lost, Austin’s last match was a lost, micheals last match was a lost, up to this point rocks last match was a lost.

  • Noah

    The Streak should NEVER end.The Undertaker retires undefeated at WM.DO NOT put over a new star by having him beat Undertaker.The Streak will live on forever.

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    Cena or Kane should end the streak. I honestly hope I become a writer for WWE, since I would bring TRUE entertainment for REAL fans.

    Do any of you guys knows Mr and Mrs. Triple H email address? I want to send my advice for free :)

  • wtf

    he’s won more than 3 titles ….he beat hogan for the first

  • Hawaii

    Undertaker should of win this years royal rumble then face orton at WM, win the title at wrestlemania. Then have taker retire the 2 belts on raw and have him retire as we’ll. Set up a tournament with the new world title (1 belt)

  • FlawlessRKO

    If Paul Bearer didn’t die, then CM Punk would’ve beaten the Undertaker and been the 1 in 20-1. That’s the only reason CM Punk didn’t break the Streak.

    • Noah

      CM Punk would NOT of ended the Streak period!!!.Nobody will break the Streak.

      • FlawlessRKO

        You to mind your own business and stop commenting on my comments.

        • Noah

          Who’s going to stop me from making comments?.This is a Wrestling site.I will comment on whatever I want to comment on.

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW


  • FlawlessRKO

    CM Punk vs. The Undertaker is the best of all the Streak matches. Even better than Shawn Michaels two matches. Why? Because CM Punk is the Best Wrestler In The World.

    • Noah

      CM Punk vs Undertaker is not the best of all Streak matches.It’s good but not the best.The best is the two HBK matches.If you think Punk vs Undertaker is the best Streak match,You think Punk is better then HBK?.No way!!.Punk is not in HBK’s league.

      • FlawlessRKO

        You’re clearly an idiot who isn’t waste my time. CM Punk is the BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD.

        • Noah

          Stop riding Punk’s d*ck.Punk is not the best wrestler in the world.

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      No The Undertaker vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 28. Was one of his all time greatest match.

      • Noah

        Undertaker vs HHH is also better then Punk vs Undertaker.

        • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

          Exactly the match was long but the match was great.

    • BMPunk

      No to me, Taker’s top 5 matches at Mania:
      1. HBK Mania 25
      2. Edge Mania 24
      3. Punk Mania 29
      4. HHH Mania 28
      5. Orton Mania 21

  • brad

    The streak will never die.

  • sdelfin

    Good points, Mr. Hicks, but I don’t buy into your reasoning. Ending the streak doesn’t erase its existence from history. The streak is still the streak until he loses or retires. It ends either way. If he does lose, it’s still an unbeaten streak until that loss. It’s no less impressive and it doesn’t tarnish a legacy or damage the character. Bruno losing the title rather than retiring with it doesn’t erase the fact that he held it so long. I’ve seen other arguments for keeping the streak, such as it actually being a burden on whoever does it. Still, I’d hate to see something like that wasted by not having someone benefit from it once the Undertaker decides he’s done. Mark Calloway won’t need the streak in retirement. He’s old school, so I suspect he’d be willing to “pass the torch” so I’d hesitate to even call it selfishness if the streak doesn’t end, and it might not be his call either way. I’d prefer to see the streak end, if they do it right, but it’s up to the people involved and I won’t lose any sleep either way.

    • Michael Hicks

      While I definitely see your point, I have to disagree. I
      think when it involves something like a long title reign (Sammartino) or
      something like Cal Ripken Jr.’s consecutive games played streak, it does not
      hurt the legacy after it ends because it was bound to end at some point.

      However, when the legacy involves an actual win-loss record,
      perfection is imperative. That’s like saying the New England Patriots didn’t
      tarnish their legacy after losing to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl
      because they were undefeated up until that point and were the first team to go undefeated in a 16-game regular season, or that Rocky Marciano would be
      remembered the same way if he lost the final fight of his career because he was 49-0 up until that point. The Patriots are remembered now as a team that collapsed and Marciano would be remembered much differently had he lost a match. The same holds true with the Undertaker and his streak, in my opinion.

      • sdelfin

        Thanks for the direct reply and expanding on your opinion. I understand your thought process better now. I still disagree. An intact streak has more meaning to you than it does for me in this case. This is uncharted territory in wrestling and I don’t think there really is a “right” thing to do. I’m a traditionalist, though, so I think having someone go over the Undertaker is “more right”, but I’m clearly in the minority there. In the end, it’s up to the parties involved to make whatever choice they think is right. It will be interesting to see what they come up with and how many more times the Undertaker will do this.

  • essinodub

    I think that he should lose his last match only if they have the right person… it could make the right person

  • UK Wrestlepreds

    If anyone was ever going to end the streak it should have been Shawn Michaels, knowing Takers luck though HHH will be probably write himself into another rematch next year and have him be the one to end the streak just because

  • Greg

    Why is it “Impressive”? Hes not actually winning anything here. Its scripted! They wrote it this way. Its a dumb novelty that for some reason has overshaddowed a lot of younger guys getting shots at WMs.

  • Underwear has streaks too

    I think its cool that the streak started on his birthday ! WM#7 ! WWE would be totally screwed if Undertaker had lost to Warrior at Wrestlemania 8. The match at WM9 was probably really the closest ‘taker ever came to losing his streak. His matches against Great Khali was just an updated Gonzalez feud. The match against CM Punk seemed too overly rehearsed.

  • Lurch1970

    having only been champ 3 times seems unreal.undertaker was a top tier wrestler for years.having only 3 world titles to show for it is bad writing on wwe part.Hes been screwed out of the belt and shots at it.Thats why I think the WWE has given him the streak.

  • one warrior nation

    “Passing the torch” ? What it Undertaker ended up “passing the torch” to some short term guy ? Like Warrior or Goldberg ? If someone beat taker, they’d never live up to the hype again, and not many guys in this generation are going to be superstars for 20 years. Its easier to do that back in the classic era because there was only 4 PPVs and Raw used to just be one hour. Now its all overkill, all the time. Back then though, it was a lot easier to stretch out someones career with memorable matches. These days, Orton vs Cody has been going on since 2007 and hardly any single match stands out. Orton vs Bryan was 3 PPVs in a row, plus the Raw matches, and none of the matches or finishes stand out. Mostly forgotten after just 6 months.

  • Dixie Carter

    Let Eva Marie come out and end it. She botches a run in, and accidentally pins him! Taker breaks his hip getting into the ring before she comes down.